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  • Top Instagram Pics of the Month: April

    It's almost the end of April and you know what that means? Oh, wait, this is our first time doing this, so you wouldn't know! It's our top Instagram pics of the month!

    This is where we show off just a small selection of the lovely Instagram pictures you have tagged us in and we've had shared on our page!

    But we haven't got to the best part! For what we deem to be the number 1 post of the month, we'll send that lucky customer a £10 voucher to use in-store! Isn't that amazing?

    So, without further ado, let's begin in no particular order with...


    1. @craftyhomewarehunter

    This fantastic picture of our storage boxes (starting from 79p) was taken by craftyhomewarehunter and is perfect for storing toiletries, cleaning products, toys, or just smaller bits and pieces.


    2. @life.with.the.hjs

    Our scented dehumidifiers are only 69p, and this next picture was taken by life.with.the.hjs alongside some wonderful flowers! We have a range of different varieties, so come and have on in and have a look!


    3. @gigispotless

    Despite the weather being a little all over the place recently, why not grab some mason jars and do what gigispotless has done in this next post; fill them with some delicious-looking drinks? That'll cool you down when the sun decides to come back!


    4. @home_for_ideas

    Check out this one from home_for_ideas! They've gone and showcased one of our fantastic Rosie Franks scented candles (the delightful pomegranate one). We have other scents available too so come and have a look in-store!


    5. @sparkles_creations_co

    Himalayan pink salt in your bath?! That's right, it's a fab top tip from sparkles_creations_co as shown in our final selection, and for just £1.49 per jar you can try it out for yourself!

    And there we have it folks; our top five Instagram posts for April. Now to announce the winner of our wonderful prize of £10 worth of vouchers to use however you wish!

    This month's fabulous prize-winner is...



    You will be receiving a message shortly highlighting that you've won and asking where you would like your vouchers to be sent to!

    And that's it for this month, ladies and gents! We do love seeing the pictures you take of our products, and also of all the top tips you have (be it beauty-related, cooking, cleaning, anything)!

    If you fancy having a go, then tag #poundstretcher to your Instagram posts of our fabulous products to be in for a chance to win! So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to your nearest store using our Store Finder, grab a bargain today, and get tagging!

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