• Decorate Your Garden With Hanging Baskets This Summer

    Spring is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you can slack with gardening in this delightfully warm weather! With help from Poundstretcher, why not create that vibrant garden paradise before summer officially hits? How? Well, just take a look at our range of outdoor gardening planters and hanging baskets for starters!


    Corn Rope Hanging Basket

    One great way to add some real life and colour to your garden space, or even just outside your front door, is this well-crafted and rustic corn rope hanging basket. Simply add any flower you desire to create a gorgeous visual display (within reason, of course, as no sunflower is going to look great sagging from a hanging basket).

    Whether you wish to keep it simple (as seen above) or if you want to fill it to the brim with as many flowers as possible, this 14-inch cone-shaped basket is a great start. The sturdy and durable metal frame will hold your flowers with ease, and with the plastic cover for protection, it will keep your flowers in perfect position.


    Rattan Hanging Basket

    Want an even more rustic charm for your garden? Well then, this rattan hanging basket is just what you're looking for! A classic garden basket, this will allow you to display your flowers and shrubs whether you suspend them from porch roofs, conservatories, sheds, balcony railings, ceilings, outside your front door, wherever!

    Complete with a large metal hook, this basket suspends from a classic link chain and is ready to display the prettiest of your flowers and herbs. It's simple, it's effective, and it's a bargain!


    Hanging Basket Wall Brackets

    Ideal to attach to the side of any house or wall, we have both 10-inch and 14-inch wall brackets to add a touch of nature to any and all aspects of your home. You can proudly show off your gift for gardening and will also bring that colour to your garden throughout the flower season.


    Hanging Basket Liners

    No hanging basket would be complete without an appropriate liner! Not only will these slot within your hanging basket, but it will aid your plant's growth. Sturdy and sound, we also have coco liners (coming in 12 and 14 inches) that will comfortably hold your flowers firmly in place, helping them to grow and develop into big, beautiful blooms!


    There's More Than Hanging Baskets

    Don't want hanging baskets but still want to show off your green fingers and have that vibrancy only flowers can bring? Well then, why not think about wall mounting with some of our Venetian wall planters or rustic heart garden wall baskets?

    Before the summer sets in fully, why not get out into the garden, get inspired, and add some hanging vibrancy! Want to find the quickest way to your nearest Poundstretcher? Just check out our handy Store Finder, where Google directions, distance, and opening times can all be easily accessible!

  • Our Top Pick Of Flowers & Veg To Transform Your Garden

    It's that time of the year, people! Time for those fingers to turn green and to get on out there into the glorious spring sunshine! The snow and freezing weather are behind us now (we hope), and with April nearing the half-way mark why not think about how to transform your garden into a lush paradise? You'll reap the benefits come summer when you can relax on the patio with vibrant colours and sights surrounding you.

    Now you can fall in love with your garden all over again, regardless of space. All you need is the time and the willpower to see things through. Here we have a few top choices of how you can change your garden with Poundstretcher's range of flowers and veggie seeds!

    Butterfly Garden Set - £1.99

    Decorate your garden with this gorgeous butterfly set, featuring a beautiful butterfly stake and a shake n' rake butterfly seed mixture, containing rainbow shades. The eye-catching butterfly stake is super durable and, paired with the butterfly-attracting seed mixture, your garden with be fluttering with butterflies in no time!

    It's a great way to attract insects to your garden, which has more benefits than simply looking pretty. With varied colours and flowers available, you can find the best match for your garden.


    Wild Flower Meadow Seed Mix - £1.00

    Or, how about bringing in a romantic wild meadow look to your garden with the Wild Flower Meadow Mix! It's a lovely combination of annuals and perennials that will flower throughout the season. It covers up to 20 square metres approx. With requiring direct sowing, they are quick to grow.

    Can you just imagine it? Your garden being allowed to flourish in a pattern of whimsical and pretty flowers in a mix of wild colours! It's stunning, it's beautiful, and it can all be yours.


    Vegetable & Flower Seeds Mix - 79p

    We sell more than just sunflowers, believe me. With your green fingers, you can fill your garden with huge, wonderful, and amazing produce/flowers by growing your own this season with our great range of seeds. We have a wide variety, whether you want to makeover your garden with dahlias, spice it up with some fiery chillis, or cool things down with mixed lettuce leaves. You'll get your dream Eden-like paradise at a fantastically cheap price.

