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  • Our Monthly Top Instagram Pics: May

    It's almost summertime, everyone! With May drawing to a close, it's time for another one of our fantastic monthly Instagram giveaways!

    Not heard of it? Well, it's where we show off just a small selection of the lovely Instagram pictures you have tagged us in and that we've shared on our page!

    But here's the best part! For our number 1 post of the month, we'll send the lucky customer a £10 Poundstretcher voucher to use in-store!

    So, without further ado, let's begin in no particular order with...

    1. @itsfrankthefrenchbulldog

    How gorgeous is Frank the French Bulldog? Pure stylin' and certainly rocks the bandanna look well in this post; that green is definitely his colour. Be sure to keep an eye out at your local store for even more fab pet accessories.


    2. @making_highfield_home

    If you want to give your garden a little extra pizzazz, then check out our solar-powered flower lights as shown off by @making_highfield_home in their post. With a range of colours to pick from you'll be able to have them go nicely in any garden space.


    3. @bemrose_155

    Adorable little Levi loves his teething toy in this next post, not to mention it keeps him out of trouble! We have a wide range of fabulous toys for your pets, young and old, so why not come to your local store and check 'em out?


    4. @thriftyqwen

    @thriftyqwen's Pom Pom bedding looks amazing in this post, and there's plenty more like it at your nearest Poundstretcher. It certainly looks comfortable and provides a relaxing night's rest.


    5. @cleaningwithhattie

    For sparkling whites, why not use our Ace For Whites available in your nearest store? @cleaningwithhattie has taken this interesting picture showing off this fabulous laundry product.

    And there we have it folks; our top five Instagram posts for May. Now to announce the winner of our wonderful prize of £10 worth of vouchers to use however you wish!

    This month's fabulous prize-winner is...



    You will be receiving a message shortly highlighting that you've won and to ask where you would like your vouchers to be sent to!

    And that's it for this month, ladies and gents! We do love seeing the pictures you take of our products, and also of all the top tips you have (be it beauty-related, cooking, cleaning, anything)!

    If you fancy winning some vouchers, then tag #poundstretcher to your Instagram posts of our fabulous products to be in for a chance to win! So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to your nearest store using our Store Finder, grab a bargain today, and get tagging!

  • The Puuurrrfect Treats For Your Cat!

    Perfection - thy name is Purrfections! We all know cats are absolutely adorable and are our lovable companions. So, don't they deserve the perfection that is Purrfections?

    What are Purrfections? Well, they're delicious cat treats your favourite feline will go crazy to get their paws on! We offer them in both a fantastic 60g pack for 79p, but also in a massive 200g pack (in certain flavours) for £1.69.

    They're a purrfect treat from time to time as part of a healthy adult cat's diet! Take a quick look at all the flavours and variations we have on offer!

    Cheese 60g & 200g 

    Humans LOVE cheese-flavoured things, and your feline pal is no different! Treat them to these delicious cheesy treats with taurine (to help with healthy eyes and heart).

    There are no artificial flavours inside, and they contain vitamins & minerals to help boost the health of your moggy.

    We sell them in both 60g and 200g packs!


    Salmon 60g & 200g 

    Obviously, a fishy flavour like salmon HAS to be included! These are just the same as the cheese ones, in that they contain taurine, there are no artificial flavours inside, and they have fantastic vitamins & minerals within.

    Check out both our 60g and 200g bags!


    Chicken 60g & 200g 

    Does your cat feel like having chicken tonight? Well, we have you covered with these chicken flavoured packs in 60g and 200g!

    They contain everything the others have so far, so you can't go wrong!



    Turkey 60g

    It doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy the delicious taste of turkey, and your cat can have it anytime with these anti-hairball treats. The amazing thing is that these do exactly that, they help reduce the build-up of furballs!

    Available only in 60g, these are delightful treats that contain all the minerals & vitamins as the above flavours, and contain no artificial flavours!


    Cat Sticks - Assorted Flavours

    We have chicken & liver and salmon & trout, both these amazing packs are £1 each!

    Low in fat and a natural source of omega 3, these pouches of 8 sticks are wonderful treats for your feline friend!

