Laundry Image

Doing the laundry is enough of a chore in itself, without having to worry about spending too much on all the products you need to do it. At Poundstretcher, we’ve prepared a fresh selection of washing linens, garment bags and other laundry accessories for refreshingly low prices so you can get all the laundry products you need and then some, without having to go over budget.

With a choice of laundry products including garment bags and hangers, hampers and baskets and ironing boards and covers, you’ll be able to find everything you need at a friendly price tag. Pick from vintage designs to vibrant colours to make the whole laundry process more fun!

Things like pegs always seem to go missing, but don’t go spending a fortune replacing them every time, just get yourself a 24 pack of soft grip pegs for under £2 to keep as spares in your kitchen drawers, for example. If your washing line keeps snapping, no need to stress, just spend as little as £0.69 and you’ll be able to get a whole 20 metres of washing line.

If you like having crisp ironed shirts check out our selection of ironing boards and cover, perfect if you’re looking for replacing your ironing board or if you’re moving to new accommodation and are in need of one.

If you want to save money on your laundry products, visit your nearest Poundstretcher store today for all your laundry needs.