    This isn't all we have to offer; there's plenty more to choose from. So, why not get out into the garden, get inspired, and transform yours into a relaxing haven! Then just check out our handy Store Finder to find your nearest Poundstretcher and grab some bargain supplies today!

  • Top 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas under £4

    With February almost over, the day to honour mothers and mothering figures all across the nation, Mother's Day, will be here! On the 11th of March, you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a gift for your loved one. If you are on a budget and want a great bargain this spring, why not show them how much you care with some of our great gift ideas?

    Blue Butterfly Garden Set - £1.99

    Whenever you think of Mother's Day we are certain flowers come to mind, right? If your mother has some green fingers then surely growing her own is much better than simply being presented with a bouquet. That's where this butterfly garden set comes in!

    Containing a gorgeous blue butterfly stake and a shake 'n' rake butterfly seed mixture (containing blue, white, and purple shades), your mother's garden will become a haven for all manner of fluttering butterflies in no time.



    Indoor Grow Set - Oriental Lily - £3.99

    If an indoor growing kit is more your mother's type of thing then this oriental lily indoor growing kit is just the thing!

    With 3 lily bulbs, compost, and a ceramic planter, this perfect gift contains everything needed to grow your own beautiful lily. You can be sure this kit will produce fragrant dwarf blooms in soft pink shades.


    Double Oven Gloves - £3.99

    There's the old saying 'home is where the heart is', but with these 'home is where my Mum is' double oven gloves you'd be able to show her just how you feel about her. Beautifully designed with a traditional quilted floral design, these would make the perfect addition to your mother's home.


    Gift Set of 3 Candles - £2.99

    You can never go wrong with candles. They're a fantastic way of setting the mood in a home, letting some beautiful fragrance out, and also they make a suitable decoration. However, what if you cannot choose on just one scent? There's no need to worry about that, as this set of 3 candles comes in Fresh Linen, Strawberries & Cream, and Ocean Breeze!

    Whether they're used all at once throughout different rooms of the home or even used as replacements once one has run its course, it matters not with these unique and luxurious scents that are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.


    Lila Grace Set of 3 Bath Fizzers - £2.49

    Who doesn't enjoy a good soak? Have your loved one take a fantastic and relaxing bath of pure floral indulgence with these Lila Grace Floral Bath Fizzers! With 3 scented flower-shaped fizzers of pure indulgence, you can be sure that important person in your life enjoys the sheer bliss on more than one occasion.


    Lila Grace Triple Hand Cream Set - £2.99

    Since it's still cold outside, why not make a gift out of this Lila Grace Hand Cream Triple Set? Scented with a pleasant floral fragrance, this wonderful trio of hand creams come in three delightful flavours (Parisian Lily, Vanilla Macraon, Peony Plum). Your mother will not only allow their hands to be nice and clean but also silky smooth and moisturised to combat the slowly-fading chilly conditions!


    Floral Organiser Notebook - £2.99

    If your mother is the type who loves organisation (or you feel she needs more of it) then this beautiful organiser notebook would make an ideal gift. Featuring a stunning floral design, it contains 4 sections: Addresses, Notes, To Do List, and Planner, so your loved one can stay super organised in style! The notebook also features a handy zip lock pocket for any loose bits and bobs!

    Mum Standing Wooden Plaque - £2.99

    If you wish to come right out and show exactly how you feel about your mother, why not gift her this wonderful wooden 'Mum' plaque? Featuring a cute scattered floral pattern (with a love heart and butterfly for good measure), the words 'If Mothers were flowers I would pick you' will surely make her day.

    There we have our top pick of bargain gift ideas for this Mother's Day! Just make sure you don't forget that the big day is Sunday the 11th of March! Jot it down on your calendar and head on down early to Poundstretcher for incredible bargains. Unsure where your nearest store is? Then just use our handy Store Finder to see directions and opening times of all the stores in your area!

    Also, be sure to check out our Facebook Twitter for fantastic competitions and more great gift ideas!

  • Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: May

    Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: May

    Greenfinger here, with more hints and tips to get your garden growing! This month we’re looking at what to sow and plant in… you guessed it, May! So get your gardening gloves at the ready and your trowel in hand, and take a look at the latest installment of Greenfinger’s guide to growing in…May!