    For more fantastic pet products, check out your local store using our fab Store Finder. From there you can find addresses, store opening hours, and contact details!

    Also, be sure to check out our Pet Hut Facebook page for more fantastic offers!

  • Treat Your Pet For National Pet Month

    If you’re a pet owner, you likely don’t need an excuse to treat your four-legged friends to something special.

    But did you know that in the UK, 1 April to the 6 May 2019 is National Pet Month? This initiative is aimed at encouraging awareness around responsible pet ownership and making sure that pets up and down the country are treated in the best way possible.

    At Poundstretcher, we love pets and know how much joy and fun they can bring to your lives. This is why we are proud to offer the selection of products that make up The Pet Hut section of our store.

    So this National Pet Month, why not visit your nearest Poundstretcher store and pick up some great supplies for your favourite chums? Whether your pet is of the canine, feline or has feathers or makes cute little squeaky noises, we’re confident we can supply you with what you need to make them happy!

    Delight Your Dogs

    If you’re a dog owner, our range of dog supplies presents a host of great purchasing options. A perfect present is something from our selection of dog food and treats, and we have tasty items from the likes of Wiggles, Pedigree, Bakers, Butchers and more from as low as 69p. With dozens to pick from, don’t deprive your dog of something delicious!

    Does your dog perhaps need somewhere better to curl up for the night? If so, there’s no time like the present to treat them to a new dog bed.

    We also have bowls and dishes for you to buy, while our selection of toys and accessories for dogs are another great option to treat them with.

    Cool Gifts For Cats

    If you’re a cat owner, fear not! We have everything you could need to treat your feline friend this National Pet Month.

    Take a browse through our tasty treats for cats, with delightful products from Whiskas, Felix, Purrfections and more. Our cat food range is full of great bargains and deals, so don’t hesitate.

    You can also find a host of toys for cats, including cat scratchers, swat toys and scratching posts. We have a selection of cat beds and carriers, while you can also buy litterbox and cleanup items, as well as a host of accessories.

    For All Creatures Great & Small

    Our selection of items includes products for pets includes rabbit food, fish flakes, and guinea pig food – all of which fall into our small pet category.

    And if you love seeing feathered friends entering your garden, why not treat them to something nice? We have bird seed and feeders too, so don’t miss out.

    So this National Pet Month, be sure to head to your nearest Poundstretcher store and get hold of everything you need to treat your favourite animals.

    To find your local store, simply enter your postcode into our Store Finder tool and start planning your next trip.

    Also, why not share some adorable images of your pets with us on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages!

  • Here's A Whiff Of Our Top 5 Pet Gifts This Christmas

    It's Christmas Eve, the big day is almost upon us. You've dashed around and bought all the gifts for your family and friends, but have you remembered your furry (or feathered) pet too?

    If so, then we have you covered for any last minute Christmas prezzies you need! And if you already are all set and ready to go, surely another gift or two won't hurt as a stocking filler?

    1. Chewy Candy Canes With Chicken

    Let's start with a really festive treat! If you're looking for the perfect way to treat your pooch this festive season, why not go for chicken candy canes!! These chewy candy cane treats that are absolutely full of tasty chicken flavour that your canine friends will LOVE!

    2. Chocolate Orange Minis Pet Treats

    Surely it's not just humans that can enjoy the satisfyingly festive taste that is chocolate orange? Why not share the love this Christmas and give your four-legged friend these ideal chocolate orange mini treats!  Completely safe for pets, these will be devoured in no time!


    3. Christmas Cat Stocking

    What a purr-fect way to include your kitty in the Christmas spirit! This Christmas Cat Stocking is a great way to show them Santa hasn't forgotten them this year! Complete with a plastic ball cat toy, catnip biscuits, catnip drops, and yummy milk drops, this is the ultimate gift your little cat will want to get their paws on!


    4. Christmas Dog Stocking

    Include your pooch in the festivities because if there's a cat stocking then surely there is a dog one too, right! Your dog will howl with happiness when they realise Santa has not missed them off the list this year. Hang this Christmas Dog Stocking over the fireplace that contains a rope, Christmas goodies, a pack of bone treats, and some chocolate drops!


