Spring Cleaning

  • Get Set for Spring Cleaning with Our 5 Easy Tips

    Where has the time gone? It's April already and spring is very much in full bloom! With Easter now behind us, it's time to think about (if you haven't already) cracking on with some spring cleaning before it slips away from you!

    With our wide range of products here at Poundstretcher, you'll have everything you need to tackle this task before you. Here are a few quick tips to help make everything easier and our top choice of cleaning products to use.


    Tip #0: Before You Begin - Clean Your Utensils

    The last thing you want is to track more dirt and pesky dust bunnies around your home, right? Well, then one of the first things you should consider before sweeping your brooms left, right, and centre is to give the bristles a good cleaning. This goes for any cloths you wish to use too.

    Just simply give them a quick once-over with your vacuum (making sure to give the nozzle a clean afterwards too) or wash it with warm, soapy water. Also make sure you give your sponges a good soak too.


    Tip #1: Clean Your Light Fixtures

    You'll be amazed at how dusty your light fixtures can get, and also at how much it can slightly alter the lighting in your home. All it takes is a quick climb up a stepladder, a sponge, and some handy Flash all-purpose cleaner to get the job done.

    Regular up-keep also prevents the build-up in these tough to reach places, meaning you'll have a cleaner home. It's especially useful to bear in mind if someone in the house has dust allergies and/or breathing difficulties.


    Tip #2: Wipe Every Surface, Even Vertical Ones

    It isn't just the kitchen counters and other horizontal surfaces you should clean on a regular basis. Build-up can occur on your cupboard doors and drawers too, almost seeming invisible. It's a good idea to give everything a good wipe with some antibacterial surface cleaner to get rid of the germs for good.


    Tip #3: Deep Clean Your Fridge

    Same as the windows, make sure you clean the inside and outside of your fridge; you'd be surprised how much grime can gather on your fridge door! Gather up all your refrigerated supplies and give the entire inside a good clean. Pull out all the interior shelves and wash them in warm soapy water, followed by wiping down everything else that cannot be removed (this includes the sides, bottom, and fridge 'ceiling'.).


    Tip #4: Clean the Windows Inside & Out

    First off, did you know it's a better idea to clean your windows on a cloudy day? That way you can ensure the water and Mr Muscle window spray will not dry and create a load of speckles before you're done.

    It can be difficult to clean the outside of your windows if they're not reachable at ground level. However, it's worth making sure they're just as clean as the inside. What's the point of cleaning the windows on the inside, if there are smudges and dirt on the outside? One product that can help you is our Window Cleaning Kit, containing a rubber squeegee, microfibre mop, a replacement window mop pad, ergonomic hand grip, and telescopic pole (that extends to 1.05cm approx.)!


    Tip #5: Declutter All The Clutter

    Finally, tackle the biggest part of spring cleaning (getting rid of and/or organising all your clutter) with our range of storage options! This doesn't mean cramming things anywhere, stuffing them into a box, and leaving them under the bed. No, you might as well do a complete clear out of all your unwanted books, movies, and knick-knacks (either selling them on eBay or giving them to a charity shop). The rest of them can then be organised by size/subject/genre and then neatly aligned.

    For your clothes, some over-door hooks can work wonders in freeing up some space, as would placing your random bits and pieces in any of our plastic storage containers. Also, similar to organising your books and movies, it would be worth doing the same for clothes. Having a designated space for each type of clothing (and also arranging them by occasion) would make your daily routine much smoother.


    Have any other top tips on cleaning wizardry to share? Maybe you're a domestic deity who wishes to impart a fantastic way of tackling daily cleaning chores? Well then, share your thoughts and views on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and also be sure to check out our weekly competitions and amazing deals.

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  • How To Spring Clean Like A Pro

    How To Spring Clean Like A Pro

    It’s that time of year again. Christmas is over, you’ve got loads of new stuff that you haven’t found a home for yet, and you’ve still not tidied up from all the festive fun you had.

    Let’s face it, now that we’re nearly half way through February (what!?) none of us have any excuse for putting off the all-important spring clean for any longer. But luckily for you, that’s where the lovely people over at Poundstretcher come in.

    No matter if you’re stuck for storage space or you just aren’t that crazy about cleaning, the Poundstretcher team are on hand and ready to help you sail through your 2017 spring clean!


    Mould Removal

    While we all know that a good hearty squirt of bleach will do wonders for your toilet bowl and drains, it can also be used to rid your home from the bane of all our lives – MOULD.



