One of Poundstretcher’s aims is to bring a host of great value items to you without compromising on quality.

As part of this, within our selection of food options we include a brilliant range of cans and tins that are the perfect addition to your kitchen, allowing you to enjoy tasty food at great low prices.

We stock family favourites like Heinz Tomato Soup, Heinz Beanz and John West Tuna Chunks. These are a great thing to stock up on and fill your cupboards with, providing a cheap yet tasty cornerstone for meal times.

Fancy some seafood in your kitchen? We stock Wild Pacific Red Salmon from Cucumber, as well as pickled mussels and pickled cockles from Parsons.

In terms of tinned fruit and veg, Poundstretcher offer Del Monte Pineapple Chunks, Amore Chopped Tomatoes, Green Giant Sweetcorn, Heinz Baby Beetroot and more.

Perfect Puddings

We also stock excellent tinned pudding options, allowing you to buy fantastic, tasty after-dinner treats at prices you’ll love.

Why not stock up on Bird’s Custards Powder, or Nestle Carnation Topping Extra Thick Cream and Evaporated Milk?

As well as our selection of cans and tins, we provide a fine range of sweets, chocolates, biscuits, snacks and crisps and cereals.

You can find your nearest Poundstretcher Store easily using our store finder, so don’t delay. Get hold of great tinned and canned food today.