    April showers bring May flowers, never a truer word was said! This glorious month is the perfect time to add a sprinkling of colour to your garden by growing Nasturtiums in pots scattered around your decking or front door. They're incredibly easy to grow, and with a sweet fragrance and vibrant flowers they're great for cutting and bringing inside your home. They're also completely edible and make a unique salad garnish!


    May is the perfect time to directly sow Sunflowers. No matter how big your outdoor space is, these lively plants will add a burst of colour to your garden. They're also a great way to get the kids interested in gardening, just add a little pinch of competition and see whose sunflower grows the tallest! We have a great selection of seeds just waiting to be picked by you in your local Poundstretcher.



    With the last of the spring frost hopefully behind us, it is time to get those beans a-growing. No matter what space you have they're really easy to grow in allotments or pots on your patio. From French to Runner, May is the month where beans thrive. As long as they have a sturdy support they'll soon start to entangle themselves around wicker canes and garden fences, growing up to 15 feet tall (if you let them!)


    I know the dreaded festive season is a while a way yet but get those notoriously slow growing Brussel sprouts sown outdoors now and you'll be reaping the benefits come the winter months. Just watch out for pesky slugs which really pose a threat with the warmer weather.



    Now is the time to really step up your herb garden whether it's in hanging baskets, window boxes or raised beds.  Chives, coriander, dill and parsley will flourish, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden with their pretty flowers and fresh scents. They'll also taste delicious in a whole array of dishes, coriander is particularly tasty in a Thai curry and dill in a creamy fish pie.

    Featured Recipe

    Aprons at the ready it’s that time again to revel in the delicious produce you have grown. As it is the season of the bean, I want to celebrate their versatility and fresh flavour, with a simple dish of runner beans with shallot butter - the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish or chicken.

    shutterstock_273324623 copy

    So if you’ve been bitten by the gardening bug and want to try your hand at horticulture, then get yourself over to your local Poundstretcher and pick up some supplies today!

  • Brighten Your Garden With Poundstretcher

    Brighten Your Garden With Poundstretcher

    It’s nearly May and we’ve got a spring in our step and our fingers are turning a lovely shade of green. The days are getting warmer, the nights are getting longer and we’re enjoying sitting out in the evenings – even if we are wrapped up in a fluffy jumper!

    So it’s time to fall in love with your garden or outdoor space again, and no it doesn’t matter how small it is you can still bring it to life with a few well-placed solar lights and garden ornaments. Whether you want to transform your balcony, window boxes or decking into a relaxing haven, here at Poundstretcher we have plenty of ways for you to brighten your garden.


    If you’re the type of person that can’t keep plants alive, maybe you’ve even killed a cactus in your time (you’re not alone), then our great range of garden accessories, including artificial plants are just the thing for you! Turn your garden into a Mediterranean paradise with our lemon tree or if you're a fan of more exotic climes our artificial orchid is perfect for you.

    fbook-lemon2 (3)

    Express your fun side and release your inner child with our adorable array of solar animals, charming windmills and sun catchers. Place them by your front door, in flower pots and flowers beds and watch as the animals come alive at night and the windmills turn in the breeze – the kids are sure to love these fun additions too.

    windmills group4

    Light up garden paths, front doors, pots, borders and more with our collection of solar lights. Whether your tastes are modern and elegant or more outlandish we have lights just for you. From crackle effect round stake lights and bollard style lights to impressive light up flowers and diamonds - all without annoying wires they’re sure to revitalise your outdoor space.

    tulips on background_1000x1000

    Why not create a real feature flower bed full of light up tulips? With their vibrant colours and realistic designs they’re sure to enhance your garden during the day and at night too.


    For those looking for a more subtle way to light up their garden our super fairy lights are great for hanging in bunches, around trees or along your garden fence to add a touch of sparkle to your garden. They’re easy to install, weather resistant and automatically come on as the natural light starts to fade – perfect! Or how about a light-up topiary ball? With their compact design they're ideal for hanging outside your front door to add a pop of colour and style to your home.


    So if you’ve been inspired to get out in the garden and transform yours into a relaxing haven then head on down to your local Poundstretcher and grab some supplies today!

  • Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: April

    Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: April

    It's #NationalGardeningWeek and Greenfinger is here, with more hints and tips to get your garden growing! This month we’re looking at what to sow and plant in… you guessed it, April! So get your gardening gloves at the ready and your trowel in hand, and take a look at the latest instalment of Greenfinger’s guide to growing in…April!


