• Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    Poundstretcher Arrives In Aylesford!

    The red carpet was rolled out for us in Aylesford!

    It was wonderful to meet our local customers who came out in force with their families and friends to shop for some value bargains.

    We have new stores popping up nationwide to bring you all our fantastic offers.

    So we thought we’d show you what to expect from a Poundstretcher grand opening!

    Our NEW #Aylesford store is now OPEN!! #Poundstretcher #Saturyay

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    Our Aylesford store celebrations kicked off early in the morning with the first 100 customers in line receiving £5 off their first Poundstretcher purchase.

    There was quite a buzz in the air as people waited outside after spotting our online event page and hearing our adverts on the radio!

    The mayor arrived for a ribbon cutting ceremony in his ceremonial bling to officially announce that the store was open.

    He had a lot of kind words to say, which you can hear on our fabulous Instagram account.

    The mayor of Maidstone has officially opened our brand new #Aylesford store!! #Poundstretcher

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    There was plenty of fun for kids with free face painting by Aylesford resident and professional artist Charlotte Savage.

    Face painter Charlotte Savage at our Aylesford store


    She painted adorable designs like Hello Kitty, butterflies, floral designs, spiderman, and many more for FREE all day!

    Even Team Poundstretcher got involved and enjoyed a bit of glitter with matching flower designs while giving out party balloons!

    Two little girls in our Aylesford store with their faces painted

    Our best-selling magnetic fishing game proved to be a big hit with the little ones as they played to WIN fantastic prizes from our selection of kids’ toys.

    From colouring books and sweets to Star Wars activity sets and Disney’s Frozen lunch boxes, there was a prize for everyone to pick!

    Don’t worry, we didn’t leave out the grown-ups!

    We had a special tombola game where if you picked a winning ball out of our jar, a mystery prize would reveal itself!

    We loved seeing your faces light up when you were WINNING your Coffee Tables, Mason jars, Bistro Sets, and more.

    Some lucky Aylesford customers managed to WIN one of our biggest sellers and store favourite, the Jack & Jill Bench Set!!

    Our lucky winners from Aylesford

    A family winning a Jack & Jill Bench Set at our Aylesford store opening

    We love making a fuss of you all by giving you incredible value for money with our big brands at big discounts with bargain deals on all of your kitchen, home, food, and garden essentials.

    If you want to visit one of our fabulous store opening events, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

    We always post an event online to tell everyone about the dates we’ll be arriving in a town near you!

    Find your nearest Poundstretcher stores on our website here.

    Good luck to our Aylesford staff, welcome to the Poundstretcher family!

  • 12 Reasons Why We Love Dad

    12 Reasons Why We Love Dad

    Dads are a rare breed.

    They manage to be so embarrassingly uncool when they hit peak dad that they somehow end up turning it all round to being cool again.

    As the great saying goes, ‘Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad’

    So with Father’s Day coming up on June 19th, let’s celebrate dads in all their weird, wonderful dad-ness!

    We thought we’d go full David Attenborough with 10 reasons why dads are the coolest, strangest, and nerdiest creatures you know:

    1. The dad can often be found in his natural habitat, otherwise known as the living room or ‘the man cave’.

    There he sits scratching, grunting, and shouting at Jenson Button on the Formula One racing. His territory is hard to miss thanks to the derrière print engraved within the sofa. Despite being possessive over his territory, the dad is a sociable creature willing to accept cuddles and food from passers-by. As long as they don't step in front of the TV.

    1. They’re infamous for their really, really bad dancing.

    A father dancing with his son in a colourful neighbourhood

    No matter how hard the dad tries to choreograph his moves, as soon as their first-born arrives all hand eye co-ordination disappears and they are reduced to the flailing mess that is ‘dad dancing’. This phenomenon is unexplainable despite scientists’ efforts to find a cause and cure. Until then, we must carry on humouring their attempts to be ‘down with the kids’ and keep trying to teach them the Macarena.

    1. Dads are notoriously easy to buy presents for.

    Any kind of shower gel, shaving equipment, and toiletries are an essential part of a father’s day package. Despite his love of grooming, the dad never buys his own products and relies on donations from offspring. When the dad isn't in the man cave, he’s in the car so of course he wants it to be filled with fresh décor, accessories and the latest gadgets…

    1. But despite their passion for technology, they never quite master gadgets.

    Mainly because they throw the instructions in the bin along with the spare chargers.

