• Bargain Buys Is Coming To Scunthorpe!

    We are excited to announce the official opening of a Bargain Buys store to the residents of Scunthorpe on Friday 1st November, offering massive savings and fantastic bargains with our Store Opening Day Only Specials!

    Opening on Ashby Retail Park (DN16 3UA), this store will be officially opened at 10am, and we'll have a special guest as Mr Agadoo, Dene Micheal himself, will have fantastic fun games and voucher giveaways!


    What are these Store Opening Day Only Specials we mentioned? Well, the first 5 customers in line can get their hands on a delightful Hyundai Black Curve Fireplace worth £229 for only £39.99.

    The next 5 can get a Faux Leather Double Bed worth £99.99 for just £14.99!

    The next 10 customers can grab a glass TV stand worth £49.99 for just £9.99.

    And finally, the next 175 after that can grab a washable rug worth £6.99 for just £3.99 with LOADS more offers too!

    We will be expecting huge queues for our amazing Opening Day Only Specials, with previous openings seeing customers queuing from the early hours of the morning.

    But remember, these fantastic savings can only be found on the day of the opening, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

    Make sure you don't miss out on these fantastic deals by heading to Bargain Buys, Ashby Retail Park, Lakeside Parkway, Scunthorpe, DN16 3UA!

  • How to stay warm during the cold season

    How to stay warm during the cold season

    With the darker nights slowly creeping back and the weather getting chillier, we thought we’d share our top tips on how to stay warm during the colder nights.

    1. Grab a coat! Mums don’t nag for a reason and they are always right in the end! Make sure you put on a thick warm coat to keep you warm.

    gif of maggie from the Simpsons, wearing a orange coat shaped as a star

    2. Most of your heat escapes from your head, so make sure you always have a hat on and keep that warmth in. Your ears will appreciate it too!

    snowman outside with a hat, scarf, and gloves on- gif

    3. Don’t forget about your feet. Thick socks are a must when it’s cold! We have a great collection of cosy boots, snuggle socks and cosy toes that will be perfect for inside the house to keep your feet snuggly and toasty.

    heart printed fluffy slippers and pink tarten slippers

    4. Save money on your energy bill and pick up one of our hot water bottles that will give you instant heat without breaking the bank!

    picture of a pink piggy bank with gold coins being put in

    5. Warm drinks are always a good way to keep you snug and grab one of our flasks and you can keep warm on the go.

    picture of four different patterned flasks

    6. As well as warm drinks, hot food is a great way to keep toasty as well! Stock up on porridge, stews and soup.

    picture of four different types of baxters soup

    7. Layer up! Put on as many layers as you can to keep all the warmth wrapped in. Winter is the season where comfort wins over style!

    gif of joey from friends, wearing ;loads of layers of clothing

    Share your tips with us on how you keep warm during the chilly season by tweeting us @Poundstretcher1. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and keep up to date with our daily posts on Instagram. Visit our website to see our big brands at big discounts now!

  • Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    The red carpet was rolled out for us in Aylesford!

    It was wonderful to meet our local customers who came out in force with their families and friends to shop for some value bargains.

    We have new stores popping up nationwide to bring you all our fantastic offers.

    So we thought we’d show you what to expect from a Poundstretcher grand opening!

    Our NEW #Aylesford store is now OPEN!! #Poundstretcher #Saturyay

    A video posted by Poundstretcher (@poundstretcher) on

    Our Aylesford store celebrations kicked off early in the morning with the first 100 customers in line receiving £5 off their first Poundstretcher purchase.

    There was quite a buzz in the air as people waited outside after spotting our online event page and hearing our adverts on the radio!

    The mayor arrived for a ribbon cutting ceremony in his ceremonial bling to officially announce that the store was open.

    He had a lot of kind words to say, which you can hear on our fabulous Instagram account.

