Valentine's Day

  • 5 Valentine’s Day Sweets to Try this Year

    Save the date, it's Valentine's Day in 5 days! There's not long to go at all to grab all those roses, and chocolates, and cards, and all manner of gifts for the one close to your heart.

    Being the last weekend before Valentine's, here's a quick showcase of our top gift ideas for those with a sweet tooth. After all, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a bit of sweetness to it, right?



    Starting off with a classic, this much-loved chocolate selection has been around since 1915 and is still going strong today! Definitely a national favourite, Cadbury Milk Tray is the perfect gift or sweet treat to go with a nice movie and a cuddle on the sofa.

    Housing a great selection of delicious Cadbury milk chocolates, you can always count on Cadbury for quality milky taste sensations.



    Why not gift someone a box of delicious indulgence this Valentine's Day with this wonderful Thorntons Classic Collection? Coming from Thorntons, the same company that has been providing the nation with delightful chocolates since 1911, this is a box of mouth-watering, tasty goodness is absolutely perfect.

    Lovingly created to include milk, dark, and white chocolates, this is truly one for any chocolate-lover!



    With the inclusion of divine truffles and delectable pralines, why not check out this lovely collection of the nation's favourite Thorntons chocolates? The Continental Collection is a great way to show your love to that special someone close to your heart.

    Take a trip through chocolate and experience Alpine praline, Vienesse truffles, Seville caramel, and other delightful wonders that all await in this fantastic journey through taste.



    Another classic; Maltesers are surely the go-to chocolate for gifts of all sorts. So why would Valentine's Day be any different? With a sealable box, this great, delicious, and oh-so-creamy little treat is well-loved, and for good reason.

    Made using Fairtrade chocolate, the unmistakable crunchiness won't disturb you as you relax whilst watching Netflix, all huddled together.  It's great for sharing between lovers (but then again, maybe not?!).



    Though, it's not all about chocolate! Sometimes you need something as deliciously sweet as Swizzels Love Hearts and is a great gift for those who might not want any chocolate this year on Valentine's Day.

    Sometimes words printed on delightfully classic sweets can mean a lot more than anything spoken. So, this gift tube of Love Hearts can become a quirky and adorable present for one close to your heart.

    So, why not go with the traditional gift of chocolate this year? Surely this quick list of wonderful sweet treats has given you something to think about? If you need more ideas for gifts and chocolates, then why not check out our Facebook and Twitter for more great Valentine's Day deals and products!

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  • Put a Smile on Your Valentine’s Face with These Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

    Put a smile on your Valentine's face this year with Poundstretcher's amazing range of punny Valentine's Day cards! The ability to make someone laugh is one of the most desirable traits there is, so why not show your funny side with these 5 fantastic cards, all for £1 each!


    Bee Mine!

    Finished with luxurious red foil, this cute and quirky bee card is perfect for sending to that special someone. Designed with an adorable cartoon bee, this card is great if you want your Valentine to be buzzing with excitement!


    Hot Stuff!

    Want a card that's a bit more hot and spicy, and less sappy? Then why not check this hot chilli card? Then why not send the spice of your life a sizzling Valentine's Day message in this cute and quirky card! Featuring a red foil finish and googly eyes, this is the perfect card to spice things up a little!


    Nice Melons!

    This cheeky Valentine's Day card is perfect for sending a message to your loved one this year! What could be better than a couple of friendly watermelons? With googly eyes and a red foil finish, this cute, simple card is amazing value for money.


    Bananas About You!

    Want to tell your loved one you're "bananas about them'? Then this quirky and cute Valentine's card is the one for you! Featuring a banana design surrounded by love hearts, it's a sweet way to tell the love of your life just how much you care.


    Pugs and Kisses!

    Send your Valentine's some pugs & kisses this year with a delightfully adorable card! Featuring a luxurious red foil finish, how can you stare into those canine eyes and not melt? This is ideal for dog-lovers or those who just love all things cute!

    And there we have it, folks! A quick run-down of our cutest and punniest selection of Valentine's Cards! And, if you need some ideas for gifts and chocolates, then why not check out our Facebook and Twitter for more great Valentine's Day deals and products!

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  • Our Top 5 Romantic Valentine’s Gifts under £5

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Poundstretcher's here,

    With gifts for you!


    Here at Poundstretcher, we have a range of fantastic Valentine's Day goodies for you to present to your loved one this year. You can make this loved-up time of year something special and fantastic whilst still shopping affordably and on a budget. So, get ready for the 14th of February with our top 5 great gift ideas that fall under £5!