    1. The same goes for trends. 

    A father and daughter taking a selfie

    The dad will attempt to imitate their young by participating in ‘selfies’ and trying to use ‘on fleek’ correctly. Instead they end up videoing themselves moaning about the camera’s selfie mode not working and saying everything is ‘up freak’. They post their ‘#ThrowbackThursdays’ of their flare-wearing-flower-child-hey-day on Wednesdays and think that Yoko Ono is their new BFF because they follow each other on Twitter. Let the dad think he is cool, just don’t tell him that Yoko Ono automatically follows everyone on Twitter.

    1. Their mortal enemy is the sat nav…

    Which would work if they bothered to update it and keep the instructions. To everyone else, they’re a middle aged man shouting at a tiny box. To the dad, they’re on the front line of an epic battle between man and machine that prevents robots from taking over the universe. Their battle cries are heard for miles yet cannot be repeated due to their explicit nature.

    1. Dads are always bad influences in the best possible way. 

    Father and daughter pulling silly faces

    They’ll let their young stay up until dawn, drinking Coca-cola and eating too many sweets then leaving them in the care of their mate, the mum. This often results in the usually calm mum species becoming enraged. A sociable creature like the dad, they gather at the local watering hole with other mums to vent their frustrations and consume vast quantities of grown-up drinks.

    1. They’re terrifying when angry… but not as scary as mums.

    If there’s one thing the dad fears most, it’s the angry mum. Upon first sight, they dad returns to their territory – the sofa - for the evening until it is safe to venture out in to the world. This is usually at dinner time.

    1. When they reach a certain age, the socks-and-sandals-combo becomes their uniform.

    Much to the embarrassment of the rest of the family.

    1. They always do the jobs no one else wants to do.

    Mowing the lawn, getting rid of spiders, unclogging the pipes, climbing on the roof to clear the gutters… any gardening and outdoor jobs that requires dirt and creepy crawlies is the dad’s speciality.

    1. A dad’s secret weapon is usually called mum.

    Because everyone knows that it’s mum who does the birthday and Christmas shopping. This is why the dad always looks so surprised when the kids open their presents. Despite the tag saying they’re from ‘mum + dad’ we all know he has no clue what each gift will be!

    1. They’re secretly really, really generous. 

    Two fathers holding their daughter's hand

    The dad is a weird species who puts on a tough front in public but is a total sweetheart deep down. They’ll hold their eldest’s hair back when they’ve accidentally-on-purpose drank too much on a night out, while telling them off for being irresponsible. They’ll always go downstairs and make their youngest a cup of tea… even when they ask for it at 3am. Most importantly they’ll endure endless viewings of ‘Frozen’ and they’ll totally crank up the volume when ‘Let It Go’ plays in the car. They’ll dress as a princess despite what the other dads might say and will end up chauffeuring the family to every concert pilgrimage. The dad will complain throughout these acts of kindness yet secretly, they enjoy every minute.

    kids on the beach with a 'we heart dad sign'

    Want to get your dad something special for father’s day? Find your nearest store here for amazing offers and low prices on quality food, toiletries, car accessories, gardening and more!

    Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to tell us why your father is truly the daddy and let us know about those embarrassing times they went peak dad.

  • Half Term Boredom Hacks

    Half Term Boredom Hacks

    Are you ready for half term?

    Well now you will be with these handy arts and crafts ideas! Getting creative is something anyone can do, even on a shoe string budget.

    And if anyone can do that, it’s your mini humans. Kids are the most creative people in the world with their imagination, curiosity and unique point of view.

    So grab plenty of glitter, your baking kits and potatoes because this half term we’re getting stuck in with these arty activities:

    Mason Jar Madness!
    Mason jars with watermelon smoothies and cucumbers

    I know what you’re thinking: no not another Mason jar blog. These little glass beauties can be used for anything from making snow globes, smoothies, vases, and more! We love making our own mocktails ready for the warm weather – if the sun does appear this half term, we all know what English weather is like! Our favourite recipe is the English Garden which is apple juice, lemonade, ginger, elderflower, cucumber, and water. It’s delicious and refreshing for cooling off on a hot day. If you have a juicer or food processor it can be a fantastic way to get kids to eat their greens with a smoothie. You can make them more appealing by creating your own superhero or princess inspired smoothies like the Cinderella (strawberries, raspberries, bananas,  blueberries and yoghurt) and the Hulk (kale, kiwi, apple, pears, broccoli and bananas)!