    5. Christmas Bird Seed Wreath

    We can't forget the garden birds, can we? Why not brighten up their Christmas with this delicious Bird Seed Christmas Wreath! Containing 100% natural ingredients, this bird feed wreath is a great source of nutrition for wild birds, perfect for keeping their energy levels and spirits up in the colder seasons with a bit of Christmas cheer! Ideal for the rest of the year too.

    And there we have it, folks! Surely we've given you some ideas for what you can treat your delightful pet to this Christmas? Why not come on down to your local Poundstretcher using our handy Store Finder and see what other fantastic bargains we have!

    Also, be sure to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for even more splendid festive ideas. Whilst you're there, why not also share some pictures of your lovely pets decked out in their festive finest!

  • Great Bird Products To Help Your Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

    Get yourself ready for this weekend, as it's finally the Big Garden Birdwatch! From Saturday 27th to Monday 29th it's all about counting and noting down the range of avian wildlife that's all around us. So, why not stock up on some last-minute bird supplies? Here're a few quick selections to really help enhance what you'll be able to see right in your back garden.


    Oakdale Filled Bird Feeder - £1.99

    One of the best ways to encourage more birds to venture into your garden is to use a bird feeder. With this already-filled Oakdale bird feeder, you can hit the ground running with attracting a wide variety of garden birds. It's easy to hang, clean, and refill, making it an ideal all-year feeder.

    We carry a range of feeders, from those shaped like teacups, metallic ones, and even a huge multi-feeder bird station!

    Tub of 50 Fatballs - £3.99

    To attract birds to your garden you'll need a supply of tasty treats for them to enjoy. We have loads of different types that birds just LOVE; one of which is this tub of 50 wild bird fatballs.  Suitable for year-round feeding, these balls contain an abundance of vitamins and nutrients that energieses wild birds to keep them active and healthy.

    If 50 is a little TOO much for you, then we also have this 6 pack of fatballs that would be perfect for the coming weekend.


    Mealworms 400g - £4.99

    Another great treat for garden birds would be this 400g tub of mealworms. A natural snack, these will help keep Britain's birds healthy throughout the winter due to being high in protein and healthy fats. You'll be able to give them the energy to keep flying strong so they can return to your place for another helping in the future.


    Wild Bird Seed 1kg - 69p

    Another food you can present to your fine feathered friends would be this 1kg bag of wild bird seeds! The sheer size is ideal to last a while so you can keep all the visiting birds to your garden well-fed. Use it to fill your bird feeder and let all manner of birds to flock!

    You'll be surprised how any one of these treats can help attract a greater variety of birds to your garden (and not just for the birdwatch)! You'll be able to admire so many more visiting finches, sparrows, pigeons, and so many more (depending on where you live) as they fuel-up with a passing snack in your garden!

    So, head on over to the RSPB website to hear more about the event, however, not before you check out Poundstretcher's Find-a-Store to see where your nearest store is located. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter channels for more news, competitions, and great offers!


  • It's Love Your Pet Day!

    It's Love Your Pet Day!

    If you’ve got a four legged furry friend, and you can’t get enough of showing them love, then you’ll be glad to know that on Monday the 20th of February, it just so happens to be love your pet day!

    Mother’s day can move over, father’s day can take a back seat, Valentine’s Day? What’s that? ‘Cause the only day we care about that’s dedicated to celebrating a loved one, is love your pet day!

    Every pet owner knows that the love we have for your animals is rivaled by none. They brighten our worlds, they lighten our lives, they love us unconditionally, and in return we feed them and hope they understand how much they mean to us.

    Sure we sometimes tell them off or shout at them, but we pay for these crimes with that look they give us when we do it.

    While we can never truly explain to them how much they make our lives better, we can shower them with gifts and hope they get the idea! So no matter if you’ve got a dashing doggo, or a cuddly kitty, we’ve got what you need to make Love Your Pet Day one they’ll never forget!





    What would we do without man’s best friend, ey? With the wag of their tails, and those big love-filled eyes. Not to mention the sheer excitement on their little faces every time they see us/ something shiny/ a squirrel – who couldn’t love dogs? Well if your gifting ideas are clouded by your adoration for your canine pal, then worry not as we’ve got loads of great gifts to choose from in our dog supply section!

