Gift Ideas

  • Five Reasons To Buy Poundstretchers' Christmas Bags

    Five Reasons To Buy Poundstretchers' Christmas Bags

    You’ve finished your Christmas shopping and now it’s the tedious task of having to wrap all the presents.

    BUT once they’re wrapped, you need to find somewhere to store them.

    Never fear, Poundstretcher are here to save your Christmas! With our selection of Christmas Bags, you’ll save time and money this year!

    1. Save time this year, instead of wrapping your gifts use our Christmas gift bags! With many designs to choose from at an affordable price you’ll be spoilt for choice! Leave the wrapping nightmare in the past and feel refreshed with your new gift giving way!

    range of fun christmas bags

    1. Our Christmas bags come in all shapes and sizes, so you have plenty of room to fit all your gifts for the family in! We have Christmas bags big enough to fit in the largest of toys to the smallest of gift sets!

    Christmas gift bags

    1. Save the hassle of carrying individual presents around to your friends and family and place them in on our Santa sacks that will make it easier transporting them and is also a fun way of giving presents to your loved ones.
    1. Keep the Christmas Tree clutter free by using our Santa Sacks to keep all the presents altogether. When it comes to Christmas morning, the kids will be able to spot their bag straight away causing less chaos when finding their presents!
    1. Our Santa bags are also a fun way to show that Father Christmas has visited the house, if you plan on hiding the presents until Christmas morning! With different designs to choose from, Santa will be very happy with his little helpers this Christmas!

    Assorted Christmas locations

    Show us how you like to keep your presents on Instagram and @Poundstretcher! You can also let us know on our Facebook and Twitter accounts! Visit our website to view our full range of Christmas goods!  

  • Get Christmas Ready With 2 For £15 Toys!

    Get Christmas Ready With 2 For £15 Toys!

    The most wonderful time of the year is almost here!

    It may only be October but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get started on your big Christmas shop.

    So why not start with the people who look forward to Christmas the most: the kids! There’s no better way to get started on their Christmas list than our fabulous offers on toys this month: 2 FOR £15!!

    Here’s our top 4 toy picks in our 2 For £15 range for you to grant the little ones Christmas wishes!

    1. Remote Control Monster Rally Car (£9.99)

    Remote Control Rally Car Toy

    A nifty little gadget for the kid that’s crazy about cars, it’ll give them hours of fun as their little hands finally get to grips with a set of wheels! With the pliable joysticks on the remote, they’ll be able to weave their Rally cars around obstacles and be able to reverse out of those tight parking spaces. While just one of these is an affordable £9.99, why not take advantage of our 2 For £15 toys offer and get another Monster Rally Car so they have an opponent to race? Despite this being a toy for kids, Team Poundstretcher can definitely see the adults battling it out in their very own remote control drag race at home with these. Go on granny, show the kids how it’s done!


    1. Super Duper Doggies Tree House Play Set (£7.99)

    Super Duper Doggies Toy

    A great present if your little darling asks for a dog while doing their best puppy dog eyes! Suitable for ages 18 months and over, with our Super Duper Doggies Tree House Play Set your tot can enjoy these adorable dog figurines that are easy for them to hold and grip. With figures of some of the UK’s most popular dog breeds including husky, basset hound, and bull dog included, their little imagination can go barking! The tree house is easy to assemble and comes complete with a sweet play mat too! Perfect for creative kids who love animals!

    1. Remote Control Spider (£7.99)

    Remote Control Spider Toy

    If you’re scared of spiders then you probably want to scroll by this section of our 2 For £15 toys! Our Remote Control Spider certainly gave our team the heebie jeebies so if you have a little prankster in the family then this is the perfect gift for them! It has a realistic crawling motion, scary glowing eyes, and is fuzzy enough to appear like a tarantula – so it’s perfect for bringing a bit of Halloween spirit to the Christmas festivities!

    1. Baby Ella My First Words (£7.99)

    Baby Ella Toy Dol

    One of our best-selling toys, Baby Ella My First Words is an adorable interactive experience for kids who love playing pretend house games. Baby Ella giggles and has 16 different sounds that she says when her belly is pressed. She’s a lovely little addition to the toy box family and will keep the kids entertained!

    So why not find your nearest Poundstretcher and start getting those stocking fillers ready for Christmas? With our 2 For £15 Toys range, you’re sure to find tons of toys for tots, kids, and tweens for a merry Christmas!

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  • Sneak Peek: Booties, Socks, and Bedding!

    Sneak Peek: Booties, Socks, and Bedding!

    September is here which means it’ll soon be time for pumpkin spiced lattes, wool hats, and scarves!