    The Great Half Term Bake Off!
    Parents baking with their daughter
    We all deserve a treat now and then so why not bake fairy cakes with the little ones during half term? Replacing egg with banana can make carrot cupcake not only delicious but healthy. That’s right, healthy cakes… apart from the icing, of course. Let this be your cheat day on the diet, we won’t tell!

    You need:

    For the cake:
    1 ripe banana mashed
    1tbsp of margarine
    1 grated carrot
    1 tsp of ground cinnamon
    1 tbsp of baking powder
    4oz of self-raising flour
    A handful of raisins

    Half a tsp of vanilla extract
    1 tbsp of margarine
    3 tbsp icing sugar
    A handful of pecans

    Measure your ingredients with your baking kit, sift the flower then mix all of the dry ingredients together to create a well. Add the wet ingredients and stir until you have a lush smooth batter. Place in your cupcake cases and bake at 180 degrees until your cakes have risen to a nice spongy texture. Let them cool off for the afternoon (try not to eat them… okay we ate 2), then mix together your icing ingredients (apart from the pecans) with a fork. Gently whisk it up in to a sugary thick icing and dab on top of your cakes. Finish them off by placing 1 pecan on top of each iced cupcake. Mmm scrumptious.

    Little Green Fingers
    A little blonde girl watering the garden
    Giving the kids their own little patch of the garden is wonderful for helping them learn about caring for nature and the environment as well as busting that half term boredom. You can teach them about growing food by planting some vegetable and fruit seeds in a corner of the garden or some herbs in a little planter. Get the tots involved by giving them a small watering can and get them to help encourage our bumble bee friends by watering the flowers for them to pollinate.

    Potato Art
    Potato stamps
    Potato stamps are a childhood classic and are a brilliant way to get the kids to make their own art during their half term holidays. Lay newspaper across the table to prevent any spillages then grab some paper and felt tip pens and let your mini start drawing! It’ll be a lovely contrast of pen and paint on their creation! Cut your potato in half then simply get the template – cookie cutters are surprisingly good for this – to cut round. Dab the moist parts of the potato with some kitchen roll then dip the stamp in paint and assist the little ones with gently pressing down the potato stamp. You can also use celery to make some pretty flower petal shapes too and carrots are brilliant for a more textured print!

    What are you up to this half term? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

    Want to visit us to stock up your kids activity and crafting supplies? Find your nearest store here.

  • Are You Red-y To Get Gardening For British Tomato Week?

    Are You Red-y To Get Gardening For British Tomato Week?

    Red alert: May looks set to get pretty juicy with British Tomato Week starting from 16th - 22nd May.

    So let's celebrate our favourite vegetable/fruit/whatever-it-is in all her fine glowing glory. Are your veg growing skills leaving you red in the face? Maybe you just want to eat a bit healthier without sacrificing your taste buds?Here’s some top gardening tips, tricks, and random tomato facts so you won’t be looking like a squashed tomato.

    1. The infamous fruit or veg debate

    Tomatoes make tasty sandwiches, why not grow your own to have constant supply?
    Let’s start with the inevitable: just what on earth is a tomato? It’s succulent, sweet, and juicy like a fruit but you can’t top your cereal with it or have it on ice cream (gross). Oddly enough this argument eventually reached the US supreme court in 1887! So why all the kafuffle about the identity of a tomato? The reason behind it was money:  if our fave red tommy was seen to be a member of the veg gang, they would be eligible to be taxed when imported. They’re technically classed as ‘fruit of the vine’ like peas, cucumbers, and beans. Whatever tomatoes are,  the most important thing is they’re one of your healthy five-a-day foods and super tasty.

    1. They’re full of all the good stuff

    Prepare for gardening season with discount tools, seeds, and planters for your tomatoes from Poundstretcher
    Tomatoes are high in vitamins A, E, and C as well as being rich in potassium which makes them perfect for topping up your energy levels. Scientists have been studying the positive outcomes of a diet rich in tomatoes for years, after it became apparent that they may be linked with reducing blood pressure, preventing cancer, and off-setting heart disease. While most scientists say the studies are still ongoing, they all seem to agree that we all should be eating more tomatoes. Talk about plant power!

