Get Your Cleaning Done Quickly & Easily

Any busy household is inevitably going to need a good old fashioned clean from time to time.

Whether you live in a family home with lots of comings and goings, or are just moving into a new student home for the new academic year, having a few sneaky cleaning tricks up your sleeve can help you stay on top of things.

Poundstretcher has a great range of cleaning supplies to pick from. And what’s more, this blog includes some handy cleaning hacks, so you can really take your cleaning efforts to the next level.


Think Pink!

The Pink Stuff, which we have available here at Poundstretcher, is superb at getting surfaces such as hobs and ovens clean.

We also offer affordable bottles of Mr Muscle drain unclogger, and also limescale remover and shower shine from Glow, while our range includes leading items from the likes of Dettol, Harpic and Stardrops.


Our Fabulosa Products

Poundstretcher is also proud to present our range of cleaning products from Fabulosa

We have a vast selection of disinfectants coming in different scents, helping you to get your home looking wonderful for less.

There are also kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners and glass cleaners available from Fabulosa, so be sure to browse through the full range.


Cheeky Cleaning Hacks

With such a variety of different surfaces and commodities in the modern home, cleaning everything thoroughly is a very challenging prospect.

So you might be able to get you work surfaces absolutely spotless, but some other household items might be less than perfect.

For example, is your iron looking a bit grimy and worse for wear? One tip to get it back to its best is by taking a sheet of aluminium foil, sprinkling some salt over the top, and then ironing it. Provided you don’t bring any steam into the equation, this combination will help remove the grime that can build up on your iron plate.

There’s a host of other similar hacks you can try with ease. For example, did you know that coffee filters can be an effective way of cleaning computer and television screens? Or that toothbrushes are a great way of getting keyboards spotless?

There are lots of other great tricks out there. A mix of water and vinegar, applied with a sock over your hand, can help get blinds sparkling.

A pastry brush is also a great way to get rid of crumbs in a toaster, while stainless steel can be easily cleaned using a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol.


Find Your Next Great Cleaning Buy

Our cleaning supplies range is truly impressive, so whether you need washing up materials, floor care or mops and brooms, Poundstretcher can help.

To take advantage of all these great items and lots more, simply take a trip to your local Poundstretcher store. You can find yours using our Store Finder tool today.