    Is your lawn looking a bit patchy and neglected? Then now is the time to sow some grass seeds and help it return to it's former glory. It's so easy to forget about the grassy parts of our garden, but these need as much love and care as your flowers.


    Gladioli are some of my favourite flowers, their distinct shape, height and wonderful array of colours make them perfect for planting along garden fences.  Their bulbs are easy to plant too, just make sure your soil is well drained and you're ready to go - easy!


    With the birds singing, blossom blooming and the warmer weather floating in on the breeze it’s the perfect time to get your veggies growing. The season of fresh salad will soon be upon us – get planting lettuces, kale seeds and tomatoes ready to fill salad bowls at BBQs. Sow cucumbers towards the end of the month and they’ll soon be ready to adorn your salads and be mixed into your jugs of Pimms.


    Don’t forget about the dishes you’ll be preparing come late summer and autumn though, now is the time to sow cabbages and onions ready for stews and soups. If you’re looking to add some colour to your meal times beetroots are the veg for you, and just the thing to plant this month as well. We have a great selection of seeds just waiting to be picked by you in your local Poundstretcher.



    It’s just the month to get your potted fruit trees and plants growing – great if you have limited space as fruit will thrive even on your balcony! But don’t forget to protect your plum and pear trees from the icy grasp of spring frost that still comes a-knocking at night.



    Those herbs you grew from seeds or bought can now go outside, into pots, window boxes or our Mini Wall Hook Planters.  I especially like to fill hanging baskets with hardy rosemary, fragrant mint and bright chives and watch as they thrive. Their small brightly coloured flowers will attract bees to your garden as well, so sit back and relax as you watch these marvellous creatures buzz around your herb garden.


    If you’re fond of Italian flavours in your cooking basil seeds are also great to sow in April – truly versatile basil is wonderful in chicken, pasta and even strawberry based dishes!

    Featured Recipe

    Aprons at the ready it’s that time again to revel in the delicious produce you have grown. Herbs are a fantastic way to elevate a dish from tasty to delicious, and as I mentioned basil earlier I think we’ll use just that to make basil and tomato spaghetti – yum!

    Basil-With-PS-Logo (2)

    So if you’ve been bitten by the gardening bug, and you want to try your hand at growing some greens during #NationalGardeningWeek, then pop over to your local Poundstretcher to grab some supplies today!

  • Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: March

    Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: March

    Greenfinger here, with more hints and tips to get your garden growing! This month we’re looking at what to sow and plant in… you guessed it, March! So get your gardening gloves at the ready and your trowel in hand, and take a look at the latest installment of Greenfinger’s guide to growing in…March!



    There’s no better way to add a splash of colour to your garden than with loads of gorgeous flowers! With so many captivating colours to choose from and all the weird and wonderful varieties to enjoy, who wouldn’t get excited about growing season? While all flowers have their own kind of beauty to offer the world, it can be really easy to feel overwhelmed with all the options when it comes to your own garden. But worry not, as old Greenfinger is here to help with all your gardening woes!

    As we get further into the year, the nights will get shorter, the days will get longer and the weather will get (a little bit) warmer - with all this comes way more flowers to showcase in your garden! If you’re a fan of all things weird, wonderful, and utterly exotic, then I suggest sowing some of these spectacular Passion flower seeds! Incredibly unusual but effortlessly beautiful, these stunning flowers are ideal if you’re looking to make a real statement in your garden!


    Passion flower

    But if you’re after something a bit more elegant, then the Himalayan poppy might be bit more your style. With its simply gorgeous deep blue shade and delicate floaty petals, it’s near impossible not to fall in love with this extraordinary poppy.


    Himalayan Poppy

    And for those of you who are fans of more traditional floral beauties, March is also a great time to sow “Night Scented” Stock flowers! Dainty, elegant and oozing with beauty, these little lovelies are guaranteed to be a welcomed addition to any garden!


    Night Scented Stock flower

    And let’s not forget the beautiful Busy Lizzie flowers! Bring a pretty pop of colour to your lawn with these adorable little blossoms, that're sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! But if you just can’t wait to get your hands on some of these seeds, then you’re in luck as we just so happen to have some Busy Lizzie planter sets in stock across all of our stores!


