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The Pink Stuff is a hardworking cleaning paste which is tough on stains. Rising rapidly in popularity, it has become one of the UK’s favourite cleaning products in just a few short years.

Whether you’re cleaning tiles, glass, paintwork, outdoor furniture, cookers or sinks, The Pink Stuff is a cleaning paste formulated to rid your surfaces of stains with ease. Simply rub onto the surface using a soft cloth and rinse away with cold water for easy stain removal anywhere in the home. 

The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is an essential cleaning product for your household and a must-have for those who like to keep their home sparkling.

Stardrop Pink Stuff Paste cleans:

  • Cleaning ovens, kitchenware and cookware.

  • Barbeques and garden furniture

  • Windows and glass surfaces. 

  • Marks on paintwork.

  • Rusted metal.

  • PVC surfaces, fittings and much more!

Pink Stuff is part of the Stardrops range, which was reimagined in 2016. Having been a mainstay on British shelves for more than 70 years, Stardrops cleaning products are trusted by generations to keep homes clean and sparkling.

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Note: The Pink Stuff is an abrasive cleaning product and should always be tested on a small area before broader application to a surface. May not be suitable for use on some plastics, acrylic or steel surfaces.