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  • View Our Lovely Romantic Valentine's Day Cards!

    January is almost at an end and February is on the horizon, and with that, two holidays come to mind; Pancake Day and Valentine's Day!

    For the time being, as flipping pancakes is not until the 25th, let's bring our focus onto the day of love! Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, it holds a place in people's hearts and is a reminder to celebrate your love, not just for one special event, but every day.

    We have a wide selection of lovely Valentine's Day cards on offer, and whether you are looking for something neutral (to buy for a friend or relative) or something specific (like for your husband), we have what you need!

    So, here's a brief look at the new cards we have for 2020! All of the below are only £1 each and would be a stunning way to express your love this Valentine's Day!


    To The One I Love

    Give this card to the one you love on Valentine's Day and see their face light up with delight! The luxury foil print and heart patterns make for a lovely design that will set hearts' racing!


    So Much Love!

    Simple doesn't equate to boring. This nice and simple design has so much love radiating from it. The cute balloon heart design will have your heart fluttering.


    Silver Heart on Valentine's Day

    Show your loved one you care on Valentine's Day with this cute and powerful design. With red and white stripes and silver foil, it stands out and proclaims loud and clear your feelings.


    Not Enough Words To Describe My Love For You

    For those of you who have a thousand lovely romantic thoughts within your head, this card expresses some of them plainly for your loved one to see. With a foil design and a massive heart shape with endearing words within, it's hard to not let out a dreamy sigh when looking upon this card.


    With Love on Valentine's Day

    A classic design. A red rose is oh-so-romantic and speaks volumes about your true feelings. With a luxury glitter finish on 'love', this card is sure to impress and delight!


    Sending Pugs & Kisses

    Now, this is a card for those pug-lovers out there! A super sweet design of a cute, little pug surrounded by hearts could be perfect for your sweetheart. And who doesn't love that delightful pun, 'pugs and kisses'? Pure adorableness.


    Kitty Valentine Kisses

    On the opposite end, we have a card for the friends of felines! This adorable cat card is purrfect to hopefully ensure you obtain those sweet Valentine's kisses! With a sparkly red glitter finish, this card is sure to have many an 'aww' expressed upon seeing it.


    Love You So Much

    Subtle, cute, romantic. These bears are so lovely and the design is perfect for those who wouldn't like a design that's too in your face. Your special someone would surely 'love you so much' for getting them this card!


    I Love You To The Moon & Back

    'I love you to the moon and back' is something so many of you out there would love to have said to you by your loved one. This card expresses just that with the luxury black glitter silhouette design! Very stylish!


    To My Husband With Love

    We also stock cards going into specifics; in this case, your husband. Show them your care with this lovely heart-felt design!

    Like the look of our cards? Fancy going to your local store and finding them for yourself? Well, just venture to our Find a Store and you can search for which stores are nearest to you (as well as contact details, opening hours, etc.)!

    Wishing you all lots of love,

    Poundstretcher! <3

  • Check Out Our Amazing 49p Candle Selection!

    Whether for Valentine's Day, a birthday present or you just enjoy the fragrant warmth only a candle can bring, you'll be pleased to hear we have fantastic candles for only 49p!

    From vanilla to plum pudding, we have a whole range of delightful scents on offer that are sure to create that serene, relaxing atmosphere you crave (they burn for approx 18 hours).

    So, here are the candles we have on offer. However, we have plenty more in bigger sizes and in different fragrances! We have a whole range of candles that are sure to bless your nostrils with their magnificence.

    Cherry Bakewell

    First off is cherry Bakewell, its sweet and relaxing aroma is just what you'd want after a hard day. With its red wax, it would look darling in any room in your home.


    Plum Pudding

    The subtle fragrance of plum is so sublime that it leaves a pleasant feeling wherever this candle is lit. The dark shade of purple would go well with a bedroom or any room with a warm dark colour scheme.


    Rhubarb Crumble

    This gorgeous and powerful scent is absolutely delightful; the rhubarb smell comes across extremely well and is sure to be just what a quiet evening in deserves.


    Sticky Toffee Pudding

    Strong, potent, yet sweet. This sticky toffee pudding fragrance shall remind you of nostalgic times as the warm brown wax complements a whole array of rooms and decor styles.



    Toasted Marshmallow

    Relaxing and subtle. Who doesn't love toasted marshmallows? Now you can enjoy the smell even when you're not by a roaring campfire in the brisk winds of the wilderness. The colour, a simple grey, will alone complement any room in your home.


    Vanilla Essence

    Our vanilla candle is for those who prefer a fragrance that is not too intense, yet wish to enjoy that delightful tinge of fragrance. Subtle and calming, this is the candle that leaves you with a sigh of serenity every time you go for a sniff.


    Warm Apple Pie

    This gorgeous smell, which brings an inviting atmosphere to your home, is even more nostalgic than the rest. With the powerful apple hints, this candle will truly warm your heart with fond memories of pies cooling in the kitchen.

