Never run out of batteries again with this selection of AAA, AA, C and D batteries for all uses. Brands available include Philips, Duracell, Hyundai, UltraCell and PlusCell Extra offer customers long-lasting batteries for the home and workplace.

Philips batteries include AA in a 4 pack with a further 4 free, which can be used in any regular home appliance such as TV remotes, are long lasting and easy to use. The Philips Power Alkaline C Batteries and the super heavy duty D batteries both come in a 2 pack and provide extra long-lasting power, while the Alkaline 9V battery is packaged alone and provides another choice for high power electronics.

Duracell batteries include the AA battery 4 pack, which are quality guaranteed and are 1.5V alkaline, and the AAA battery pack which comes with 5 batteries and 3 free batteries. These smaller battery types are ideal for home appliances such as remotes and for using in a portable speaker or computer mouse.

An alternative AA battery pack comes from Hyundai; offering 10 batteries and 4 free batteries, this pack of 1.5V batteries is sure to last a long time. Another brand, PlusCell Extra, also offers heavy duty zinc AA and AAA batteries in packs of 10+4. This brand also offers a 1.5V heavy duty zinc C battery 4 pack and a 9V battery 2 pack. Finally, the UltraCell Alkaline D battery is a 2 pack of heavy duty 1.5V batteries of the highest quality. All of these cheap batteries are long lasting and ideal for home and work use.