    Tasty Treats

    Pamper your pooch with loads of tasty treats on their special day of appreciation! Why not pick up a few bags of Good Boy chewy meaty twisters or some ridiculously tasty Jumbone beef dog treats! Packed full of succulent meat and loaded with vitamins and minerals, you can give your dog a delicious treat AND keep your playful pal happy and healthy!


    And if you want to push the boat out and really indulge your dog, then we suggest grabbing a bag of our delectable duck sausages! Jam packed with a delicious duck filling, your dog will definitely feel the love thanks to these special (occasional!) treats.


    There’s nothing better in this world than seeing how happy you make your dog, and we all know that the best way to do that is with loads of terrific toys!

    Pack way more fun into playtime with your pooch, with some of our great dog toys! Watch them go wild over this crazy rubber pet toy, and make fetch way more fun with this fantastic sounding pet ball! But if you want to take a more tender approach to the day, you can always pick up one of our adorable plush monkeys – after all, they are your baby!


    Rest and Relaxation

    Thanks to our extensive selection of pet products, the pampering doesn’t have to stop when it’s time to turn in! If you’ve tuckered out your precious pooch after a day full of excitement, then send them off to sleep in one of our luxurious pet beds! Whether you’re a fan of the traditional style plush pet beds, the practical mattress designs, or you’re more into the glamourous contemporary styles, we’re pretty sure we’ll have just what you need to prove your love for your pooch!




    While we all adore a cute little kitty, it’s fair to say that gaining a cat’s affection is significantly harder than getting a dog’s. While our poochy pals will freely throw their love at us, we have to really work to get into a cat’s good books. But thanks to our extensive collection of cat supplies, we’ve made it so much easier to win them over!

    Tasty Treats

    Although your cat doesn’t get quite as excited as dogs do about food, they still love a good treat! Spoil your little darling with some Dreamies cat treats, coming in tasty chicken or scrumptious salmon!



    While you’re feline friend may not be as hyperactive as your pooch, that doesn’t mean they don’t love to play! We suggest getting over to Poundstretcher to pick up one of our amazing play cubes and cat tunnels, to give them countless hours of fun!


    And if your cat is crazy about keeping their claws perfectly sharp, why not invest in one of our great scratching posts or cat trees – letting them scratch and claw to their hearts content without the worry of being told off!


    Rest and Relaxation

    We all know that every cat’s favourite past time is snooze. Whether it’s on the floor in front of the fire, or directly on top on something incredibly important – your cat really isn’t fussy. So why not make them that little bit more comfortable with one of our cute cat igloos? Perfectly plush and soft to the touch, you cat will feel like the royalty it already thinks it is, thanks to its purrfect new bed!


    And if your feisty friend is a fan of snoozing on your radiator (most likely on top of the clothes you’ve just hung out to dry) then our amazing radiator bed is the perfect purchase for you!  Now your cat can be free to doze off in their favourite place, without the worry of being scolded just for getting comfy!


    Smaller Animals

    For those of you who’ve got a smaller furry friend, you’ll be happy to know that we also cater to them too! Take a look at our small animal supplies to get few ideas about how to spoil your petite pets, including our range of tasty treats, and bouncy bedding!

    So if you’re ready to celebrate and show your pet some love, get yourself down to your local Poundstretcher or your nearest Pet Hut to pick up some supplies today!

  • How To Keep Pets Calm on Bonfire Night

    How To Keep Pets Calm on Bonfire Night

    Remember, remember the 5th of November! Bon fire night is coming!

    Yes it is that time of year again where everyone celebrates Guy Fawke’s foiled gun powder plot!

    You’re probably planning your own activities for the festivities like heading off to fireworks show to getting some sparklers out in the garden.

    However there’s one person in your family who hates Guy Fawkes Night:

    Your Pets.

    Animals have no idea about the historical significance of Bonfire Night so to them it’s a nightmare come true.

    The noise from fireworks can reach as far as 150 decibels which is as loud as a jet engine, for animals who have incredibly sensitive hearing this can cause them to think they’re about to be harmed by these unexplained explosions.

    As their humans it is our job to make sure that our furry BFFs are kept safe, secure, and most importantly calm through this stressful time.

