Christmas Pet Shop Image

Pets play an important role in our lives, for example cheering you up when something is not going right for you, so don’t you think it’s about time you gave them something of their own this Christmas as a token of appreciation? Because here, at Poundstretcher, we believe that pets are part of the family, this year we’ve prepared a special range of Christmas gifts for pets for our furry friends.

At Poundstretcher we stock adorable treats, costumes and other Christmas gifts for pets that will really make them feel loved and appreciated on Christmas morning. These Christmas gifts can put the whole family in the festive spirit, and leave hilariously memorable photos in the family album for years to come.

Dress your pooch up as Santa Claus or as an elf this year with our seasonal themed dog outfits, and enjoy incredible value at just £1.99. However, make sure you put the REAL Santa’s cookies out of reach, we cannot guarantee your furry friend will not try and gobble them all up!

Our range of Christmas gifts for pets also includes dog friendly treats, such as these charming 24 window dog advent calendars, allowing them to indulge in some of the Christmas luxuries without upsetting their stomachs.

This year, really welcome your little family member into the Christmas celebrations this year with an exciting Christmas gift for pets from Poundstretcher. Use our Store Finder to locate your closest Poundstretcher shop now!