    The mayor of Maidstone has officially opened our brand new #Aylesford store!! #Poundstretcher

    A video posted by Poundstretcher (@poundstretcher) on

    There was plenty of fun for kids with free face painting by Aylesford resident and professional artist Charlotte Savage.

    Face painter Charlotte Savage at our Aylesford store


    She painted adorable designs like Hello Kitty, butterflies, floral designs, spiderman, and many more for FREE all day!

    Even Team Poundstretcher got involved and enjoyed a bit of glitter with matching flower designs while giving out party balloons!

    Two little girls in our Aylesford store with their faces painted

    Our best-selling magnetic fishing game proved to be a big hit with the little ones as they played to WIN fantastic prizes from our selection of kids’ toys.

    From colouring books and sweets to Star Wars activity sets and Disney’s Frozen lunch boxes, there was a prize for everyone to pick!

    Don’t worry, we didn’t leave out the grown-ups!

    We had a special tombola game where if you picked a winning ball out of our jar, a mystery prize would reveal itself!

    We loved seeing your faces light up when you were WINNING your Coffee Tables, Mason jars, Bistro Sets, and more.

    Some lucky Aylesford customers managed to WIN one of our biggest sellers and store favourite, the Jack & Jill Bench Set!!

    Our lucky winners from Aylesford

    A family winning a Jack & Jill Bench Set at our Aylesford store opening

    We love making a fuss of you all by giving you incredible value for money with our big brands at big discounts with bargain deals on all of your kitchen, home, food, and garden essentials.

    If you want to visit one of our fabulous store opening events, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

    We always post an event online to tell everyone about the dates we’ll be arriving in a town near you!

    Find your nearest Poundstretcher stores on our website here.

    Good luck to our Aylesford staff, welcome to the Poundstretcher family!

  • The Ultimate Guide To Summer Skin Care

    The Ultimate Guide To Summer Skin Care

    Summer is right around the corner and things are heating up!
    We don’t mean to throw some major shade on your Summer fun but we need to talk about skin care.

    It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, whether it’s dry or oily, and if you have freckles or moles.

    Sun damage does not discriminate.

    It can affect anyone which means it’s really important that we show our skin some TLC during the warmer seasons!

    So let’s bust some myths about Summer skin care:

    Myth 1: The sun clears acne and makes me appear youthful.
    Answer: FALSE
    This is the ultimate myth that gets passed down as ‘good’ advice! While the sun may help reduce bacteria in your skin, it will cause more breakouts by drying out your skin which stimulates your natural oils in to overdrive. The main reason people think their skin looks better after they've been in the sun is because their tan is covering up any small red blemishes and scarring. That’s why people notice their acne seemingly ‘returning’ a couple of weeks after a beach holiday!

    Myth 2: I have darker skin so I can stay out in the sun for much longer.
    A pretty woman in the sun looking in the distance

    Answer: Sort of TRUE but mostly FALSE
    Darker skin does have a little more resistance to UVA/UVB rays, however this doesn't mean you can go out sunbathing sans sunscreen! Although skin cancer is uncommon for people with darker skin, it can actually be a more aggressive form if it attacks. At least an SPF 15 sun lotion is advised and you still need to keep your sun bathing time limited. People with fairer skin are incredibly vulnerable to sun damage, which is why if you have blonde or ginger hair you turn lobster red very quickly on the beach! This is because fairer skin contains less melanin, the stuff in our bodies that helps counteract the sun’s rays, than darker skin.

    Myth 3: I don’t need sunscreen because I’m trying to top up my vitamin D.
    Answer: FALSE
    Vitamin D deficiency may be on the rise but that doesn't mean you can ditch the sunscreen for the D! To top up your vitamin D levels, you only need about 10 – 15 minutes outside in the sun.

    Myth 4: If I wear fake tan, it will protect me from sun damage.
    Answer: Definitely FALSE
    Fake tanning sprays and gels are completely different to sunscreen but unfortunately this is one myth that won’t stop resurfacing. Even if you’re wearing fake tan, you still need to apply your protective high SPF sunscreen and after sun lotion.