    So how do we help our pets on the 5th November?

    Dog wrapped in green blanket

    For animals like dogs who have incredible hearing, Guy Fawkes Night is a nightmare come true.

    Signs of stress from your pet to look out for are panting, pacing, whining, drooling, and trying to hide. Cats have been known to try to escape the noise and hide outdoors while some pets run to their owners for help. Smaller pets will scurry to their bedding and their hearts will be thumping so hard that it could be fatal, especially if they live outdoors in runs and enclosures.

    For pet owners this is extremely distressing too so it’s important while following our tips that you keep your pets close to you during Bon Fire Night so they have that extra reassurance.

    Here are our top tips on keeping your pets calm on bonfire night:

    • Make sure to walk your dog before it gets dark as you’re both going to have to stay in when it’s dark enough for people to let their fireworks explode.
    • Keep your animals indoors. Make sure they've had enough time to go to the toilet outside or if possible, that they have a litter tray on stand by.
    • Some pets may mess themselves in the house from fear. It’s important to keep the newspaper and cleaning products on stand-by while remembering to not scold your pet for this involuntary behaviour.
    • If you own an outdoor rabbit or guinea pig, take their enclosure indoors. It’s just for a night or two until Bonfire Night dies down.

    black and white guinea pig being held

    • Choose somewhere in the house your pet enjoys and feel safe within to create a little doggy or kitty den with their favourite blankets, toys, and pet bed.
    • See if they want to play as a way of distracting them from the noise – NEVER force your dog to play if they are incredibly frightened. This is usually a little better for younger dogs so older dogs might be a bit grumpy if you start chucking the ball about.
    • Keep the treats and the meal they love on stand by – after all most pets are major foodies (just like their owners) so it’s always good to have their favourites on tap when they’re scared.
    • Stay Calm yourself – your dog isn’t going to feel reassured if you’re getting in to a kafuffle.
    • Have the TV or radio on for background noise – it can help your dog to tune out the chaos outside.
    • Give lots of cuddles. Get some blankets and cushions, wrap up in a hoody and give your pet lots of love.

    Woman lays next to dog

    Want to stock up on pet care essentials to prepare for November 5th? Visit Poundstretcher and Pet Hut online to find your nearest store and get your paws on your pet’s faves!

  • Is Your Pet Porky? We're Here To Help!

    Is Your Pet Porky? We're Here To Help!

    We all like to give our pets treats from time to time – especially when they do that face.

    The face every pet owner knows too well.

    Chihuahua looking hungrily at biscuits


    Sometimes though we need to limit the amount of treats we give our pets -  much to their disappointment!

    Today is Pet Obesity Awareness Day so there’s no time like the present than to talk about the health of your dog, cat, or small animal!

    There are 2 common problems that cat and dog owners struggle with while managing the weight of their pets.

    1. My cat steals food…

    Cat stealing ham from counter

    Cats are the most likely culprits to steal food, bringing a new meaning to cat burglar! From shopping bags, kitchen counters, and even the dinner table, nowhere is safe from your pet! Cat owners will be familiar with this problem!

    If your cat is stealing from another pet’s bowl, it may be time to separate them at meal times before it gets out of hand. Food related aggression is a big problem with pets eating in close proximity and usually the more dominant character will be the food stealer.

    Give the cat who is not stealing food a little more time with their bowl so they have a chance to eat before the kitty food thief returns for their own!

    Everyone knows that one cat that seems to convince every neighbour to give them some cat food by pretending they haven’t been fed! So it’s not surprising that so many moggies are getting a bit porky! Neighbours feeding cats can be a big problem, especially if your cat is elderly.

    We’ve all been conned by a cat who looks dishevelled and as if they’re in need of a good meal – when chances are they’ve been to four different houses after finishing their own dinner! If you’re concerned about neighbours giving food to your elderly fluffball, have a chat to them! Explain that although your cat is ‘mature’ and may look a bit rough around the edges, they’re enjoying their retirement.

    Although they probably can’t jump as high as they used to or reach that patch of fur to groom as easily, there really is no need to feel sorry for your cat as they have the street wrapped around their paws.

