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Whilst everybody loves the blue-skied days the summertime brings, it’s important that you and your family are prepared and protected against the sun itself.

Adequate sun care is important if you are to avoid having a difficult time in the heat and not be able to enjoy your holiday or the pleasant weather as you should.

To help you make the most of the sunshine, Poundstretcher offers an excellent selection of sun care products and holiday essentials that will help you stay protected.

We stock sun lotions from Malibu with different SPF levels, enabling you to find the right product for your skin and stay protected when the heat gets up.

Within our range, there are sun care solutions for the whole family, including special high protection sun cream lotions for children that will help your kids avoid unfortunate cases of sunburn.

The tanning oils available in this selection are water resistant and dermatologically tested, allowing wearers to top up their tans and bronze themselves this summer.

Poundstretcher also stocks great coconut oil with bronzing tanning oil, which helps you tan while staying protected against harmful UV rays.

To complete your sun care routine, check out our soothing after sun lotions. These provide a cool sensation on areas of hot skin after a long day in the heat and take the sting out of the warmest parts of your body at night, allowing you to rest comfortably.

You can also keep unwanted visitors away with our handy insect repellents, particularly useful if you’re travelling to locations that might have lots of mosquitoes or other insects.

Don’t miss out on great sun protection products from Poundstretcher. Find your nearest store today and pick up a bargain.