    Busy Lizzie flowers


    But if you’re wanting something a bit more bold and bright, then the Begonia could be more up your street. Eye-catching and bursting with colour, these beauties are great for adding a summery feel to your garden, regardless of whether the sun has come out to play! And if you want to grab some right away, then lucky you as we have loads of Double Begonia barrel planter sets available in store now!


    Begonia flowers

    And last but definitely not least we have everyone’s favourite flower – the Geranium! Fabulous, fresh and incredibly elegant, these gorgeous flowers will fill you and your garden with joy – so it's a good job that we have loads of beautiful Geranium handbag planting sets in all our stores right at this very moment!


    Geranium flower



    I may be bias but my favourite part of gardening is without question, growing my very own edible produce. There’s nothing better than sitting down to dinner and tucking into something you grew yourself – that my friends, is the definition of satisfaction. So why not try your hand at it too?

    March is the ideal time to start sowing all you favourite veggies like broccoli, carrots and cabbage, but what about the slightly less common garden veg?


    Jerusalem Artichoke and Asparagus

    This time of year is great for sowing things like aubergines, asparagus and even Jerusalem artichokes, which are not only great for varying the produce in your garden, but also add a bit more  diversity to your diet too – win!



    Try your hand at growing your main course and your dessert this month! While we all know that good, healthy adults are supposed to eat 5 hearty portions of fruit and vegetables each day – we hardly ever do. But we might be more inclined to do so if we grew our favourite foods in the convenience of our own backyards!

    This month, sow some juicy Alpine strawberries along with some yummy cranberries, and pop them in a homemade pie! But if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, why not try your hand at growing some mouth-watering cantaloupe melons, or even some delicious lingonberries!

    Featured Recipe

    Aprons at the ready, because it’s that time again folks!

    This month’s featured recipe just had to be some delicious, home-made lingonberry jam! Packed full of flavour and a cupboard essential, this lingonberry jam is a fantastic way of making the best use of your garden produce – and making yourself a tasty treat while you’re at it!


    So if you’ve been bitten by the gardening bug and want to try your hand at horticulture, then get yourself over to your local Poundstretcher and pick up some supplies today!

  • Greenfinger's Guide To Growing

    Greenfinger's Guide To Growing

    A big hello from the Poundstretcher garden! Allow me to introduce myself. The name’s Greenfinger, Gregory Greenfinger -Poundstretcher’s very own gardening expert, and I’m here to help you with all your gardening needs!

    To make things easier, I’ll be running monthly blogs to help you find the best time to plant your favourite flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables - and I’ll even throw in some ideas of how to use them in your kitchen too!

    So if you’ve been bitten by the gardening bug and want to get passionate about planting, then take a look at my guide to growing in February!


    Getting Started

    Small Spaces

    Before you start planting any seeds, it’s very important to prepare the ground first. While most seeds can be planted outdoors, it’s key to note that if you’ve not got much room you should sow your seeds in trays or propagators (a small tray with a see through lid) first. That way you’ll give your plants a great head start before you plant them in the ground!

    If you need a hand with supplies, I suggest picking up some  propagation sets and some fibre pots, along with one of our fantastic walk in greenhouses from Poundstretcher's great gardening accessories range to get you started!


    Large Spaces

    If you’re lucky enough to have a huge garden, then you don’t have to worry about plating your seeds inside first. You do however need to prepare the ground before you start to sow anything – and the first thing you need to think about is weeding!



    Get rid of any pesky plants that you don’t want growing in your garden, by digging them out by the root. This will ensure that they won’t make a reappearance later down the line, and ruin the appearance of your garden.  Just remember that while people generally use the term “weeds” for plants such as dandelions and nettles, it actually just refers to any plants that you don’t want to see in your garden!

    I recommend picking up one of Poundstretcher’s hand trowels or hand forks, along with some trusty gardening gloves to give you a hand with the ground work!

    Soil Improvement

    Once you’ve removed all the weeds from your garden, you can then move on to improving your soil. This just means making the texture a little bit easier for the roots to grow in, so it’s easier for them to get to all the nutrients and water in the ground.

    The best way to do this is by firstly applying loads of organic compost to the soil. You can either buy a bag of it from any home and gardening store, or you can try making your own from things like shredded paper, vegetable peelings, mowed grass, and even the tops of any weeds you dug up!