    1. My kids give our dog their food…

    Child eating biscuit while Dalmatian dog watches

    This is a huge problem for parents of young children and sadly can be incredibly dangerous for your pooch if your little one gives them a food that is poisonous for dogs!

    Grapes, chocolate, onions, and even raisins are all harmful to your barking BFF so if your little nippers end up giving in to your pooch’s pawing it could be disastrous for their health.

    Milk and dairy laden foods, avocado, onions, garlic and chive can cause tummy trouble while bones and corn on the cob are a choking hazard.

    Caffeine acts as a stimulant that can affect a dog’s heart but chocolate especially can be fatal for your dog.

    There is no antidote to the toxicity of this sweet treat so vets often have to make dogs vomit, put them on a drip, and provide medication to control heart rates and prevent seizures when treating dogs who have eaten chocolate.

    So it’s important to talk to older children about how important it is to not feed the dog their snacks, treats, and leftovers from meals.

    But what about the tots?

    Dogs are intelligent animals and unfortunately toddlers and young children who are still steadying their feet are just the right height for the dog to steal food from! If you have a baby gate, use this to your advantage. Make sure the little ones and the dog are separated whenever the kids enjoy a snack or meal. It may seem extreme but it’s only until the younger kids are old enough to understand.

    Dog looking over pet food biscuits

    Our partners at PDSA have an incredible campaign to help you get your pet in shape! The Pet Fit Club has helped some the country’s heavier dogs, cats, and small animals shift those pounds to keep healthy and happy. So why not visit their website and get some top tips on keeping your pet fit and fabulous?

    Want to stock up on pet food, beds, and toys? Find your nearest Poundstretcher and Pet Hut store to get your paws on big brand pet essentials at big discounts!

  • Dogs Vs Cats: Which Would You Choose?

    Dogs Vs Cats: Which Would You Choose?

    Which do you prefer: cats or dogs?

    We've all had that question about whether we're a 'dog person' or a 'cat person'.

    And every time we're asked, we can never find the right answer!

    So we thought we'd post the ultimate 'Dogs Vs Cats' showdown to figure out who is the cat's pyjamas and which will be the top dog!

    A colourful infograph called Dogs vs Cats with interesting facts and colourful pictures

    So who wins in our Dogs vs Cats face off?! Keep a look out for part 2 on our Facebook page soon!

    Why not tag us on Twitter and let us know whether you prefer cats or dogs? Or maybe you want to share a cute cat or delightful dog story with us? Tag us on Instagram with your funny pet stories and we'll share the best!

  • Help Poorly Pets With PDSA Vet Your Clothes!

    Help Poorly Pets With PDSA Vet Your Clothes!

    Ready for a between-the-seasons closet clear out?

    So are we!

    Which is why we’re excited to announce that we’re the exclusive partners for pet charity PDSA’s Vet Your Clothes campaign!!

    We’re so proud to be supporters of the PDSA, as a nation of animal lovers every year we spend more and more on helping our beloved pets live happy and healthy lives.

    What makes PDSA so special is that they’ve been caring for sick for almost 100 years.

    Every year they’ve helped a staggering 470,000 poorly pets in the UK with their 51 pet hospitals and 380 pet practises.

    Little girls with her pet chihuahua dog amongst folded clothes

    It’s easy to see why we’re barking over PDSA, especially when it’s so simple to do your bit to help them out.

    The Vet Your Clothes campaign is one of the many ways you can help PDSA - it’s the perfect excuse to prep your wardrobe to make some extra space for next season’s bargains.

    Cat looking angry in wardrobe with folded up clothes

    Simply head down to your local Poundstretcher and Pet Hut with your old clothes in a bag, head over to the till, and let one of our fabulous team members know that you’d like to donate.

    Team Poundstretcher will take it from there while you get to continue enjoying the bargain hunt!

    So what are you waiting for? Join the celebs like Alesha Dixon, Ricky Gervais, Brian Blessed, Martina Navratilova, and more by donating to PDSA’s Vet Your Clothes campaign!

    The vets at the PDSA meeting a huge St Bernard and a tiny mongrel dog

    Clearing your closet and donating to Vet Your Clothes? Snap your trip to your nearest Poundstretcher and Pet Hut with #vetyourclothes and we can share it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

    Need to find your nearest store? Visit our website here!