    Want to grab some of these delightful candles? Visit your local Poundstretcher. Need directions? Then just check out our useful Find a Store for all the assistance you need.

    Also, be sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for more bargains and announcements!

  • Ready For The Big Garden Birdwatch 2020?!

    It's that time of year again, bird-lovers! This weekend, get yourself out with your binoculars as the Big Garden Birdwatch is coming! From Saturday 25th to Monday 27th, the RSPB want people across the nation to document and note down the range of avian wildlife all around us.

    Why not stock up on some last-minute bird supplies to help turn your garden into one of the best places for birds to dine out in your neighbourhood! We've got a few suggestions ourselves that you can find in your local Poundstretcher right now!


    Be Our Guest

    No use wanting to attract birds to your garden if you haven't the best way of bringing them in! We have so many bird feeders on sale that are both practical AND stylish. They'd look absolutely amazing in any garden (front or back)!

    For example, why not simply go all out with a bird feeder station for only £7.99! It contains two feeders and two resting stations; it's the ultimate feature for luring birds to your garden!

    Here's a Look at the Menu

    With a bird feeder, you'll need something to fill it with! Here at Poundstretcher, we have all sorts of deliciousness for your feathered friends; be they seeds, nuts, or fat-filled coconuts!

    For an amazing bargain you can have 1kg of lovely bird seed to keep those garden birds nice and well-fed, or if you'd rather they have something a little meatier, we also have an 80g bag of mealworms for only 89p!

    With High Energy Pellets & Berries and fat balls, not to mention a twin pack of fat-filled coconuts, there's so much choice for when something comes to have a nice, little snack in your garden.


    Wrapped And Ready To Go

    Though, maybe you'd rather have a bird feeder that's full of yummy birdseed from the get-go, all set and ready to hang in your garden? Well then, we have a trio of metal bird feeders from £1.99 that would be perfect for you! Whether it's seeds, fat balls, or peanuts you're after, you'll be spoilt for choice.

    Check out our Find-a-Store to see where your nearest store is located, and be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more news, competitions, and great offers, or even send us a pic of the lovely birds you've seen?

    Don't forget we also have a great range of food & drink too! So whilst grabbing a bite to eat for your birdy pals, you might want to think about grabbing a pack of biscuits or two to enjoy during your birdwatching?

    Want to find out more? Then head on over to the RSPB website to hear more about the event and how to get involved!

  • Surviving The Cold This Winter

    It's starting to get even chillier out there, isn't it? Ice has started to spread across our cars, gardens are coated in glistening blankets of frost, and bitter winds are forcing us to wrap up warm.

    Whether you're looking to stay warm inside the home or out, Poundstretcher is here to help lend a hand to keep you toasty and comfortable throughout the remainder of winter!


    Snuggly Apparel From 75p!

    Hats, gloves, snuggle socks, we have them all waiting for you in a range of designs and styles; after all, it's nice to be stylish as well as practical!

    Our luxury pairs of snuggle socks, for 75p each, will keep you warm in the face of frosty mornings and chilly evenings. However, when venturing outside becomes inevitable (those pesky responsibilities!) then our pom pom knitted hats, priced at £2.24, or a pair of sparkle gloves for 75p can really help.

    We also have products in our thermo ultra range that are perfect for staying toasty when out and about! Our thermo ultra products range from clothing for men, women, and children, so you can kit the entire family out with these high-density yarn garments!


    Heaters and Hot Water Bottles!

    Another way to stay cosy indoors is to use our heaters or even our hot water bottles! We have so many on offer, though, here is a small selection of what you can find in stores!

    To start with, we have our Hyundai Halogen Heater 800W for only £9.99. Complete with two settings, your room will feel lovely and toasty with this nifty little thing. The halogen tube heating provides high thermal efficiency, it comes with a safety tip-over switch, and also a wide-angle heat reflector.

    If a heater isn't what you're after, we also stock a range of hot water bottles! Our simple plain ones start from £1.99 each in a variety of colours, however, we also now have our fabulous long hot water bottles for just £6.99!

    What makes these so amazing? Well, they are just so great to lay across your bed, to cuddle with, or to have against your back! Coming in a range of styles, we feel these are a must-have this winter.


    Essential Winter Car Care!

    It's a pain to have your car all frozen in the morning, isn't it? All that extra time that has to be spent getting your car ready for travel. We can help alleviate some of that hassle with our 500ml de-icer, for just £1, and scrapers that are 69p each.

    Effective up to -15°, with a fast-acting formula, our wonderful de-icer is perfect for any cold and icy morning! Then just finish off with a scrape!


    A Warm Belly From 39p!

    Of course, another way to warm yourself up is with a nice tea or coffee! Of course, we also have sachets of coffee if you prefer an extra luxurious feel to your morning cup.