    1. They’re tricky to grow

    Get your gardening gear
    These little toms need plenty of sunlight to grow tall and often require support from rods to prevent their vines straining under their weight when they start to ripen up more. British weather is a harsh mistress to our tomatoes, with temperatures spiking up and falling down. Conservatories, greenhouses, balconies, and very sunny window sills (without curtains) are perfect for helping tomatoes sprout up. They need temperatures to be roughly 15 degrees Celsius at night and a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius during the day to flourish so it’s easy to see why so many decided against growing these delicate flowers. However difficult they may be, the versatile tomato will give you so much more freedom with cooking than any of your other crops. With the right research and gardening equipment, you’ll be producing the richest, reddest, and ripe tomatoes in no time!

    1. They’re the bee’s knees

    As well as improving your garden, tomatoes will certainly help with your culinary skills in the kitchen cooking.
    Tomato plants LOVE bees.Those little fuzzy flying mini beasts pollinate these crops in particular to help them to grow in to tasty, tangy toms. Having trouble convincing the bees to help out with your gardening? Plant a variety of seeds which will blossom in to the types of flowers they’re most attracted towards, to direct them towards your red beauties.

    1. They make food so much better

    From greenhouses to plant feed, we have all the gardening kit you need to grow your own tomatoes
    Never has there been a plant as versatile as a tomato. You can eat them raw in a sandwich with some cheese, you can chop them in to chunks to go on top of a pizza, or slice them thinly with a coating of garlic and cook them slow for a sundried effect… the possibilities are endless. Tinned tomatoes are a great base for making your own pasta sauce from scratch while cherry tomatoes make a sweet little snack with some salad or when cooked, a nice filling for a stuffed mushrooms recipe. Is it just me or are you now feeling hungry too?

    Get your tomato seeds and gardening equipment from Poundstretcher at amazing discount value

    What’s your favourite tomato recipe? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we’ll repost the best!

    Want to get some gardening tools and equipment? Come along to a store near you to browse and buy. You can find your local Poundstretcher here.

  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Retro Gardening

    The Do's And Don'ts Of Retro Gardening

    It’s National Gardening Week! Looking for some top secret solutions to rejuvenating your garden?

    We've been digging in the archives for some retro gardening tips and tricks so you don’t have to!

    Visit your local Poundstretcher for great value gardening accessories and tools

    From the brilliant to the bizarre, have a go at these to get the secret garden you've always dreamed of:

    DO make a slug pub.

    Clean out a tuna can and crack open a beer. Prepare your best Peggy Mitchell impression, pour a little beer in the tuna can and marvel at how the slugs will be drawn away from your precious planters. Just be sure to not pour too much in otherwise it’ll be happy hour for those sweet slime balls! Don’t want to give away your beer? Sugar and baking soda works just as well.

    DON’T let the caterpillars eat your veg.

    Claim back your crops by cutting up some onion and place inside a squirting bottle to spray your plants with the mixture. Those hungry caterpillars will be so put off by the onion smell that they’ll turn their chompers away from your garden!

    DO get your garden buzzing with bees.
    Attract bees to your garden with our seed mixes.

    You won’t bee-lieve the difference these critters will make to your garden! Bees are vital to our eco system and don’t always feel quite so welcome in our gardens. So throw them a mini garden party by planting their favourite flowers to pollinate! Contrary to popular belief these fluffy flying bugs are actually pretty friendly and don’t sting unless angered to the extreme, so they’ll totally bee-hive themselves in your yard!

    DON’T be afraid of a little shade.

    Pick your plants based on your environment. If you don’t get tons of sunlight on your part of the cul-de-sac, why not grow some veggies and flowers that’ll thrive? Arugula, kale, lettuce, and spinach only need an estimated 3 – 4 hours of sun per day to flourish. While Violets, Lilly Of The Valley, Foxgloves and even Hellebores can all shade pretty well. Planters and trays will help you pick the warmer sunny spots and move your leafy greens and blooming buds to the right space to get their needed dose of UV.

    DO get some fowls’ foul. 

    This is the gross part so I’m going to be graphic: chicken manure is really good for your plants. I know it sounds horrific and not the type of thing you want when you’re sitting in your English garden waiting for the sun… but it works. Containing nitrogen and potassium, it's a brilliant base fertiliser that nourishes the soil superbly. Pick it up in pellet form for a less smellier and a more absorbent fertiliser.

    DON’T forget a little magic.
    Struggling with your garden? Make your yard an eden with Poundstretcher.