    Clearing your closet and donating to Vet Your Clothes? Snap your trip to your nearest Pet Hut with #vetyourclothes and we can share it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – make sure you tag PDSA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too!

    Need to find your nearest store donation drop off point? Visit our website here!

  • Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    The red carpet was rolled out for us in Aylesford!

    It was wonderful to meet our local customers who came out in force with their families and friends to shop for some value bargains.

    We have new stores popping up nationwide to bring you all our fantastic offers.

    So we thought we’d show you what to expect from a Poundstretcher grand opening!

    Our NEW #Aylesford store is now OPEN!! #Poundstretcher #Saturyay

    A video posted by Poundstretcher (@poundstretcher) on

    Our Aylesford store celebrations kicked off early in the morning with the first 100 customers in line receiving £5 off their first Poundstretcher purchase.

    There was quite a buzz in the air as people waited outside after spotting our online event page and hearing our adverts on the radio!

    The mayor arrived for a ribbon cutting ceremony in his ceremonial bling to officially announce that the store was open.

    He had a lot of kind words to say, which you can hear on our fabulous Instagram account.

    The mayor of Maidstone has officially opened our brand new #Aylesford store!! #Poundstretcher

    A video posted by Poundstretcher (@poundstretcher) on

    There was plenty of fun for kids with free face painting by Aylesford resident and professional artist Charlotte Savage.

    Face painter Charlotte Savage at our Aylesford store


    She painted adorable designs like Hello Kitty, butterflies, floral designs, spiderman, and many more for FREE all day!

    Even Team Poundstretcher got involved and enjoyed a bit of glitter with matching flower designs while giving out party balloons!

    Two little girls in our Aylesford store with their faces painted

    Our best-selling magnetic fishing game proved to be a big hit with the little ones as they played to WIN fantastic prizes from our selection of kids’ toys.

    From colouring books and sweets to Star Wars activity sets and Disney’s Frozen lunch boxes, there was a prize for everyone to pick!

    Don’t worry, we didn’t leave out the grown-ups!

    We had a special tombola game where if you picked a winning ball out of our jar, a mystery prize would reveal itself!

    We loved seeing your faces light up when you were WINNING your Coffee Tables, Mason jars, Bistro Sets, and more.

    Some lucky Aylesford customers managed to WIN one of our biggest sellers and store favourite, the Jack & Jill Bench Set!!

    Our lucky winners from Aylesford

    A family winning a Jack & Jill Bench Set at our Aylesford store opening

    We love making a fuss of you all by giving you incredible value for money with our big brands at big discounts with bargain deals on all of your kitchen, home, food, and garden essentials.

    If you want to visit one of our fabulous store opening events, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

    We always post an event online to tell everyone about the dates we’ll be arriving in a town near you!

    Find your nearest Poundstretcher stores on our website here.

    Good luck to our Aylesford staff, welcome to the Poundstretcher family!

  • Your Guide To Kitten Care 101

    Your Guide To Kitten Care 101

    We all know that kittens are cute.

    Whether they’re a fluffy Persian or a hairless sphynx, the adorableness of a kitten is unrivalled.

    But how do you know a kitten is the right pet for you?

    Since we’re half way through ‘Adopt a Cat Month’, let’s give you the ultimate kitten care guide featuring the do’s, the don’ts, and the stuff that most people won’t tell you.

    1. Adopt, don’t shop.

    A ginger mama cat and her ginger kitten in blankets

    With the rise of the internet, a worrying amount of people are buying pets online without researching where they come from. Kittens are okay to leave mama cats from when they’re weaning at 8 – 10 weeks old. They need time with their siblings and mother to learn cat behaviour skills so any missed time with mum could result in long term problems for your kitten. Our friends at the PDSA recommend adopting a kitten from a shelter or buying from a friend or family member. Catteries check their kitten’s health and temperament to ensure that you get the best match for you while a friend/family member will be someone you trust who you know has looked after the kittens properly.  Surprisingly shelters have a high number of pedigree cat breeds, so if you’re looking for a specific breed, keep an eye out at your local cattery.