    Mugnificent Mugs - £1 each

    Mugs, especially when bought as a pair like with these his and her mugs, will be something you use often throughout the year without a doubt.

    For tea, coffee, or hot chocolates, a gift such as this would be a constant reminder of the other person and your relationship. Featuring beautiful lovey designs, like with this red hearts mug, sizzling hot stuff statements, and gorgeous/bold fonts, these luxury foil print mugs are sure to go down a treat!


    Get Comfy With Cushions - £3.99 each

    What's a home without a few cushions? Make your statement and devotion to one another with these romantic 43cmx43cm (approx) cushions.

    Regardless if you want to say 'be mine' with a scattered heart theme or that you 'love them to the moon and back' with beautiful foil font, you'll be able to proclaim your love with these gifts. They're as soft as they are wonderfully designed.


    I <3 You - £1

    Whether you wish to add your own photo of yourself as this year's gift or a shared one of a loving moment, you'll be able to immortalise it on the wall with this heart photo frame!

    With a vintage effect in cream, this frame can be hung with ease on the hessian rope, making it perfect for a living room or bedroom.


    Soft & Cuddly - £3 each

    Get your cuddle on with these delightfully adorable plush toys! We have soft toy dogs and bears (in different colours/varieties) that are just waiting to be hugged and shown some love. It's the perfect way to say 'I love you' this Valentine's Day.

    Ho can you say 'no' to their cute adorable faces? They'll sit nicely on the foot of your bed or on a dresser, a furry reminder of the bond you both share.

    Roses Are Red - £1 each

    What's Valentine's Day without a stunning rose? Well, here at Poundstretcher we have the finest artificial roses for you to gift to your sweetheart this year. Nothing says 'I love you' like a single red rose.

    If you also wish to create the perfect Valentine's Day mood, then why not sprinkled some artificial red rose petals around your home? It turns a simple dinner into a romantic getaway!

    Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more great Valentine's Day deals and get in touch with your own romantic ideas! Also, be sure to visit our Find-a-Store to see where your nearest Poundstretcher is for all your Valentine's Day gift, card, and chocolate needs.

  • Poundstretcher's Cheat Sheet To Valentine's Day

    Poundstretcher's Cheat Sheet To Valentine's Day

    We know how it is. It’s two months after Christmas, you’re low on funds, and you’re fresh out of ideas of how to surprise that special someone in your life. Good job there aren’t any more important dates waiting just around the corner for you then!

    Ahh yes, Valentine’s day, how could you forget? While it’s hard to believe that it’s *already* February, it might be even harder to believe that you’ve got less than two weeks to prepare something so mind-blowingly romantic that your SO can’t help but fall in love with you all over again.

    Whilst in theory it might sound like plain sailing, when you’re on a budget it’s not always easy to find the perfect way to show your love. But thanks to our helpful guide to Valentine’s Day on a shoestring, you just might be in luck!



    Mood Lighting

    While we all love getting dressed up to go on a fancy night out, sometimes it’s just not plausible. But why should that stop you from having the romantic night you deserve?

    Why not try creating some mood lighting with our great selection of string lights! With loads to choose from including our Moroccan heart fairy lights and our beautiful battery operated pink heart string lights, you can quickly and easily transform your home into your personal romantic hideaway.

    And for those of you who’re feeling particularly loved up, why not string some of our stunning solar powered fairy lights in your garden,  and use a few of our super cute heart shaped tea light holders to create the ultimate valentine’s day setting.



    Want to take a more subtle approach to the big day? Then we suggest some understated seasonal decorations. Our beautiful battery operated light up rose tree is a really cute way to of adding a tender touch to your decorations, with the added bonus of it doubling up as a thoughtful gift!

    And if you’re planning on cooking a romantic meal or even  opting for a takeaway this year; why not add a personal touch by creating your very own menu with our hanging house chalk board! You can even add a few of our sweet heart themed ornaments to make the night that extra bit special.




    If you’re planning on whipping up some five star food for your one and only, then you’re in luck as our extensive selection of grocery items could be right up your street. With our range of tasty foods including rice, canned goods and even chilli con carne, you’ll be free to spend less time cooking and more time cuddling!

    And thanks to our great selection of branded sweet treats, you and your partner can tuck into a box of Black Magic, Elizabeth Shaw or even After Eight (providing it is in fact after eight) after what we know will be a slap up meal.


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