Stay fresh with our range of shaving and grooming products that offer shavers, razors, shaving foam, hair gel, and more huge men’s shaving grooming brands! You’ll find everything you need for the ultimate grooming regime. Poundstretcher have a fantastic variety of big brands at affordable prices on offer.

Poundstretcher believe a close shave is always better with a good quality shaving foam and stock men’s favourite Gillette at great affordable prices to ensure you don’t break the bank and leave your skin feel silky smooth.

The ultimate men’s shaving grooming kit isn’t complete without the ultimate razor and Poundstretcher have that covered for you. With brands ranging from Gillette to BIC, there is enough to choose from especially with our Gillette razor which has a Lubrastrip with Aloe and Vitamin E that is great for sensitive skin and prevents shaving rashes so you get the best shaving experience possible.

For the luxury experience why not pick up our electric shaver for that extra precision and if you’re in a hurry in the morning, this will save you enough time to grab breakfast and refuel yourself for the day.

Grooming doesn’t just stop there, make sure you keep your hair fresh and in style with our range of hair products that will ensure you have hair not to miss and will make all the ladies look. Poundstretcher’s selection of hair gel including big brand name Brylcreem where our Brylcreem Strong Hair Gel is great for keeping your hair tame and in check at all times.

Poundstretcher also stock men’s favourite antiperspirant and deodorant Lynx including the popular Africa body spray scent at a bargain price to ensure you are kept smelling great throughout the day. Not only do we stock just body sprays but we also have Lynx shower gels to keep you smelling fresh 24/7.

With all these men’s shaving and grooming products on offer, why not pop down to your local Poundstretcher now to stock up on our bargain finds and get your men’s shaving grooming regime down to a t!