    1. Neuter your kitten.

    With so many kittens and cats in shelters needing a loving home, it’s vital we stop this overpopulation by neutering our pets. Cats can be neutered at 4 months old, it’s incredibly important that they’re recovered and healed before you let them outside. After all, do you really want an oops litter?

    1. You’ll envy their freedom to take long naps everywhere.

    A ginger kitten sleeping with his paws outstretched

    Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day so your kitten is going to be spending a lot of time in the land of nod. Some kittens will fall asleep on your knee for a cuddle. Be warned though: they will look as cute as a button so you’ll have permanent pins and needles because you don’t have the heart to move them. Kittens have a natural talent for sleeping in unusual places like the radiator, in the middle of the stairs, or on the kitchen counter. Just make sure you check the washing machine and bath before use otherwise kitty may have a rude awakening!

    1. But you also need to prepare for the crazy.

    Forget the crazy cat lady stereotype - cats are the real crazy ones! Your kitten will chase after non-existent objects, be fascinated with plastic carrier bags, hide behind steps to pounce on you, and generally exhibit baffling behaviour. Just think of this as entertainment that’s one of the perks of being a kitten owner.

    1. Keep up with vaccinations.

    It’s so important to vaccinate your kitten and keep up with their regular booster jabs. It’s good for your cat and your bank balance in the long run!

    1. Make some noise.

    A tabby cat yawning

    No, we don’t mean blast out the heavy metal for your kitten! One common mistake people make when they get a kitten is stopping all of life’s normal activities for fear of scaring their new addition. Get your cat used to everyday noises like the hoover, television, and the dishwasher instead of staying very quiet. For your kitten to grow up in to a well-adjusted cat, it’s vital that they socialise with the people coming and going from your home as well as getting used to life’s daily routines.

    1. Kittens need a lot of stuff.

    Even though cats have a reputation for being independent and aloof, kittens need a lot of  toys, accessories, and attention. Get your little fluffball toys that bring out their natural hunting instincts like fishing rod and ball toys. You’ll get to watch your kitten act like their ancestors and the difference is incredible. A choice of cat beds of varying textures is also great for when your kitten wants a well -earned snooze after all that playing and jumping.

    Make sure you have plenty of scratch posts that are sturdy enough for your cat to lean against to scratch their claws. If your scratch posts aren’t stable enough, you could end up with the common complaint amongst cat owners of their beloved pet sharpening their claws on the sofa!

    1. They’ll eat a lot…

    You’re already jealous of their nap opportunities so prepare to be green with envy because it’s recommended that kittens should eat 4 to 5 small meals a day! Kittens begin being weaned at approximately 8 weeks old when they can start to leave their mother. Cats are true carnivores so they must live on meat, a vegetarian diet would be incredibly dangerous for their wellbeing. When your kitten is 6 months old, it’s time to go to a standard two meals a day. Never feed them cow’s milk as this might give them a bit of tummy trouble, while treats should be monitored to avoid a podgy pussycat!

    1. You’ll be eager to let them outside…

    A tabby kitten looking longingly out of the windo

    Your kitten will reach the stage where they get cabin fever. They’ll look longingly out of the window while meowing and you’ll be counting down the days until their release. Kittens can explore the outside world after their first vaccinations are complete at 13 – 14 weeks old. It’s important that your cat is neutered and recovered from surgery before they start going out to ensure there aren’t any accidental pregnancies. Your kitten might feel excited, scared, or overwhelmed when exploring your back garden so it’s important to supervise them on their first outing. Make sure your garden is safe by covering ponds, checking for anything sharp, and avoid putting products on your lawn.

    1. But you’ll also worry about them going too far.

    Some cats don’t like to leave their territory, while others will venture far and wide. It can be scary for first time kitten owners when their beloved pet goes wandering away. Before you let your cat outside, get them microchipped and begin to practise recall with them indoors. Reward them with treats when they come back to you and repeat these steps on their first outing so they know it’s important to return when called. If you’re a nervous wreck at the thought of letting your cat outside, try calming your nerves by using a lead and harness on your kitten on their first outing? You’ll be able to supervise where your kitten goes, get them used to being in the garden, and if they’re rusty on their recall there’s little chance of them running off.

    A kitten holding a sign saying 'Adopt A Cat Month' in pink letters

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