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  • Surviving The Cold This Winter

    It's starting to get even chillier out there, isn't it? Ice has started to spread across our cars, gardens are coated in glistening blankets of frost, and bitter winds are forcing us to wrap up warm.

    Whether you're looking to stay warm inside the home or out, Poundstretcher is here to help lend a hand to keep you toasty and comfortable throughout the remainder of winter!


    Snuggly Apparel From 75p!

    Hats, gloves, snuggle socks, we have them all waiting for you in a range of designs and styles; after all, it's nice to be stylish as well as practical!

    Our luxury pairs of snuggle socks, for 75p each, will keep you warm in the face of frosty mornings and chilly evenings. However, when venturing outside becomes inevitable (those pesky responsibilities!) then our pom pom knitted hats, priced at £2.24, or a pair of sparkle gloves for 75p can really help.

    We also have products in our thermo ultra range that are perfect for staying toasty when out and about! Our thermo ultra products range from clothing for men, women, and children, so you can kit the entire family out with these high-density yarn garments!


    Heaters and Hot Water Bottles!

    Another way to stay cosy indoors is to use our heaters or even our hot water bottles! We have so many on offer, though, here is a small selection of what you can find in stores!

    To start with, we have our Hyundai Halogen Heater 800W for only £9.99. Complete with two settings, your room will feel lovely and toasty with this nifty little thing. The halogen tube heating provides high thermal efficiency, it comes with a safety tip-over switch, and also a wide-angle heat reflector.

    If a heater isn't what you're after, we also stock a range of hot water bottles! Our simple plain ones start from £1.99 each in a variety of colours, however, we also now have our fabulous long hot water bottles for just £6.99!

    What makes these so amazing? Well, they are just so great to lay across your bed, to cuddle with, or to have against your back! Coming in a range of styles, we feel these are a must-have this winter.


    Essential Winter Car Care!

    It's a pain to have your car all frozen in the morning, isn't it? All that extra time that has to be spent getting your car ready for travel. We can help alleviate some of that hassle with our 500ml de-icer, for just £1, and scrapers that are 69p each.

    Effective up to -15°, with a fast-acting formula, our wonderful de-icer is perfect for any cold and icy morning! Then just finish off with a scrape!


    A Warm Belly From 39p!

    Of course, another way to warm yourself up is with a nice tea or coffee! Of course, we also have sachets of coffee if you prefer an extra luxurious feel to your morning cup.

    Though the thing that would really warm your belly and leave you feeling nice and relaxed is a lovely soup, like our Heinz Soup of the Day! You can even fill up our microwaveable soup mug so you can enjoy this if you even need warming up whilst at work!

    We hope you all stay nice and cosy this winter; and when you do leave the house to gather supplies, make sure you know exactly where your nearest store is by using our Store Finder!

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