    Okay, we know it’s still roasting here but it’s never too early to start shopping for some Autumn/Winter bargains!

    So here’s some of our up and coming faves you’re sure to love when they arrive in store soon:

    1. Diaries

    Four Poundstretcher diaries featuring various designs

    Now that the new academic term has begun, you might want to top up your stationery,  start organising study groups and important dates with a diary. After all, trying to juggle work deadlines and your social life can be tricky! We have some cute designs that both students and teachers will love for their new term at university. From pretty in pink butterflies to cute adorable dogs, there’s a diary design for everyone’s tastes! Not only are they stylish, they’re super cheap too with prices starting from 79p!

       2. Snuggle Socks

    Poundstretcher red festive Christmas socks and Winter snuggly snowmen socks

    Perfect for a duvet day when it’s cold and rainy outside, these snuggle socks are set to fly off the shelves this Christmas! Irresistibly snuggly and soft, these fluffy feet warming socks will have you feeling all cosy and Christmassy in no time at all. They make a great stocking filler for loved ones and are brilliant if you’re trying to save on heating bills, so not only are they cheap but they keep you saving at home too!

    1. Bootie Slippers

    Following on from our fantastic range of socks, these are perfect for when it’s chilly outside and you’re completing your household chores. Our fabulous range of affordable bootie slippers will keep your feet warm while you potter about. From festive jolly red and Scottish tartan to classic understated grey, you can match these to your PJs and even your snuggle socks!

    1. Vinegar/Oil Drizzlers

    Oil and vinegar drizzlers

    Calling all wannabe chefs! Perfect your dishes with the finishing touches with these Oil and Vinegar Drizzlers! A classy piece of tablewear that will make your dinner party worthy enough to star in ‘Come Dine With Me’, they’ll give you a generous helping to add a little flavour to your meal. And from just £1 each, they’re a bargain that is not to be missed!!

    1. Vintage Bed Spread

    Poundstretcher floral retro duvets on two double beds

    If you’re heading off to uni or simply just wanting to spruce up your bedroom, we’ve got some fantastic vintage bed spreads for you! From retro pink and patchwork to duck egg blue with fabulous floral prints, you’ll definitely find the right style for your boudoir. Available in double and king size, starting from £7.99!

    Want to join the bargain hunt? Visit our website to find your nearest store now!

    Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date with exclusive cheap offers and sneak peeks!

  • Weekly Sneak Peek: Coming Soon!!

    Weekly Sneak Peek: Coming Soon!!

    Want us to tell you a money saving secret?

    We love letting you have a little sneaky peek at the amazing value products we’ve got coming in to a Poundstretcher near you!

    Since we’re getting the last gasp of a heatwave while everyone is gearing up for the school rush, uni fresher fever (and flu), and how to prep the garden for the big chill, we thought we could focus on getting you through the colder seasons.

    Yes, that’s right! Autumn is coming! Bring on plaid, pretty leaves, and pumpkin spice everything.

    A park bench surrounded by Autumn leaves

    So what have we got coming up next season?

    Well we have some brilliant bedding, chic quilts, and beautiful bulbs ready to be planted!

    1. Beautiful Bed Covers
    Floral and hummingbird printed bedding

    Whether you’re heading off to university or just simply looking to give your bedding a bit of a makeover, you’ll love having a duvet day wrapped up in one of these beauties!

    If you’re looking to give your bedroom a bit of a romantic vintage style, our Floral Bedding is a lovely duvet set!

    Or maybe you’re looking for a quirkier print? Well you better get these quick because they will be flying off the shelves!

    Adorned with a delightfully bright exotic bird print, our Hummingbird Duvet Set will certainly light up your room with a fresh new look amongst the grey British weather.
    Available in both double (£7.99) and king-size (£9.99), these retro rustic patterns appear luxurious yet it’s at a cheap affordable price that will make your bedding look super chic.

    2. Boston Quilts
    Essential Sleep Bedding Range's Boston Quilt
    The iconic British bedding is here! Made by ‘The Essential Sleep Range’, this is a bedding staple that will complement your Hummingbird Duvet Set rather nicely!
    Available single, double, and king sizes,  it’s non-allergenic and made with soft synthetic materials so you won't have to worry about anything triggering your allergies!
    Our cosy, cuddly, and breathable 10.5 tog Boston Quilts will definitely beat the uni student bedding that halls might give you!

    3. Winter Bulbs
    Winter Snowdrop Flowers In A Field

    Winter is coming… okay so we have to get through Autumn first but I couldn’t resist a Game Of Thrones reference! We’ve got some bloomin’ beauties ready to get your garden growing during the colder seasons! Your garden will look like a Winter wonderland with our fabulous snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, and more! With prices starting as low as £1, these seeds definitely won’t cost the earth!