    Myth 5: I don’t need to reapply my sunscreen after I've been in the pool.
    A group of friends smiling in a pool on a sunny day

    Answer: FALSE
    A dip in the pool may cool you off but it also washes away your sunscreen! Wait a few minutes for your fresh SPF coat to soak in to your skin and don’t forget to reapply as soon as you’re out of the pool!

    Myth 6: When it’s cloudy I do not need to wear sunscreen.
    Answer: FALSE
    It’s a hot day and despite the sun hiding behind those fluffy white clouds, you still need to wear your sunscreen. Your skin still become damaged and burnt from the UVA and UVB rays poking through the cloudy sky. 

    Myth 7: My hair protects my scalp from being burned.
    A boy holding some sun lotion with a sun cream moustache on his face while wearing a straw hat

    Answer: FALSE
    Sadly your hair holds no protection against the sun and if you leave your hat at home you’re in danger of enduring painful sun burn on your head! Luckily you can get non-greasy sun lotions to protect your scalp, which is a saviour for those who have receding hair or a bald head. Keep those bald patches beautiful with a quick spray of sunscreen formulated especially for this sensitive area.

    Myth 8: Getting a tan from sun bathing is healthy.
    Answer: FALSE
    Despite the phrase ‘a healthy tan’, getting a tan from sun bathing is actually a sign that you've damaged your body! The sun’s rays travel deep in to the layers of your skin gradually burning you. When we sunbathe our skin is triggered in to producing a chemical called melanin which helps protect your skin from frying too much. The melanin makes your skin appear golden and tanned, so when you see your skin start to glow it’s your body’s way of telling you to turn down the heat!

    Myth 9: My child doesn't need a high SPF because their young skin is stronger.
    A little girl smiling wearing sunglasses and swim wear on the beach getting sun lotion applied by her parent

    Answer: FALSE
    Children’s skin is actually more sensitive than a fully grown adult’s which is why kid’s sunscreen is usually an extremely high SPF. The younger you are when you start exposing your skin to the sun, the quicker your skin will prematurely age and become damaged, further increasing the risk of skin cancer. Make sure your little ones have hats, plenty of sun screen and regular breaks in the shade.

    Myth 10: I don’t have sunburn so I don’t need after sun lotion.
    Answer: FALSE
    After all that time in the sun, your skin will be dry and need rehydrating. It’s important because it helps keep your skin healthy and will aid your body in recovering quicker from sun damage - even if you’re not at the boiled lobster phase of burning!

    A woman's back with a smiley face painted on in sun lotion

    Thinking of going on that Summer holiday you've always dreamed of? Well before you hit the beach, check out our fantastic competition to win the ultimate vacation hamper!! Visit our Facebook and Twitter for details on how to enter!

    Whether you're home or away this Summer, don't forget to stock up on your sunscreen and after sun lotions. We have a fabulous cheap and affordable sun care range waiting for you now! Find your nearest store on our website here.

  • Thank you for our most successful Christmas ever!

    The team at Poundstretcher would like to thank our fantastic customers for our “most successful Christmas ever!”!


    We recently saw sales jump 10% in the five weeks to 30 December, with over 7 million shoppers visiting our stores over the festive season.

    Ian York, Poundstretcher’s managing director said “We presented products in store a lot better than in previous years and we are bringing in extra footfall with our food and toiletries offering. We've got smashing offers that drive people into stores and then we pick up incremental sales.”

    Our popular Christmas ranges included everything from family biscuits to Christmas trees and lights, as well as a huge selection of stocking fillers and children’s toys at budget prices, which where extremely popular with our customers.

    With 9 new stores also opening on the run up to Christmas, the Poundstretcher brand has now expanded to 409 stores across the UK, with a further 90 stores set to open nationwide within the next 18 months.

    We’re looking forward to further success in 2015 and thanks again to all our customers for their support!

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