• Stay Warm & Safe With Our Daily Winter Survival Tips

    We've all seen the state of the weather this past week. It's been a bit more than brisk, that's for sure! With all the snow (for those in the lucky/unlucky parts of the country) out there it's definitely hard to get around and stay safe; that's where Poundstretcher comes in!

    We have a range of winter essentials that are just fantastic for surviving this chilly winter weather that's suddenly gripped the nation. You won't find warmer bargains anywhere on the high street; there's 'snow' deals like ours, that's for sure!

    With the weekend upon us, we have everything you need for the ideal snow day!


    Morning - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There!

    It's the early morning, so when you wake up to that brisk icy morning, why not start your day with a warm cup of coffee (or tea, if that's your preference). There's nothing quite like a steaming cuppa in the morning, is there?

    Wash that down alongside some tasty breakfast cereal or a hearty bowl of delicious tomato soup, and in no time you'll be wide awake and ready to kick-start your day!


    Morning - Don't Let Your Car Become an Icicle

    The last thing you want, whether you are going to work or not, is to be all ready to get moving and find your car is completely frozen!

    We have a range of de-icers, like our Michelin De-Icer, and car scrappers, that you'll see the frost and ice vanish in seconds from your car! It's perfect to stock up a small supply for the future, especially since you never know when another cold snap might hit!


    Morning - Stay Nice and Thermal

    With that sorted, maybe you want a nice walk through the park with your dog, or nip out to the shops? Whatever the reason, make sure you are bundled up nice and warm with some 25% off on thermal-wear!

    We have thermal everything: socks, hats, snoods, and gloves! They're ideal to shield you from the harsh weather this year, and with a range of colours you can coordinate it with whatever style you wish.


    Early Afternoon - Having 'Snow' Much Fun!

    Now, with you all bundled up, you can start heading out for some family fun with the kids in the early afternoon (after some lunch, of course). That's right, we have sledges all ready to go in our stores, perfect for sliding down hills at rocket-speed!


    Late Afternoon - Keep Your Home Toasty

    Returning home, you'll want to warm it up a bit with our range of heaters. Feel safe and cosy with our Hyundai black curved fireplace or Glen heater, both are ideal ways to survive the chilly winter weather outside.

    Or maybe you'd rather go 'au naturel' and just go for a nice blazing flame atop some dried logs or smokeless coal. Poundstretcher have you covered too with our warm and toasty winter fuel range.


    Early Evening - Keep Your Belly Nice & Warm

    Now your home is starting to warm up, you might be starting to feel the negative effects of the cold weather? Beat the cold with some lemsip or keep that soothing feeling going with some more soup, tea/coffee, OR maybe you would rather have a hot chocolate?

    Let your tastebuds dive into the warm embrace of some Cadbury's hot chocolate (maybe with some marshmallows for good measure). Maybe some biscuits or chocolate would be a nice addition as you take a nice, warm rest.


    Evening - Snuggle In Cosiness

    Now, with the cold winter's night shut out of your mind, why not stay snuggled up nice and cosy on the sofa? Poundstretcher has so much choice of warm water bottles to cuddle with, and an amazing range of throws (from dazzling starry ones, to ones for the kids). Maybe you can just relax with your warm drink whilst watching the latest episodes of your favourite TV show for a chilled-out night of relaxation?

    However you wish to spend your wintery weekend, make sure to keep bundled up warm, drink plenty of fluids, and make the most of it before it vanishes without a trace!

    Be sure to check out our fantastic Store Finder, which has local store opening hours, addresses, and contact details all ready to view! And also, we have our Twitter and Facebook pages; so why not show off your fun winter weekends with us?!

  • Poundstretcher's Winter Guide to Skin Care

    With more of the cold winter months still to come, you need to take extra good care of your skin now more than ever! However, we know great skincare is no trifling matter; we all want our skin to look its best. There's rain and cold winds on the cards (maybe even some snow, you never know?), you need to make sure you are practising good skin care.

    This time of year can be brutal, so here are a few tips on how to help your skin stay healthy and clear during these remaining winter months.


    Keep Warm and Bundled Up

    To start with, before you start thinking about applying creams or moisturisers, it's best to remember to stay warm and shield yourself from the harsh cold winds. The ideal way to do that? Hats and scarfs, of course! Just layer up as much as possible, regardless if it's just a really bleak day or if the skies have opened up.


    Wash With Warm Water Beforehand

    Just before you start to apply moisturising products to your skin, it'd be best to wash in lukewarm water before drying and applying any creams. This helps to stop stripping your face of essential oils.


    Nourish and Help Your Skin

    That's right, make sure you moisturise and cleanse your skin to make it as smooth as possible to help heal your hands and ward off dryness.


    Don't Forget Your Lips

    Your lips are as important as keeping your hands and face moisturised. To avoid cold sores and dry lips, it's always best to keep some of the wonder jelly that is Vaseline onhand just in case. From protecting minor wounds to healing dry skin, Vaseline aloe vera lip therapy (and it's original variant)  is the way to go!


    Drink Lots of Water

    Hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, are always a comforting and soothing way to handle the cold weather. However, you need to remember your skin, not to mention your body as a whole, still needs hydration. If you still want a bit of snuggly warmth in a cup, why not have some warm water with a bit of lemon or peppermint? It can go a long way in helping to keep you warm, and it's refreshingly hydrating!



    Moisturising and cleansing are all well and good. But what about all those dead skin cells that are building up? Your skin cannot benefit from the moisture if it cannot get inside. That is where exfoliation comes in!

    And there we have it, a few quick and simple tips for keeping your skin nice and healthy throughout winter.

    To find your nearest store, where you can find all the great products listed above and more, go to our Find-a-Store and see where your nearest Poundstretcher is!

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