    Love our sneak peeks? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get more exclusive cheeky peeks at our offers coming soon!

    Keep up to date with our incredible bargains by finding your nearest store online here

  • Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    The red carpet was rolled out for us in Aylesford!

    It was wonderful to meet our local customers who came out in force with their families and friends to shop for some value bargains.

    We have new stores popping up nationwide to bring you all our fantastic offers.

    So we thought we’d show you what to expect from a Poundstretcher grand opening!

    Our NEW #Aylesford store is now OPEN!! #Poundstretcher #Saturyay

    A video posted by Poundstretcher (@poundstretcher) on

    Our Aylesford store celebrations kicked off early in the morning with the first 100 customers in line receiving £5 off their first Poundstretcher purchase.

    There was quite a buzz in the air as people waited outside after spotting our online event page and hearing our adverts on the radio!

    The mayor arrived for a ribbon cutting ceremony in his ceremonial bling to officially announce that the store was open.

    He had a lot of kind words to say, which you can hear on our fabulous Instagram account.

    The mayor of Maidstone has officially opened our brand new #Aylesford store!! #Poundstretcher

    A video posted by Poundstretcher (@poundstretcher) on

    There was plenty of fun for kids with free face painting by Aylesford resident and professional artist Charlotte Savage.

    Face painter Charlotte Savage at our Aylesford store


    She painted adorable designs like Hello Kitty, butterflies, floral designs, spiderman, and many more for FREE all day!

    Even Team Poundstretcher got involved and enjoyed a bit of glitter with matching flower designs while giving out party balloons!

    Two little girls in our Aylesford store with their faces painted

    Our best-selling magnetic fishing game proved to be a big hit with the little ones as they played to WIN fantastic prizes from our selection of kids’ toys.

    From colouring books and sweets to Star Wars activity sets and Disney’s Frozen lunch boxes, there was a prize for everyone to pick!

    Don’t worry, we didn’t leave out the grown-ups!

    We had a special tombola game where if you picked a winning ball out of our jar, a mystery prize would reveal itself!

    We loved seeing your faces light up when you were WINNING your Coffee Tables, Mason jars, Bistro Sets, and more.

    Some lucky Aylesford customers managed to WIN one of our biggest sellers and store favourite, the Jack & Jill Bench Set!!

    Our lucky winners from Aylesford

    A family winning a Jack & Jill Bench Set at our Aylesford store opening

    We love making a fuss of you all by giving you incredible value for money with our big brands at big discounts with bargain deals on all of your kitchen, home, food, and garden essentials.

    If you want to visit one of our fabulous store opening events, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

    We always post an event online to tell everyone about the dates we’ll be arriving in a town near you!

    Find your nearest Poundstretcher stores on our website here.

    Good luck to our Aylesford staff, welcome to the Poundstretcher family!

  • 12 Reasons Why We Love Dad

    12 Reasons Why We Love Dad

    Dads are a rare breed.

    They manage to be so embarrassingly uncool when they hit peak dad that they somehow end up turning it all round to being cool again.

    As the great saying goes, ‘Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad’

    So with Father’s Day coming up on June 19th, let’s celebrate dads in all their weird, wonderful dad-ness!

    We thought we’d go full David Attenborough with 10 reasons why dads are the coolest, strangest, and nerdiest creatures you know:

    1. The dad can often be found in his natural habitat, otherwise known as the living room or ‘the man cave’.

    There he sits scratching, grunting, and shouting at Jenson Button on the Formula One racing. His territory is hard to miss thanks to the derrière print engraved within the sofa. Despite being possessive over his territory, the dad is a sociable creature willing to accept cuddles and food from passers-by. As long as they don't step in front of the TV.

    1. They’re infamous for their really, really bad dancing.

    A father dancing with his son in a colourful neighbourhood

    No matter how hard the dad tries to choreograph his moves, as soon as their first-born arrives all hand eye co-ordination disappears and they are reduced to the flailing mess that is ‘dad dancing’. This phenomenon is unexplainable despite scientists’ efforts to find a cause and cure. Until then, we must carry on humouring their attempts to be ‘down with the kids’ and keep trying to teach them the Macarena.

    1. Dads are notoriously easy to buy presents for.

    Any kind of shower gel, shaving equipment, and toiletries are an essential part of a father’s day package. Despite his love of grooming, the dad never buys his own products and relies on donations from offspring. When the dad isn't in the man cave, he’s in the car so of course he wants it to be filled with fresh décor, accessories and the latest gadgets…

    1. But despite their passion for technology, they never quite master gadgets.

    Mainly because they throw the instructions in the bin along with the spare chargers.