    If you love reading about vintage tips, chances are you probably love that retro style too. So enchant your garden with a few subtle throwback references, it’ll give your back yard an otherworldly time tunnel vibe. Go neo-Victorian with inspiration from the infamous Cottingley Fairies with our ornamental fairy solar lights and Victorian stake lights. Get lost in Austen's era with our stunning English roses bench and mini topiary ball or turn back to the Tudors with a stake light homage to their architecture. Pick a time period and stick with the theme so your garden can achieve a timeless atmosphere.

    DO bring your garden indoors.
    Mason jars are versatile for garden party drinks and planters!

    If you’re living in a flat but craving the greenery of a garden, you can still enjoy planting indoors! Line a mason jar or empty coffee jar with moss and some pebbles for drainage, fill with compost and start planting your seeds! Spider plants are lovely for apartments and tend to produce more baby plants for you to decorate your home with. Growing herbs is also a brilliant way to add some flavour to your food and your home, our cute little rustic planters would look great filled with basil or thyme on your kitchen window sill. The best part? They’re all really low maintenance so even the planting novices and those short on time can develop their green fingers and thumbs.

    Check out our brilliant range of garden tools, accessories and more! Why not visit us? Find your local Poundstretcher here.

  • Go Green For Earth Day!

    Go Green For Earth Day!

    Did you miss out on Earth Hour? Never fear, Earth Day is here!

    Every year on April 22nd thousands of people across the globe pledge to become more environmentally friendly.

    So in keeping with the seventies spirit of the movement, how about some simple tips for saving the earth through sustainability?

    1. Get some sun with solar

    Our solar lights are fantastic value for money, eco friendly and beautiful bargains!

    From fairy lights, garden stake lights, and cute sun jars that’ll look as cute in your bedroom as they do on your patio, solar has gone from being a fad to home essential. Using a solar panel to recharge the batteries, the sky is the limit with solar.

    1. Eat less meat

    A vegetarian and vegan diet is a great way to celebrate Earth Day

    With the success of Veganuary, thousands have pledged to eat less animals to take the strain off of the environment. After all, mother earth has enough on her plate! With mass produced meat wasting gallons of water and electricity just to feed the animals we’re eating, even one day meat free helps. It’s a great way to get the kids eating healthy and learning about new dishes while also being surprisingly cheap! Why not give it a try this year for Earth Day and start your own Free From Friday or Meat Free Monday each week?

    1. Make your own natural cleaning products

    With simple household essentials, you can make your own earth friendly cleaning products

    Always cleaning up after your mini beasts? Why not make your own household cleaner from natural ingredients? The supplies are cheap and there’s no harmful chemicals that could be dangerous for the little ones and your four legged friends. All you need is white vinegar, baking soda, salt, water, and a few drops of lemon for a fresh zesty scent. Mix it all together in a squirty spray bottle and you can wipe away dirt from your kitchen sides without worry.

    5. Plant more flowers and food
    You can find cheap value gardening accessories at Poundstretcher

    Trees and plants help us to breathe by releasing oxygen and absorbing the carbon dioxide we breathe out. So with more greenery being destroyed, we need to plant more to make up for the loss. Fortunately planting can be really fun for kids and stress busting for adults! Get the kids excited about healthy fruits and veggies by growing your own seeds and start giving back to the environment starting this Earth Day. It’ll add more ingredients to your meat free day, even if it’s just a few herbs in hanging planters on your flat’s balcony. Every small eco action adds up!

    6. Change your bulbs
    Energy saving lightbulbs are a great way to start being eco friendly

    This one seems a bit obvious but you’d be surprised that many people forget about energy saving light bulbs! These little beauties reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill so of course, they should be a staple in every home. Especially households helping the environment!

    Want to make a start at going green for Earth Day? Check out our fantastic gardening range full of seeds, tools, and solar lights to start your eco activist adventure!

    Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you’re up to on Earth Day and how you plan on helping to save the world one light bulb at a time!


  • Your Guide To Lighting Up Earth Hour

    Your Guide To Lighting Up Earth Hour

    On March 19th right between the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, thousands of homes across the globe will unplug. Televisions will be switched to their black screens and electric lights will be switched off, plunging households in to darkness.

    No, this is not the zombie apocalypse.

    This is Earth Hour.

    From 8:30pm until 9:30pm, lights are turned off in solidarity to pledge that people will do more to help the environment through sustainable alternatives.