    After you’ve applied all your compost, you then need to move on to the fertilizer. While compost is typically used to reduce nutrient deficiencies in your plants, fertilizers are used boost the soil’s structure and fertility - so it’s really important to apply both to your soil. Again, you can buy your own fertilizer, or make your own by aging and drying manure for at least 6 months (if you happen to have any lying around) and applying it to your plant beds.

    Just remember that if you’re starting your garden from scratch or you’re using clay based soils, it’s best to do all the preparation the winter before you plant your seeds. And don’t think you’re off the hook if you’ve already got plants in your patch, as you’ll need to mulch their beds with some compost and fertiliser before growing season starts up again!



    While you only really need to do this if you’re growing fruits or veg, digging is a very important part of ground preparation. Helping to fluff up the soil, digging ensures that plant roots get enough air to aid their growth, allows for easier drainage to stop the roots from drowning, and generally makes it easier for roots break through the soil!

    While digging may seem pretty straightforward, old Greenfinger knows different! To get the best results, grab one of our digging spades along with a trusty gardening fork and some left over compost and fertilizer, and dig a straight 10inch trench in the area you want to plant in. Using your fork, dig in roughly 10cm of compost and fertilizer and spread it out across the trench before using your spade to dig another 10inch trench. You can then transfer the soil from the second trench into the first, so that it covers the compost and fertilizer.

    You’ll need to repeat these steps until you’ve dug the entire area you want to grow in. But make sure you remember to remove any weeds you see along the way, and break down any clumps of soil you come across while you go!



    Once you’ve got all the boring stuff out of the way, you can start thinking about what you want to plant! No matter if you want to start your own allotment, or you’re just fanatical about flowers, I’ll be on hand every month with hints and tips for what to sow! February is the best time to plant:


    Dahlia Flowers


    sweet pea

    Sweet Pea Flowerslantern

    Chinese Lanternssnapdragon Antirrhinum




    • Basil
    • Oregano
    • Thyme
    • Sage
    • Dill
    • Garlic








    • Broccoli
    • Lettuce
    • Onions
    • Peppers
    • Tomatoes



    Featured Recipe

    With all this great food at your fingertips, how could you not get excited about eating it? That’s why every week along with my tips about what to plant; I’ll be treating you to a featured dish to help you make best use of your produce in the kitchen!

    This week’s featured dish: Broccoli and sage pasta. A quick, easy and really tasty way to use your garden produce!

    So if you’ve been bitten by the gardening bug, and you want to try your hand at growing some greens, then pop over to your local Poundstretcher to grab some supplies today!

  • Magical Winter Solar Lights Under £10!!

    Magical Winter Solar Lights Under £10!!

    Every year the annual Christmas lights battle begins with your neighbour.

    But you’re already worrying about saving money AND the planet.

    Don’t fret throughout the festive season, Poundstretcher have got your back!

    Our Winter solar lights are perfect for making your garden glow so it looks like you’re walking in a Winter wonderland.

    Plus you don’t have to worry about the electric bill thanks to their built-in solar panel!

    So whatever your Christmas décor theme, you’re sure to find the perfect Winter solar lights to suit your garden!

    Here’s our top Winter solar lights for under £10:

    Get starry eyed

    Outdoor Christmas lights

    Stars are a popular motif at Christmas because of the nativity story which saw the shepherds and wise men following a star to reach the stable of Jesus’ birth.

    It’s a classic image that’s everywhere through the jolly holidays but is also big in home décor, clothing, and more because of its fashion forward design.

    So make your neighbour see the stars up close and personal by bringing them to your front or back garden with our 20 Star String Solar Lights or 8 Metal Star Lights both at just £4.99 each. They’re weather resistant so these stars won’t burn out when the elements attack!

    Classic and subtle Christmas looks

    Christmas fairy lights

    Not everyone wants their home and garden to be so bright that you can see it from outer space of course!

    Sometimes a classic and subtle glow is all you need to make your garden Christmas-ready so Santa knows to stop at your house!

    Trees always look bare at this time of year, our Solar Fairy Lights starting from just £4.99 look lovely when strung around tree branches in Winter time. Try out classic clear or a gorgeous vibrant blue to really brighten up your garden fixtures.

    Just don’t forget to put the panel for these Winter solar lights in a bright patch of the garden!

    For a merry Christmas look, our best-selling 50 Packs Solar Fairy Lights (£3.99) will add a jolly holly vibe to your tree and even look fun, as well as festive draped around window sills outside.

