Keep your Garden in Top Shape this Summer

The summer months are when we seek to make the most of any outdoor space we have. Those of us lucky enough to have a garden area can take this opportunity to sit back and unwind, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and embrace the outdoors. 

But to enjoy a garden to its fullest extent, it’s important that you keep it in top shape.

Whether you are a committed member of the green-fingered gardeners group or are just looking to maintain a nice outdoor space with minimal fuss, at Poundstretcher we have a selection of products for you this summer.


Spray Effectively

The summer months usually mean some nicer weather conditions. This is a good thing for us as we can enjoy more sunshine, and that sun can help your garden really come to life. 

But it’s important to continue to give your plants and grass the right levels of hydration and nutrients during the summer in order to keep your garden healthy and looking its best. 

We have a great range of sprayer items that can help you easily and effectively water your garden. Take a look at this butterfly-shaped garden sprayer, available in a number of different colours.


Keep Things Organised

Having a neat and tidy garden is what many people seek when it comes to their outdoor space.

One way to achieve this is with planters, which can be a great home for your plants and help keep everything in the perfect place.

We have a vast selection of garden planters to choose from, so if you need to bring a level of organisation to your garden, Poundstretcher can help. And hedge trimmers are a must-have for any gardener of course.


Stay Protected

Any experienced gardener will know some of the perils that working with plants and the great outdoors can bring.

Flowers, plants and bushes can be notoriously pesky when it comes to working with them and can give you a scratch or graze if you are not careful.

Granted, these injuries aren’t usually too serious. But they are inconvenient and definitely unwanted.

To help keep your hands protected a pair of durable latex gardening gloves can do just the trick.


Add Something New

Livening up your garden area is a great way to enable you to enjoy spending your time there.

There’s a number of different garden accessories available, including things like butterfly wall art, colour changing solar stakes, fairy lights, and even paddling pools for when the temperatures really soar.


Sit Back And Relax

Once you’re happy that your garden is truly in top shape, it’s time to sit back and relax in it.

Camping chairs for you and your family are a great investment, allowing you to unwind, read, snooze or just lap up the summer sun surrounded by the beauty of your garden.

Be sure to take a look through the full range of garden and outdoor furniture available at Poundstretcher.

Our stores are currently open with social distancing measures in place. So if you are looking to get your garden in great shape, pay us a visit.