• Luxury Bedding For Less

    Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep.

    This latest Poundstretcher blog isn’t intended to be all about why sleep is great. We all know it’s great, right?

    But good sleep can also help you while you’re up and about in a number of interesting ways.

    Good sleep could help improve your concentration, your productivity and your metabolism. Good sleep could also help you stay in shape, lower the chances of you getting heart disease or having a stroke, and it can be a mood enhancer, allowing you to get on with your day with a smile on your face. 

    All in all, sleep rocks. So that begs the question - what is key to a good night’s sleep? 

    Well, in truth, it’s an abundance of things. There are some you can’t really control. Examples might be that car alarm that goes off on the street outside, or your partner’s snoring.

    But there are plenty that you can control, and one is getting hold of high-quality, super comfortable bedding.

    This is where a trip to your local Poundstretcher can pay real dividends.

    We have a stunning range of high-quality bedding products available for you to buy at incredibly low prices. And with winter on the way, there’s never been a better time to treat you and your family to something from our bedding range. 

    We’ve slashed our prices across our bedding selection, including eye-catching duvet sets. With floral and vintage patterns aplenty, these products not only offer great comfort but also can help create a certain look in your bedroom.

    You can complement your duvet choice with items from our sheets and pillowcases range. We have a huge choice of affordable fitted sheets in an array of different colours and sizes, as well as anti-allergy mattress protectors. These items are made for different sized beds, including, single, double and king. 

    There’s also great pillowcases, with novelty and plain items in great colours available.

    Once you’ve got your pillowcase, you need a great pillow to wrap it around. Of course, we can help here.

    We have a wide selection of different pillows at excellent low prices from leading suppliers, including Silentnight, Slumberdown and Hebden.

    This selection includes memory foam pillows that really help support a relaxing bed space, and we sell single and double packs for you to pick up.

    Finish your new bed arrangement off with buys from our choice of bedspreads and throws. There’s a host of beautiful bedspreads in deep, pleasing colours to choose from, as well as a number of kids blankets with lots of great patterns. 

    And we have low price hot water bottles too. It really is a great range to shop from for yourself and your family, so don’t miss out.

    To get hold of our superb bedding products, simply pay a visit to your local Poundstretcher store. You can find yours using our find a store tool.

  • Our Favourite Student Essentials for University

    The start of the new student year is always exciting, with many people starting their venture into university for the first time.

    Whether you’re a fresher or an old hand on the university front, you can always do with some student essentials to help get you through the academic year.

    At Poundstretcher, we’ve got a host of great products at low prices that are sure to go down a storm as you prepare for the start of the new year.


    To start things off, our home appliance range contains heaters and fans that can help warm up or cool down your student accommodation with ease. We also have a brilliant choice of student cleaning supplies, helping you to avoid the student cliché and keep your room, flat or house sparkling clean all year long.

    There’s also a host of laundry products to help students stay on top of their clothing options, while our home essentials range also contains toilet roll and kitchen roll for you to choose from.

    When you sit down to write the list of things you need for uni, be sure to not forget bedding options. We have a wide range of affordable bedding, with a selection of sheets, duvets and bedding accessories to choose from.

    And of course, while there’s plenty of socialising at university, there’s also a few lectures and seminars to be attended as well. We also offer a great array of handy student stationery for you to choose from, allowing you to compile a great note-taking and essay-writing kit with ease.

    Be sure to browse through our back to school range too for items such as jumbo bottles, reading lamps and sticky notes, as well as plenty more handy items.

    When it comes to student living, the go-to from a food perspective is all about convenience. Within Poundstretcher’s food and drink offering, there are great cans and tins that can provide students with convenient kitchen options, as well as cereals, snacks and crisps, and pasta, rice and noodles to choose from.

    What’s more, we have a choice range of health and beauty products for you to choose from and add to your student going away list. There’s a number of shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste, soaps and much more, so get hold of all your student essentials with us!

    Be sure to plan a trip to your nearest store, where you can get all your student essentials with ease. To find your local Poundstretcher, use our Store Finder and start planning your trip today!

    Also, be sure to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for competitions and more fantastic bargains!

  • Check Out Our Range Of Fantastic Pillowcases!

    You spend a lot of time in your bedroom when you really think about it. So in order to make things as comfortable as possible, it’s a good idea to get the kind of bedroom décor that puts you at ease and leaves a smile on your face.

    Poundstretcher is known for providing all those items you need to turn your home into the kind of haven you want it to be. We have a huge range of homewares to keep things ticking over, as well as cleaning supplies to keep things looking shipshape.

    But you may not know that we have a great range of bed products, including exciting pillowcases that are sure to delight.


    Messages On Your Pillow!

    We have a selection of hilarious pillowcases with messages that often prove to be apt for those that enjoy a good long sleep.

    We have affordable pillowcase sets with ‘The Boss’ and ‘The Real Boss’, as well as ‘Beauty’ and ‘Beast’ – perfect for couples who know who’s who in the relationship.

    There are also cool messaged pillowcases with fun novelty designs, including:

    • ‘Sleep All Day’ and ‘Dance All Night’
    • ‘Most probably hungover’ and ‘Definitely hungover’
    • ‘I’m Allergic to Mondays’ and ‘Wake me up when it’s Friday’

    These pillowcases are a great way of bringing extra comfort and character to a bedroom space, and are perfect for master bedrooms, guest rooms, or to have in your home in case of visitors.


    Add A Dash Of Colour 

    We also have more traditional pillowcases coming in beautiful shades and offering an equally soft and comfy experience.

    These twin packs of Coloroll pillowcases from Sleep & Co come in great colours including slate and teal, as well as blue, red, cream, white, black and aubergine shades, being an affordable way to bring to luxury to your bedroom.


    Fight Off Allergies

    Poundstretcher’s range also contains two packs of anti-allergy pillow protectors to help ensure anybody who suffers from allergies can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

    And there’s no point buying pillowcases if you don’t have good pillows to wrap them around. That’s where our broad selection of pillows comes in handy.

    Our bedding range contains a host of superb products, with everything from duvet sets to quilts, memory foam products, and bedspreads.  

    To take advantage of the great range of affordable bedding products we have at Poundstretcher, simply head to your nearest store. You can find yours with our Store Finder.

    And if you’d like to hear more about our bargains, as well as competitions, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

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