Now that the nights are well and truly drawing in, and the temperature is dropping people tend to draw their attention towards heating their homes. Energy conscious people may prefer a quick blast from a stand alone heater rather than firing up the whole central heating system when they are feeling a little cold, while at the same time, living or working somewhere without central heating can necessitate the use of these electrical heaters. Checking out our range of cheap heaters can help you to boost the temperature in your house without breaking the bank.

Halogen heaters come in a range of sizes and power ratings, heating the room using a range of halogen tubes. These heaters can come with oscillation settings, allowing you to spread the heating further across the room. One of the best things about using a halogen heater is the fact that it is energy efficient, heating the room without costing you too much. Safety features included with these heaters include a switch which shuts off the power if the unit is overbalanced.

Oil filled radiators are another way in which you can heat a space in the home or office without the need for central heating. These radiators come with a range of functions, including temperature control which allows you to heat the room to the exact temperature required. Convection heaters work by heating the air in a room. Generally speaking, these come equipped with a thermostat and a range of heat settings to work in a variety of spaces.