Storage doesn’t have to be boring and ugly… in fact, Poundstretcher’s range of storage furniture can offer you fantastic storage opportunities, whilst still looking stylish in any room of the home. If you’re on the lookout for storage options to help you maximise your living space, just browse our range of towers and ottomans below.

Ottomans are an innovative creation in the world of storage as they are not only a great place to store household items, but they also double as a seat. Did you know that these handy furniture pieces have a history that goes back centuries and originally appeared in the Ottoman Empire, from where they take their name? If you have a small home, or perhaps you’re a university student with limited space in their dorm room, then an ottoman is the perfect furniture addition.

Storage towers and ottomans can be used all around the home to help you keep tidy and organised. For example, a storage tower can be used in a hallway to store shoes to stop people stumbling over random pairs of shoes as they walk through the door.

Poundstretcher also have storage towers that are designed to fit perfectly on your desk for keeping important documents safe and organised. If you struggle with keeping a tidy desk at work, then storage drawers from Poundstretcher are a smart solution.

Once you’ve finished browsing our range of towers and ottomans online, head over to your nearest Poundstretcher store where you can pick up your new storage solution today.