    1. The same goes for trends. 

    A father and daughter taking a selfie

    The dad will attempt to imitate their young by participating in ‘selfies’ and trying to use ‘on fleek’ correctly. Instead they end up videoing themselves moaning about the camera’s selfie mode not working and saying everything is ‘up freak’. They post their ‘#ThrowbackThursdays’ of their flare-wearing-flower-child-hey-day on Wednesdays and think that Yoko Ono is their new BFF because they follow each other on Twitter. Let the dad think he is cool, just don’t tell him that Yoko Ono automatically follows everyone on Twitter.

    1. Their mortal enemy is the sat nav…

    Which would work if they bothered to update it and keep the instructions. To everyone else, they’re a middle aged man shouting at a tiny box. To the dad, they’re on the front line of an epic battle between man and machine that prevents robots from taking over the universe. Their battle cries are heard for miles yet cannot be repeated due to their explicit nature.

    1. Dads are always bad influences in the best possible way. 

    Father and daughter pulling silly faces

    They’ll let their young stay up until dawn, drinking Coca-cola and eating too many sweets then leaving them in the care of their mate, the mum. This often results in the usually calm mum species becoming enraged. A sociable creature like the dad, they gather at the local watering hole with other mums to vent their frustrations and consume vast quantities of grown-up drinks.

    1. They’re terrifying when angry… but not as scary as mums.

    If there’s one thing the dad fears most, it’s the angry mum. Upon first sight, they dad returns to their territory – the sofa - for the evening until it is safe to venture out in to the world. This is usually at dinner time.

    1. When they reach a certain age, the socks-and-sandals-combo becomes their uniform.

    Much to the embarrassment of the rest of the family.

    1. They always do the jobs no one else wants to do.

    Mowing the lawn, getting rid of spiders, unclogging the pipes, climbing on the roof to clear the gutters… any gardening and outdoor jobs that requires dirt and creepy crawlies is the dad’s speciality.

    1. A dad’s secret weapon is usually called mum.

    Because everyone knows that it’s mum who does the birthday and Christmas shopping. This is why the dad always looks so surprised when the kids open their presents. Despite the tag saying they’re from ‘mum + dad’ we all know he has no clue what each gift will be!

    1. They’re secretly really, really generous. 

    Two fathers holding their daughter's hand

    The dad is a weird species who puts on a tough front in public but is a total sweetheart deep down. They’ll hold their eldest’s hair back when they’ve accidentally-on-purpose drank too much on a night out, while telling them off for being irresponsible. They’ll always go downstairs and make their youngest a cup of tea… even when they ask for it at 3am. Most importantly they’ll endure endless viewings of ‘Frozen’ and they’ll totally crank up the volume when ‘Let It Go’ plays in the car. They’ll dress as a princess despite what the other dads might say and will end up chauffeuring the family to every concert pilgrimage. The dad will complain throughout these acts of kindness yet secretly, they enjoy every minute.

    kids on the beach with a 'we heart dad sign'

    Want to get your dad something special for father’s day? Find your nearest store here for amazing offers and low prices on quality food, toiletries, car accessories, gardening and more!

    Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to tell us why your father is truly the daddy and let us know about those embarrassing times they went peak dad.

  • The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

    The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

    It’s almost a month until it’s officially Summer time and you know what that means.

    Yes, it’s music festival season!

    Like any good festival goer you’re likely to be thinking ahead about what to stuff in to your rucksack, which musical guitar gods you simply must see, and who will be the designated driver on this 4 hour pilgrimage to mud, music, and mayhem.

    Or maybe you’re a first timer dipping your wellies in to the world of face-melting guitar riffs, mosh pits, glow sticks, and porta potties hosting their own tiny civilisations.

    It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when  you’re camped out in the middle of nowhere with thousands of hardcore music fans all trying to elbow their way to the main stage front row.

    So we figured we’d give you some hints and tips on how to survive a music festival for both seasoned pros and newbies!

    1. Travel light

    Two women showing their festival fashion off while cheering in the crowd

    People come from far and wide to festivals across the UK. So chances are you’re one of those people who will have quite a trek to make. You need enough room in the car for your friends and you don’t want to be lugging everything else including the kitchen sink across a field! Make your outfit versatile. For the ladies a pair of leggings or denim shorts and interchangeable tops is a fab lightweight option that’s comfy and easy to carry. Lads, a pair of shorts and a graphic printed tee will keep you cool in the heat while a button up shirt can go over this combo if you need an extra layer. The perfect accessory for both men and women for a festival? The humble hoody! Save space and ditch your pillow in favour of putting your clothes inside its case!