    Started by the World Wild Life Fund (WWF) in 2007, Earth Hour originates from an event in Sydney, Australia, where people switched off their lights to raise awareness of sustainable energy and climate change. Since then the movement has evolved in to a worldwide event for people to take action on environmental issues that are dear to their heart.

    From signing petitions for important worldwide political bills and raising money to build solar lights in electricity-free villages, for an event that started with a few lights being switch off Earth Hour has created a lot of positive changes. Not bad for an eco-friendly team of just NINE people working behind the non-profit campaign!

    So you want to take part in Earth Hour? Here’s what you can do.

    A big part of Earth Hour is about seeing the changes happening right in front of our eyes which increase our own awareness of how much energy we waste. The idea is that switching your lights off at home is one small step which ignites your own passion for doing more afterwards. More can mean volunteering in your community, setting up fundraisers, or even something as simple as buying energy saving lightbulbs and solar lights.

    Firstly, it’s really important to remember that when taking part to stay safe. You may be switching off your main lights but it doesn’t mean you have to sit in the dark or have a candle burning for an hour.

    Earth Hour is a lovely activity to enjoy with friends, so it’s the perfect excuse for drinks, nibbles, and a catch up. Gathering together outdoors would be a brilliant way of celebrating Earth Hour if the weather is warm enough. You can decorate the garden with pretty solar lights while planning your next earth saving adventure (and gossiping).

    Sustainability isn’t just about saving the planet, it’s also about ensuring that future generations keep looking after the earth.

    So why not get the kids involved with Earth Hour too?

    Get some faux solar light candles that flicker like real ones, to avoid any potential hazards, and load up on the torches for some fun and games free from electricity. Telling stories with shadow puppets is a fun way to help the little ones unwind for bed and means parents get to showcase their best animal impressions for the voices.

    For older children, a good old fashioned game of sardines is hilarious in the dark. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s very similar to hide and seek except one person hides while the group searches for them. When someone finds the hider, they have to try to squeeze themselves in to the hiding place too, without making a sound or alerting the group. This continues until everyone is packed in, literally, like sardines! The first person who found the hiding place has to hide first in the next round. It’s funny and scary in the dark with just torches to light your way, especially for the last person standing at the end!

    It’s never too early to start using sustainable eco-friendly energy, so why not have a look at our fantastic range of solar lights? To visit your local Poundstretcher, you can search for your nearest branch here.

  • How To Grow Your Own Veg (Even Without A Garden)

    How To Grow Your Own Veg (Even Without A Garden)

    We all try our best to get our five a day. Thankfully what used to be a chore has now become the latest food fad! Hunting for pictures of yummy curly kale crisps, salad hacks, and cauliflower pizza bases (Yes, healthy pizza!) is now a mouth-watering gateway in to #healthy. So it’s not surprising that growing your own food has become the nouveau life goal.

    Why should I start growing my grub?

    I know what you’re thinking: living off the land must cost the earth? Nope! Growing your own is cheaper because you can plan what you need well in advance and put any leftovers in the freezer. It’s a great way to veg-ucate kids to eat the healthy food they usually turn away (or spit out). Not only is it good for your body to eat those fruit and veggie laden dishes, planting your own produce also good stress buster. Plus nothing tastes better than that warm sense of pride you get from making your meal from scratch.

    What do I need?

    Luckily you don’t have to be a farmer or even have a garden! Surprisingly all you need is a few planters, a sunny spot, and a bit of patience.

    For your food to thrive it needs five hours or more sunlight each day, making windowsills and balconies the perfect fruit and veg patch. It’s best to pick a windowsill that’s wide and sans ornaments so your planters will fit. Plants hate to be overcrowded and their roots need plenty of space so make sure your planter or seed tray is pretty deep for their roots to sprout outwards. If your house has more shade than a cloudy day, a small tiered greenhouse in the garden can feed your them sunlight while keeping out those pesky bugs.

    Now let’s dish all the dirt on… well, dirt. Compost is vital for fruits and veggies to gain nourishing nutrients. Keep an eye out for soil or loam based composts that contain water retaining granules, extra nutrients or plant foods. Overwatering plants is a common mistake made by gardening newbies. A good way to check is to give the compost a quick poke with your finger to check it’s moist. To prevent excess water, gather some garden stones to layer on the bottom of your pot. Pour in your compost and firm it down then grab your gardening tools to start planting!

    Which seeds should I sow?