    They’re as red as Santa’s suit yet still have a classy Christmas style to brighten up your back garden.

    Ready to get your garden set for Christmas? Get your bargain Winter solar lights, Christmas decorations, and more from Poundstretcher! Find your local store and start your Christmas shopping savings now!


  • Tips For Feeding Your Garden Birds

    Tips For Feeding Your Garden Birds

    Autumn is here!

    The leaves are falling, the skies are getting darker earlier, and Britain’s wildlife is preparing for Winter.

    The colder months are difficult for most animals but none more so than the birds in our gardens.

    So why is it important to look after Britain’s garden birds?

    They may be small but those garden birds sure are mighty.

    On average one of our feathered friends can gobble up to a third of their body weight or more!

    Since their metabolism is so fast, their diet needs to be very high in healthy fats.

    Sadly food shortages during the colder seasons can cause these little fellas to get hit by the weather quite harshly so it’s important to keep their tummies full!

    A good way to start easing your garden birds in to the chillier seasons is to fill a bird feeder with Hi-Energy Nuts (500g) specifically for wild birds. Nuts are filled with the good fats that will keep your garden birds’ weight up, maintain their energy, and of course will give them a tasty treat!

    Wood Pecker bird eating ball of nuts


    It’s important to leave water for your garden birds.

    You may have heard of people leaving food out for the birds but it’s just as vital to keep some water nearby for these little beauties.

    Birds lose water quickly and need to replace what they’ve lost through food as well as drinking. This is especially necessary during the colder months when natural sources of water like ponds and streams are frozen over.

    Leaving a small bird bath or a little saucer of water in your garden will not only give the birds a drink but will also provide you with entertainment. Garden birds love sprucing up their feathers by bathing in water and having a splash about in it.

    Not only do they need to stay hydrated, they also need to keep clean. Amazingly your garden birds will preen their feathers by loosening the dirt from their wings to spread oil around their bodies and trap a layer of warm air to stay toasty when it’s cold! So a little bird bath with some water in will help them keep their feathers in tip top condition as well as maintain their body temperature.


    Believe it or not, your common garden birds eat meat.

    That doesn’t mean you can go and leave your chicken nuggets outside for them though!

    It’s a common misconception that birds are vegetarians. For instance, sparrows have been known to eat anything from worms to even toads! Suet blocks and fat balls containing dried insects like mealworms, meat suet, and lard are a fantastic nourishing high protein treat for birds. It’ll keep them snug without messing up their feathers and will help them to gain the fat they’ve lost from all that flying about!

    Small robin bird on a tree branch

    So why not check out Poundstretcher and The Pet Hut’s fab range of products to keep your garden birds happy through Autumn and Winter?

    Visit our website to find your local store and have a fly through our selection of bird feeders, wild bird seed, and more!

    Want to keep up with the latest Poundstretcher and The Pet Hut gossip?

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  • Weekly Sneak Peek: Coming Soon!!

    Weekly Sneak Peek: Coming Soon!!

    Want us to tell you a money saving secret?

    We love letting you have a little sneaky peek at the amazing value products we’ve got coming in to a Poundstretcher near you!

    Since we’re getting the last gasp of a heatwave while everyone is gearing up for the school rush, uni fresher fever (and flu), and how to prep the garden for the big chill, we thought we could focus on getting you through the colder seasons.

    Yes, that’s right! Autumn is coming! Bring on plaid, pretty leaves, and pumpkin spice everything.

    A park bench surrounded by Autumn leaves

    So what have we got coming up next season?

    Well we have some brilliant bedding, chic quilts, and beautiful bulbs ready to be planted!

    1. Beautiful Bed Covers
    Floral and hummingbird printed bedding

    Whether you’re heading off to university or just simply looking to give your bedding a bit of a makeover, you’ll love having a duvet day wrapped up in one of these beauties!

    If you’re looking to give your bedroom a bit of a romantic vintage style, our Floral Bedding is a lovely duvet set!

    Or maybe you’re looking for a quirkier print? Well you better get these quick because they will be flying off the shelves!

    Adorned with a delightfully bright exotic bird print, our Hummingbird Duvet Set will certainly light up your room with a fresh new look amongst the grey British weather.
    Available in both double (£7.99) and king-size (£9.99), these retro rustic patterns appear luxurious yet it’s at a cheap affordable price that will make your bedding look super chic.