    1. Bring snacks 

    A group of young people eating thieir meals at a music festival

    Festival food is expensive and we’re on a budget here! So stock up on snacks for being on the go like cereal bars and crisps to keep your strength up when you’re playing air guitar in the mud pit! Keep drinks like Capri-Sun handy for a juice fix and Coca-Cola for when you need a sugar boost mid way through the festival excitement.

    1. Set your soundtrack

    Create a playlist for the journey of the bands that are playing throughout the weekend. There’s bound to be some you’re not familiar with and you might just find a new festival favourite from your mix tape!

    1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

    The worst thing you can do at a festival is not drink water. Alcohol dehydrates you quickly and you can’t spend the entire weekend living on sugary drinks. Hydrating is a must and a good bottle of water will keep you energised for longer so you can elbow your way to the main stage!

    1. Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen

    Trust me on the sunscreen. Even if it looks a bit cloudy, you’re going to be exposed to UV rays for roughly 72 hours or more. Pack a strong SPF sun lotion and after sun to avoid looking like a boiled lobster with dodgy tan lines!

    1. Baby wipes

    Say hello to your festival BFF! You’re going to have no access to a proper shower for the weekend which means wet wipes are like currency at a festival. Say goodbye to panda eyes, makeup and mud!

    1. Make a plan 

    A group of friends dancing at a music festival

    Festivals are HUGE. Getting lost is incredibly easy so always plan a checkpoint for you all to head to if you get separated. The phone charging tent will be too rammed and you might not have a signal or a travel phone charger so chances are your phone will run out of power. It’s time to go back to the era before mobile phones ladies and gentlemen, let’s get through this as smoothly as possible.

    1. Most importantly, bring a sense of humour!

    You’re going to be in a field with your mates and thousands of strangers so you’re going to see some amazing fancy dress (there’s always a Where’s Wally group), epic mud slides, hilarious dancing and some incredible bands rocking out! Festivals are fun, tiring and kind of tough but your group will make it through together!

    A group of friends chasing bubbles at a music festival

    Want to scrub up well after your festival fun? Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to enter our luxury hamper giveaway! It’s filled with al your favourite smellies like body wash, shower gel, shampoos and more!

    Want to top up your festival kit? You can find your nearest Poundstretcher here!

  • Get Creative For National Stationery Week!

    Get Creative For National Stationery Week!

    Happy National Stationery Week!

    There’s nothing better than the smell of a new notebook and a freshly sharpened pencil poised ready to write your hopes, dreams, a best-selling novel, or your weekly shopping list!

    And despite the rise of the digital age, writing and drawing the old fashioned way will never be erased.

    So if you’re starting a new job or sending the kids back to school, university or college, be sure to fill your pencil case without writing off your finances.

    To celebrate National Stationery Week (25th April - 1st May), here’s some inspiration for your doodles and diaries:

    Track your travels…

    We have a fantastic value range of stationery at Poundstretcher from diaries, address books, notebooks, and more!

    Forget social media like Instagram and Facebook (well not ours, of course).

    Documenting your holiday doesn’t need to be always digital. Grab a disposable camera or polaroid and start snapping away on your holiday. You’ll get to relive the glory days of waiting for the surprise of how your shots turned out and it’s a great way to teach the kids about life before Y2K! Choose your colour scheme for your stationary with a notebook and pens that’ll complement each other.  You can do the standard old fashioned photo album where you write names, ages and the year underneath the pictures or maybe you want to caption them and tell a story.

    Make it me, me, me…

    Our stationery range includes diaries, colouring books. pens, pencils and all their school essentials

    … with a diary!

    It can be your teen’s best friend, the keeper of the secrets, and it helps us unleash our inner Bridget Jones when we’re sat at home on a Friday night eating our body weight in pizza (not that any of us do that here…).  Journals are an excellent for releasing the emotions that you probably don’t feel comfortable expressing with anyone else. It can be a wonderful way to get to know who you are and to help you reflect on how you felt while writing. Plus it means you can have an excuse to buy different coloured pens and pencils so get some stationary to start filling in that blank page!

    Life in art… 

    Keep the kids occupied with our fantastic budget stationery sets including Disney and more big names!

    Looking for a unique way to document the little ones growing up? Grab  notebooks, pens, and pencils and label each page with each year up until your child is 12. Then ask them to doodle whatever they want annually. As each year passes, the drawings in the book will change and you’ll be able to witness your mini Van Gogh’s life unfold in art through their ages.