    So you’ve got all your gardening kit and a little habitat ready to begin growing your own food. Now all you need to do is figure out exactly what seeds you want to grow. Think about your favourite healthy meals you enjoy eating regularly. Growing fruit and veg that will be versatile enough for different meals allows you to truly protect your pennies.

    The weather is getting warmer which means it time for those sunny salad seasons! Lettuce is brilliant for first time food growers with a limited amount of space. How big your lettuce grows depends on how far you space them out. You can harvest the outer leaves without digging up the plant so you can have your own fresh lettuce larder.

    Even when the weather gets colder, you can still heat things up with some chilli peppers. They take a little longer to grow but are totally worth the wait. Make sure to water them gently and regularly check that the soil is not oversaturated with water. They’ll spice up your salads and make a great healthy snack with some humus.

    Basil will add a bit more flavour to your meal and is another windowsill allotment favourite. Seeds can be sprinkled thinly and you’ll start to see them shooting up in about two weeks. When your basil is ready to be picked, you can take the leaves as and when you need them. Start planting in the Summer so you’ll be able to have that delicious tomato and basil soup by the time it’s cold outside.

    Why not browse our fabulous gardening range for inspiration? Visit us in store so you can get started planting your home grown grub, ready for Summer!

  • Discover Poundstretcher’s Top 5 Picks for Garden Fencing this Spring!


    With Spring getting closer each day, we’ve already started dreaming of warmer weather and the multitude of vibrant flowers that will soon blossom, which makes this the perfect time to start getting your garden into shape. At Poundstretcher we have all the gardening supplies you need to effortlessly turn your garden into a colourful and welcoming spot for you to relax with your loved ones over the coming months.


    One of the first things you need to consider is the type of fencing you’re going to use for your garden, whether it’s just for decorative purposes or for more practical reasons such as separating different flower beds. So, if you’re ready to get started, read below to discover our top 5 picks for garden fencing this year and let us know which one is your favourite on Facebook or Twitter.


    1. The Picket Fence - £3.99

    The perfect choice for anyone who’s always dreamed of the proverbial picket fence house, or if you simply enjoy a more traditional style. Whilst this type of fencing is perfect for older homes and gardens, it can also blend in seamlessly with more modern spaces, adding a homely touch to your garden.

    1. The Burnt Log Roll - £2.99

    A sturdy and weather-resistant fencing option that is also easy to install, this burnt log roll is inspired by the old farm houses filled with history that are spread across remote areas in the UK, making it perfect for conveying a more classic style.

    1. The Lawn Edging Border Fence - £2.99

    This professional standard border fence is an excellent choice for creating neat flower beds across your garden, making the vibrant colours of your fresh flowers stand out throughout the year. Not to mention that it lasts a long time without needing repairing or repainting.

    1. The Lawn Edging Border Roll - £2.99

    This border roll is great not just for your flower beds, but also for creating neat borders for other areas of your garden and you lawn. Made from wood, it is a durable and weather-resistant fencing solution that will keep your garden tidy this spring.

    1. Garden Screening Peeled Reedfrom £7.99

    This stylish fencing option will help you enhance your garden, whilst allowing you to create different sections within your lawn or garden. Perfect for those preferring a natural look and searching for an attractive fencing that can also be used to hide older fencing or walls that may no longer look good.


    These are just our top 5 recommendations for garden fencing, but make sure to check out our full range to discover more premium products available at value prices, only at Poundstretcher.

  • How to plant the perfect hanging baskets

    Now that the warmer weather is on its way, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about brightening up the outside of your home with some fragrant and colourful hanging baskets . They are the ideal way to create an attractive display, however limited your outdoor space or your gardening experience.

    hanging basket

    There are several different styles of hanging baskets to choose from - usually made from wire or wicker. The basket will need to be lined to keep the compost and moisture contained - typically with sphagnum moss. Alternatively, you could go for a purpose-made option which will also hopefully last for several seasons.

    The most commonly seen plants in hanging baskets are, of course, spring and summer bedding plants, but many gardeners opt for evergreen shrubs, herbs or even fruits such as tomatoes and strawberries. In fact, you could use more or less any plant, as long as you ensure that the basket is big enough.

    To create your hanging basket, the first step is to add the liner and then half-fill with compost. A slow-release fertiliser can be added to help keep the plants healthy. Trailing plants should then be pushed through the liner on the sides of the basket, and the rest of your plants can be placed in the top.