    Though the thing that would really warm your belly and leave you feeling nice and relaxed is a lovely soup, like our Heinz Soup of the Day! You can even fill up our microwaveable soup mug so you can enjoy this if you even need warming up whilst at work!

    We hope you all stay nice and cosy this winter; and when you do leave the house to gather supplies, make sure you know exactly where your nearest store is by using our Store Finder!

  • What Kind Of Candle Fragrance Are You?

    Have you ever wondered to yourself what candle fragrance you would be? Well, take a gander down below as we go month-by-month through our range of fabulous 18oz candles and just what fragrance is assigned to you based on your birth month.

    Perfect as a gift or simply for you to enjoy at home, all our18oz jar candles have gorgeous fragrances which ushers in an inviting atmosphere to your home. Priced at only £2.99 each, they'll have your home smelling scent-sational!


    January - Peony Blush

    A true romantic who brings good vibes to everyone they meet! The delightful floral fragrance is enough to make anyone's day!


    February - Smooth Vanilla

    You may appear slightly plain, however, that doesn't define you! You're someone everyone adores and is sometimes just what someone needs when feeling down.


    March - Unicorn Sparkle

    Utterly majestic with a mysterious side to you. Not only that, but your hair is absolutely fab-u-lous! Don't let anyone take away your sparkle!


    April - Belgian Waffles

    You're someone who is always light-hearted and up for a laugh. You light up the room and bring happiness into everyone's lives.


    May - Ocean Breeze

    You're calm and collected and prefer to go at your own pace. You love practising mindfulness and ensuring your mind is clear and sharp.


    June - Sticky Ginger Cake

    Appears snappy, though you're truly sweet and warm-hearted inside. There's nothing you wouldn't do to help out a friend.


    July - Coconut Sprinkles

    You may have a tough exterior, but really you can be a massive softie inside (though, you only reveal this to those you are close to).


    August - Fresh Linen

    Comforting and a breath of fresh air. You always make everyone feel at ease and relaxed.


    September - Prosecco Fizz

    A real live wire! You're so bubbly and full of energy. Every day is a party with you and you just adore having all your friends and family around you.


    October - Cinnamon Sticks

    You work hard at everything you do, though there are times when you can be a little sharp and direct.


    November - Vanilla Coffee

    Nothing wrong with this, but you prefer to take things easy, both at home and at work. However, when you put your mind to it, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.


    December - Sugar Plum Pudding

    Extremely sweet! You're just what someone's day needs! You adore festivities and celebrations, whether that's with a few close friends or with a massive crowd.

    Want to grab some of these delightful candles? Visit your local Poundstretcher. Need directions? Then just check out our useful Find a Store for all the assistance you need.

    Also, be sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for more bargains and announcements!

  • Organise Your Home With Plastic Storage For Less!

    It's 2020, and what better way to start the new year off then getting your home nice and organised! I mean, who doesn't love a clean, tidy living space?

    We have a massive range of plastic storage, and all for fantastic prices! Whether you want something for under the bed, something vibrant, or one with different compartments, we're sure to have something you've been looking for!



    We start off things with our 4 drawer storage tower, which is the perfect way to organise your home or office. With 4 large drawers, it provides a huge amount of storage space to keep your home tidy and organised. Not to mention being able to easily find your stuff, thanks to its clear plastic draws!

    Dimensions: H 80cm x W 39cm x D 39cm



    These very large 65 litre storage boxes are the perfect way to pack away all that clutter and create more space in your house. With a hard plastic body and a black plastic lid that will keep your items safe and secure away from dust. Available in a range of colourful options these make a great solution for all around the house.

    Dimensions: W 60cm x D 40cm x H 36cm



    This under bed storage box is an ideal way to pack away all that clutter and create more space in your house. With a hard, clear plastic body you can easily find items you’ve stored away, and the black plastic lid will keep them safe and secure away from dust (and spiders)!

    Dimensions: W 60cm x D 40cm x H 18cm


    28L STORAGE BOXES 3PK - £9.99

    This pack of three, 28 litre storage boxes make ideal storage for when you're having a tidy up. These storage boxes are designed to be stacked, so it's easier to hide clutter away neatly in the corner of your room, a cupboard or in the loft. With a hard, clear plastic body you can easily find items you’ve stored away while the black plastic lid keeps them safe and secure.

    Dimensions: D 37cm x W 32cm x H 30cm



    Systemise your desk at home or at work. Give all your desk equipment a place! This small 3 desk drawer will have your working area organised in no time, draws which you can put on your desk and still easily accesses all the items you need for a productive day.

    Dimensions: D 340mm x W 235mm x H 250mm

    And there we have it, just a small sample of the type of storage you can expect to find in your local Poundstretcher! Don't know where that is? Well then, check out our useful Find a Store for directions, addresses, contact details, and more for your nearest stores!

    Also, be sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for more bargains and announcements!

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