    Have a wonderful week celebrating all things creative during National Stationery Week 2016!

    We have some sensational offers on stationery at a discount price that you’re sure to love! Why not pick up your must-have pens, pencils, and notebooks from your local Poundstretcher? Find your local store here and come visit us during National Stationery Week!

  • 10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Pet

    10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Pet

    Let’s face it we need no reason to celebrate our favourite four legged friends. They greet us when we come home from work as if we’ve won an Oscar every day, they give the best cuddles, and they hardly ever judge us when we’re going for that extra slice of pizza.
    Okay, so maybe they sometimes judge us silently but that’s only because we’re not giving it to them!

    We’re a nation fascinated with our pet BFFs and furry family members. So in honour of National Pet Month, here are 10 signs you’re obsessed with your pet:

    1. You’re sad that you can’t share the joy of chocolate with your dog because it’s poisonous for them. So you buy them doggy treats and eat double the amount of chocolate just to narrate to them how amazing it is. After all, sharing is caring.
      This dog has a muffin on his head.
    2. You want matching jackets… with your names on. In fact you just want to permanently wear the same outfits because it’s seriously too cute to handle despite being a bit weird. You’ve probably shopped in the baby and toddler section of stores to look for the perfect outfit for best. It’s a bit difficult trying to explain to the sales assistant why your daughter has a tail though…
      Cat with a top hat and suit.
    3. You tell your kids the pets are their siblings. This has probably led to some very awkward chats with their teachers at parents’ evening.
      Pets are family so treat them to something special from Poundstretcher
    4. Even though your house is covered in pet beds, you still let them have yours. Even though your house is covered in pet beds, you still let them have yours. Forget your significant other, they’re clinging to the edge of the bed while you and your beloved pet are stretched out. Your fur baby is your little spoon and permanent hot water bottle, it’s a bond no one can break!Cheap dog beds available from Poundstretcher now
    5. Despite being scared, you put up with their mad moments. We’ve all been there, curled up foetal style on the sofa as the dog runs up and down post-bath or watching the cat chasing nothing but the fairies in their mind. Why do they do this? Nobody knows.
    6. You make a heart sign with your hands while mouthing ‘I love you’ when they watch you leave for work. Your biggest dream in life is for them to understand that you’ll be home in time for tea and trashy soaps at 5.30pm.
    7. Your Facebook wall is full of status updates about your pet… and you know the only ones liking those are your mum and other people who are as obsessed with their animals.
    8. In fact they do have an Instagram page. While you’re not a pushy stage parent, you’re quite eager for them to get more followers than Grumpy Cat so you can quit your day job. Look out Kris Jenner, there’s a new momager in town!!
      Dogs taking selfies? Wow!
    9. When it’s time for a vet visit, you bond with the other pet parents in the waiting room. They’re the only ones who understand your plight. Plus you recognised them as one of your pet’s Instagram followers so you must greet the public.
      Keep your pet healthy with supplies from the Pet Hut
    10. Your pet is just as obsessed with you too. They watch you sleep, eat, talk on the phone, leave the house… they even watch you watching TV! You know it’s strange. They know it’s bizarre. Neither of you care because you’re happy!Pets are family. Buy your family wonderful toys, food, and accessories from Poundstretcher now.

    To celebrate National Pet Month, check out our fantastic pet products from Poundstretcher and The Pet Hut. 

  • 14 Signs You're A Chocoholic

    14 Signs You're A Chocoholic

    During Easter we’re all bound to indulge in our favourite sweet treats. But for some it’s a gateway to a whole new league of chocolate crazy.

    For the chocoholics of the world, it can be hard to admit to your cravings for that sweet nectar from the Nestle and Cadbury gods. So here are 14 signs to help you work out if you’re simply a connoisseur of the cocoa or a full blown choco-addict:

    1. You think about it every waking minute morning, noon, and night. You probably even dream about a land composed solely of chocolate.
      You can buy top quality chocolates at cheap prices
    2. You may have been caught by your significant other raiding your rather large chocolate stash at 4am.
      Chocolate is sweet, good for your health... and addictive.
    3. A holiday doesn’t just mean a new adventure. It’s a journey in to an odyssey of new cocoa infused goodness.
      Stock up for Easter at a great value with Poundstretcher
    4. Your favourite leisure activity is throwing Maltesers in the air while shouting, “Make it rain!”
      Maltesers are perfect for Easter
    5. Who’s your best friend? This giant chunk of chocolate, that’s who.
      Buy great value food from Poundstretcher
    6. If someone says they don’t like chocolate you suddenly develop deep trust issues about your relationship.
      If someone doesn't like chocolate you become suspicious
    7. When you have a break, you don’t just have a Kit Kat…
      Buy your favourite confectionery from Poundstretcher
    8. When someone mentions the milky way or ‘A galaxy far, far away…’, you don’t think about space or Yoda.
      Chocolate stars are the ultimate treat
    9. How do you eat your Cadbury Crème Egg? You annihilate it.
      Buy Cadbury Creme Eggs from Poundstretcher at great value
    10. Had a bad day? Get that emergency bar of the extra rich 99.9% dark chocolate because it’s bitter... like your soul.
      Chocolate solves everything. Enjoy your favourites from your local Poundstretcher now
    11. Had a good day? Get ALL THE CHOCOLATE and celebrate.
      Check out our wonderful range of chocolate at Poundstretcher
    12. When Yorkie said it wasn’t for girls, you went in to full blown protest mode and ate a case load of them in defiance.
      Yorkie chocolate is not just for girls. Buy yours from Poundstretcher at value prices.
    13. You always like to remind people that chocolate never disappoints. Even when it isn’t good, technically it’s not bad either.
      Buy sweets and snacks from Poundstretcher at great value prices
    14. Got a question? The answer is always CHOCOLATE.
      Happy Easter From Poundstretcher to all the Chocolate lovers

    We have tons of sweet deals on chocolate and other confectionery that you'll simply adore! So make your Easter a happy one and hop on over to your local Poundstretcher. To find your nearest store, click here and prepare for chocolate heaven!!

  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Travelling

    The Do's And Don'ts Of Travelling

    Want a blissful escape instead of the holiday from hell? Don’t worry, we’re here to help your adventure be as stress free as possible with these travel handy tips.

    1. DO travel light.

    Travel light with our hand luggage and suitcase sets from Poundstretcher
    We’ve all been there: bouncing up and down on the suitcase trying to fit everything plus the kitchen sink inside. Airlines have different weight requirements for luggage so it’s always best to stick to the motto less is more, especially if you’re going through the shopaholic’s paradise known as duty free. After all you might end up paying even more for those discount extras!

    2. DON’T forget your sun cream.

    Get your holiday essentials like sunscreen from Poundstretcher
    A picture says a thousand words and you certainly don’t want your holiday snaps to say boiled lobster or tan lines. Stay healthy and protected from the sun with a high SPF sun cream as well as nourishing moisturiser.

    3. DO get comfy.

    Get cosy while you travel with our blankets and throws
    Whether it’s a long flight or a seemingly never ending road trip, travelling is uber tiring. Make sure to keep you and your family cosy throughout a flight with a cushioned neck pillow. If you’re travelling by car, you can bring along a throw blanket for the kids in the back to cuddle up for a sleep.

    4. DON’T get lost.

    Stay safe while travelling and plan your trip
    Having an adventure abroad is exciting, exhilarating… and sometimes a bit scary. Especially if you don’t speak the local language or if you’re travelling solo. Make sure you have a list of the activities and sights you absolutely need to see then work out how far away they are from each other. If they’re close by, walking is a wonderful way to experience another culture and new places you want to visit. If it’s a bit of a trek you can travel by public transport, most city breaks offer travel cards to help you navigate this new land on a budget.

    5. DO keep the kids entertained.

    Entertain the kids with toys, arts, and crafts from Poundstretcher
    ‘Are we there yet?’ is a phrase that haunts every parent’s soul. When you’re confined to a long flight, preparing for the inevitable jet lag and travel from the airport to the hotel, the last thing you need is for your angels to become little monsters. Even short trips feel like ages for kids so make sure to include activities in their case like colouring books, stories, and toys to keep them occupied.

    6. DON’T forget travel size toiletries.

    Travel size shower gel, body wash, and moisturiser sets from Poundstretcher
    Fun size, tiny, and unbelievably adorable. No matter how you say it, those cute little bottles of shampoo, body wash, and moisturisers, make us feel like hobbits and it is glorious. These tiny essentials at 100ml or less keep you looking and feeling fresh for the week. After all if you’re in the pool all week you’re not going to want the dreaded green ogre chlorine hair.

    7. DO make time for tea.

    Buy all your essentials like tea and coffee from Poundstretcher to take with you when you travel
    Holidays are all about experiencing another way of life and escaping the everyday… but sometimes you need a taste of home. There’s nothing better than a cup of tea in the morning and a week without our PG Tips or Tetley tea bags can leave us in the awkward #BritishProblems territory. So take a supply in your suitcase so you can enjoy your beloved brew!

