When the hot weather starts to get a little too much, whether you’re working away at your desk or soaking up the sun on a well-deserved beach break, finding cool relief is top priority! Poundstretcher has a wide range of air purifiers and fans so you can beat the heat and keep yourself cool.

Starting from prices as low as just £1, you can get yourself a mini travel fan that is perfect for keeping in your bag, all while adding to your home appliances for when you need a refreshing blast of cool air. You can even choose from a variety of fun colours so you’ll always remember which mini fan belongs to whom.

If you find that your office starts to get a bit too hot and uncomfortable during the warm summer season, why not treat yourself to a desk fan? Simply set up on your desk and enjoy a cool, gentle breeze during office hours.

We believe that everyone should be able to keep cool, either when the sun comes out to play or after exercising, which is why our range of air purifiers and fans all start at friendly price points that won’t break the bank.

Browse our range of air purifiers and fans below and prepare for your summer holidays, whilst saving money on summer essentials. Once you’re happy with your choices, take a visit to your local Poundstretcher store and pick them up today.