    Compost should then be packed around the roots and the whole thing watered well. All this should be done in the late spring if you are going for a display of summer bedding plants, or early autumn for a winter or spring display.

    All that remains is to feed and water your hanging baskets regularly. They will need watering twice a day if possible in the hot summer weather. Your plants will also benefit from regular liquid feeds and deadheading every week or so.

    Shop the full range of hanging baskets and gardening essentials today at Poundstretcher!

  • Garden Fencing Solutions at Poundstretcher

    No matter what your dreams for your garden, whether you want to create an English country cottage feel, or you’re working with limited space in an urban area, the right garden fencing will help to create the perfect look.

    Garden Fencing

    Traditional Picket Fence
    For a traditional, well-manicured look for your garden, you might want to consider picket fencing. This pretty suburban style looks ordered and neat, making for immaculate flowerbeds and gardens, and looks great painted white (it’s also on offer here at Poundstretcher, with two fencing panels for just £10).

    An English Country Garden
    If you don’t like the existing garden fencing but can’t remove it because your property is rented or the fencing belongs to a neighbour, then garden screening could be a solution. The garden screening we sell at Poundstretcher is made of natural woods such as black fern or peeled reed, which is ideal for creating a cosy bower in your garden.

    To create an English country garden aesthetic, you don’t want anything to be too tidy: think wild flowers, climbing roses, mosses, and a natural, untamed appearance. Add colourful flowers either in pots, or let them climb the fencing from the flowerbeds (a garden obelisk can also be a useful addition to your garden if you have climbing plants such as roses).

    Fencing Solutions for All Types of Gardens
    A simple modern planter with a willow trellis behind is a really elegant way to spruce up your garden with minimal cost and effort involved (it’s a good gardening solution for renters, too). A garden trellis can also work well to keep pets and kids off certain sections of the lawn, and can provide a sheltered place to grow flowers or small fruit trees. If you want to create a classic English look, both Tudor and Victorian garden fencing styles are also available, adding a polished, finished appearance to your garden that’s easy to maintain.

    Making the Most of a Small Space
    Many of us, particularly if we live in built-up urban areas, might not have the luxury of a palatial garden space. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t enjoy what we do have, though. Add to your privacy in an overlooked space with garden screening, and demarcate areas of the garden with some lawn edging. Natural bamboo lawn edging can be the perfect way to define your flowerbeds, and cheap garden accessories such as our barrel planter can sit either on lawns or patios. Even confined areas can feel cosy and welcoming with the right outdoor furniture, too, so check out our garden table and chairs options.

    Perfect Garden Accessories
    We also stock a range of fabulous garden accessories such as this cast iron chimnea, which is not only a pleasing way to keep warm outside, but a quality piece of garden furniture at a really great price. To finish your garden décor off perfectly, why not add some solar lights? With solar fairy lights, solar lanterns, and even solar topiary balls available, you can make your garden look magical this summer on even a very limited budget, thanks to Poundstretcher.

  • Garden furniture buying guide

    Here at Poundstretcher, we stock top quality garden furniture in all sorts of styles. With so many different options available, you want to be sure you choose the best to suit your needs and your garden décor.

    Here’s a quick guide to some of the different types available to help you with your decision….

    Garden Furniture

    Wooden garden furniture will give your outdoor space a warm, traditional look.

    As well as its natural appearance, wooden furniture is great because it won’t hold the sun’s heat in the same way that metal and plastic furniture will – ideal for making the most of your garden when the summer weather comes along.

    Top Tip: All our wooden benches are treated for immediate outside use, but by using special oils and sealants you can add years to its lifespan.

    Rattan is a palm-like material that has been woven together. For rattan garden furniture, it tends to be woven round a more solid frame, giving chairs, tables and benches a modern look that is ideal for everyday use.

    Synthetic rattan furniture is very popular for use in the garden because it creates a stylish look that is resistant to the weather. By simply adding a few cushions you can create a style that is effortless, elegant and comfortable.

    Wicker is a hard fibre that is woven together. It can be used for making baskets, but it also great for furniture, bringing a natural, earthy look to your garden décor.

    Outdoor wicker furniture tends to be made from synthetic fibres so it can withstand the elements. These are often cheaper than natural fibre wicker furniture, such as cane and bamboo.

    Shop the full range of garden furniture online today here at Poundstretcher, with free delivery on all orders over £20!

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