    But most all, when you travel:

    8. DON'T forget to have fun!

    This is your time to explore a new place or visit an old favourite for some much needed rest and relaxation!

    Safe travels from Poundstretcher 

    So why not stock up on your travel essentials for your holiday from your local Poundstretcher store? You can search for your nearest branch here.

  • 5 Egg-cellent Ideas To Crack Easter

    5 Egg-cellent Ideas To Crack Easter

    Chocolate egg day is almost here! Hopping over to an Easter party but don’t know what to bring? Or maybe you’re stuck for entertaining the kids over the holidays? Never fear, you’ll crack Easter with these egg-squisite (I couldn’t resist) ideas that are perfect for parents on a budget.

    1. Bake those bunnies.

    Baking Easter bunny biscuits on a budget

    Everyone loves homemade baking and nothing says Easter like bunny biscuits. They're cheap to make and best of all you won’t need to be Mary Berry to make these tasty treats.
    All you need is:

    • 4 tbsps of flour
    • 1 tbsps of maple syrup
    • 1 ½ tbsps of sugar
    • A handful (or two) of oats
    • A splash of milk
    • A sprinkle of cinnamon
    • 1 tbsps of your chosen butter, margarine or equivalent spread

    Sift the flour in to a bowl and mix all of your dry ingredients together.  Take your wet ingredients in a pot and turn up the heat so they melt together in to sumptuous sugary syrup. Stir it thoroughly to keep it smooth. This will be your coating and what holds the biscuits together. Your mixture won’t look like there’s enough but it’ll surprise you by spreading well. Switch off the hob and mix all the ingredients together until they made your crumbly, oaty dough. Grease your pan or grab some baking paper and start making those cookie shapes! You can use a cookie cutter or have fun moulding them with your hands, it’s a pretty pliable mixture so get stuck in! Bake until golden brown and let them cool before tasting. If you want to add more ingredients like raisins, chocolate chips, or even grated apple, go for it!

    1. Build those bonnets!

    Build an Easter bonnet cheaply with Poundstretcher

    This is random tradition that originates from people wearing new clothes to mark the renewal of the year during Easter. Then Irving Berlin wrote a catchy song about New York’s famous Easter parade mentioning bonnets and voila, hats became an Easter thing! Keep the kids occupied by unleashing their creativity with crafts. The best part about making a bonnet is that you can use anything from paper plates to an old head band. As long as you’ve got a great base so it rests on your head, you’re good to go! Stock up on PVA glue, stationary, stick on goggle eyes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and glitter to help your youngster with their creative vision. After all, they could be the next Phillip Treacey! When the bonnet has been built, why not make your own Easter parade at home and see who wins best dressed? Let the lounge be your catwalk!

    1. Easter Party Favours

    Make an Easter gift with a jar and some sweets

    Easter gifts shouldn’t have to fry your bank account. The holiday is about new beginnings and welcoming the new Spring season, so if you’re on a budget you can still make some sweet little gifts. Gather up your arts and craft gear like pens, paints, and ribbons to decorate a little jar to fill with sweets. An elegant way of jazzing it up would be to tie a ribbon around the opening or fashion some garment buttons in to a pattern on the glass or lid. This might be a lovely gift for the grandparents if you get the kids involved with craft pens that can draw on glass so they can treasure these memories forever.

    1. Egg And Spoon Race

    Decorate eggs for an egg and spoon race for Easter

    All you need for this is some hard boiled eggs and wooden spoons for this classic past time. Gather the kids to decorate their eggs and spoons with their own patterns using paints, felt tip pens, and plenty of glitter (of course). Then prepare for the race. A great way of spicing up the game is to make it an egg and spoon relay by adding parents in to the mix. Just watch out that no one is cheating!

    1. And finally, hunt for those eggs!

    Find all the eggs on an Easter egg hunt with Poundstretcher's Cadbury Creme Eggs

    It wouldn’t be Easter unless everyone was running around the garden looking for eggs. So grab some chocolates and treats to sprinkle around the garden without the kids seeing. Make sure you also have an extra special (and much bigger) golden egg to hide in a difficult place. The person who covets the golden egg is the winner! You could make it more interesting by organising teams to hunt for the eggs using masks made by the kids. The possibilities with this are endless, and the best thing about it is that thanks to the chocolate everyone is a winner!

    With these handy tips, you're sure to have an egg-citing Easter (last pun, I promise)! So visit us instore now to gather all you Easter essentials from like sweets, kids stationary and craft kits. You can find your local Poundstretcher here.

    Happy Easter From Poundstretcher

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