    If mould and mildew between your tiles is ruining what would (obviously) be a perfect bathroom, why not try mixing equal parts of bleach and water together in an empty spray bottle, and targeting the affected areas. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing it with a good stiff cleaning brush and rising thoroughly. You can even try this out if you just want your grout to look a little bit whiter too!

    Try it yourself!

    You’ll need:

    Bleach and brushes (don’t forget your rubber gloves!)


    Shower Curtains

    Picture the scene. You’ve just found the perfect shower curtain to match your meticulously decorated bathroom. A few months of happiness pass, as you and your shower curtain live in blissful harmony with one another - that is until the day it happens. The day the mould appears. Surely you’ll have to throw your precious shower curtain away now, but where will you get another as beautiful as this?

    Well worry not as Poundstretcher is here to save the day! We suggest pre-washing your shower curtain in warm water with a few of your bath towels, and popping in some laundry liquid and a tiny bit of bleach. You can then run it through the washing machine on its lowest temperature for a maximum of 10 minutes, before immediately hanging it out to dry –voila!

    Try it yourself!

    You’ll need:

    Bleach and Laundry Liquid


    Window Cleaning 

    When it comes to spring cleaning we’re all guilty of forgetting about our windows. Be honest, when was the last time the words “I need to clean the windows” genuinely came out of your mouth? Even when we do muster up the willpower to do it, we very rarely do it properly because that’ll take ages, right? Well think again, ‘cause with our help, you’ll not only realise that it’s pretty easy to do, it’s actually weirdly satisfying too!

    Start by using a brush to sweep around the corners of the window, that way you’ll get rid of any excess dust that’ll get in your way later. You can then use some warm water and a bit of window spray to wipe down the glass. Just make sure you don’t use too much spray as you’ll end up with streaky windows!

    Once you’ve finished get rid of any excess water with a clean squeegee, but make sure you keep wiping it with a cloth to stop any dirt transfer. Then use a clean microfiber cloth to ensure the window is totally dry.

    Finally, use a wad of crumpled up newspaper to buff the window and achieve a professionally cleaned look that’ll be the envy of your street!

    Try it yourself!

    You’ll need:

    A dustpan and brush, window cleaner, a window cleaning set and a microfiber cloth



    While it’s one of the easiest chores to do, mopping is also the most boring by far. But if you do it right, it means you won’t have to do it quite as much – meaning you’ll have way more time to do absolutely anything else!

    Start off by hoovering or sweeping your floor to stop any dirt transferring later. You can then fill up a mop bucket with boiling water, and squeeze in a bit of all-purpose cleaner. Once you’ve done this you can then quickly and easily wipe your floor, but be sure to keep ringing out your mop as you go!

    Try it yourself!

    You’ll need:

    A Mop, a mop bucket, a broom (or hoover), and some all-purpose cleaning fluid


    Now that Christmas is over, we’ve all got loads of stuff that’s just *about*, because we just don’t have enough places to store everything. Everywhere from the living room, to that little room that’s full of stuff you don’t want to look at, but for some reason you won’t throw away (don’t lie, we know you have one) is just full of…things. Where will they go? You really don’t know! How did they get there? You have no idea! Do you even need them? Definitely yes.

    Well luckily for you, we just so happen to have loads of great storage solutions to get your home back to the tidy haven it used to be!


    Wooden Storage Crates

    Add a bit of rustic chic to your home with our great range of wooden storage crates. Lending a cute rural vibe to your place, these quirky crates are ideal for storing everything from chargers and cables, to books and DVDs! With a variety of designs to choose from including plain, "Bits and Bobs" and the very cute “Home Sweet Home” pattern, there’s really no excuse not to get one.

    Havana Boxes

    If you’ve come over all girly and just so happen to also need some extra storage in your room, then have a look at our gorgeous Havana storage boxes. Choose from 4 stunning designs including butterfly, leaf, floral or black and white, and finally house your homeless items.


    Kids Storage

    But what about the kids room? We hear you shout. We’ll we’ve got storage for them too! Thanks to our super cute and kid friendly pieces including this happy luggage case, and the friendly frog box, you can (attempt to) keep your children’s rooms tidy all year round.


    Under Bed Storage

    Don’t worry, we aren’t going to pretend that we don’t hide stuff under our beds too! But now we’ve made it so much easier thanks to our super useful under bed storage boxes. Gone are the days when you had to go through every box to find the 1 thing you were looking for, as our handy boxes have a see through base that’ll help you save time when you’re on the hunt for your stuff.

    So if you’re in the mood for a spring clean, then get yourself down to your local Poundstretcher and pick up some supplies today!

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