    2. Boston Quilts
    Essential Sleep Bedding Range's Boston Quilt
    The iconic British bedding is here! Made by ‘The Essential Sleep Range’, this is a bedding staple that will complement your Hummingbird Duvet Set rather nicely!
    Available single, double, and king sizes,  it’s non-allergenic and made with soft synthetic materials so you won't have to worry about anything triggering your allergies!
    Our cosy, cuddly, and breathable 10.5 tog Boston Quilts will definitely beat the uni student bedding that halls might give you!

    3. Winter Bulbs
    Winter Snowdrop Flowers In A Field

    Winter is coming… okay so we have to get through Autumn first but I couldn’t resist a Game Of Thrones reference! We’ve got some bloomin’ beauties ready to get your garden growing during the colder seasons! Your garden will look like a Winter wonderland with our fabulous snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, and more! With prices starting as low as £1, these seeds definitely won’t cost the earth!

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  • Our July Garden Sale Top Picks!

    Our July Garden Sale Top Picks!

    Would July-ke some more bargains in your garden?

    Well, you’re in luck because we’re slashing the prices on our garden gear ready for Summer!!

    Okay so in typical British fashion, our Summer is a wash out one minute and a heatwave wipe out the next.

    At least with all that English rain your garden will be freshly watered throughout the season!

    We figured we’d give you a sneak peek at all the fabulous things you can get for your back garden for a bit of green inspiration.

    Check out our favourite July Garden Sale buys below:

    1. Gardman 4 Tier Green House 

    Was: £12.99    Now: £8.99

    Gardman 4 Tier Green House lifestyle and product images

    We love it when you send us all the tasty fruit and veg you’ve been growing, especially when you’ve used a greenhouse to make these healthy eating essentials. Our Gardman 4 Tier Green House is brilliant if you’re new to gardening and if your green fingers haven’t quite yet ripened up. For first time growers, we would recommend starting with something simple. Herbs like basil prove to be a good first try and they don’t take up a ton of room, so if you’re growing with the greenhouse on your balcony it’s a bit safer.

    1. Fruit Trees

    Was: £3.99   Now: £1.99

    A close up of red apples on an apple tree

    With all this ‘clean eating’ malarkey that’s on trend at the moment, you might want to think about investing in a Fruit Tree so you can save some money on fruit for your breakfast smoothie. Not only will you be getting a bit of your 5-a-day but you can also enjoy the benefits of growing your own! Studies show that gardening reduces stress and it’s also a wonderful way to teach children about nature as well as healthy eating. You could use it as a really sweet way of commemorating the birth of a new baby in the family by planting the tree in your garden and watching it grow taller alongside the little one. Even His Royal Highness Prince Charles loves to potter about with his plants! So go make a right royal mess in the garden and get growing those delicious fruits and veggies.

    1. Solar Lights 

    Starting from: £1.49

    5 friends relaxing in a garden party with some drinks and a guitar in the evening

    Planning a garden party or BBQ that looks likely to last from dusk til dawn? Make your garden glow with our gorgeous selection of solar lights at unbelievable low prices! The Deco Solar Lantern (£5.99) is the perfect patio table centrepiece for adding a bit of a 1920s Mediterranean vibe to your evening.

    Rustic silver garden solar lanterns

    For a bit of a Gothic tone the Solar Flickering Candle (£4.99) will let you enjoy a cosy candlelit night without worrying about it being a fire hazard. If you’re going more for a cute party atmosphere, the Solar String Bells (£4.99) will be more your cuppa tea. They can be hung up for a bellisimo background that’s Instagram worthy or put them inside one of our Mason jars for an adorable garden table light.

    Bell string fairy lights and a flickering faux candle, both solar powered garden lights

    1. Kids Gardening Tools

    From: 99p

    A mother an her child gardening together

    Half term is approaching which means you’re going to have 6 whole weeks with your favourite monsters in the whole world! That means all you mums and dads out there need to try to keep them occupied, which let’s face it with all these passing fads is even harder nowadays! So get them growing some fruit and veg, we’ve got some cheap Kid's Gardening Tools from 99p that will have them pitching in to help you out in the yard in no time! With their cute designs, your little ones won’t be able to resist planting their own little veggie patch.

    So pop in to say hello and join the bargain hunt! Find your nearest store here and why not show off your finds by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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