Student Storage Boxes Perfect For The New University Year

With the next university year on the horizon, new students up and down the country will be preparing for their first big move away.

Many more will be moving into new accommodation ahead of their next year of study.

If you or somebody in your family falls into this bracket, having a selection of storage options is a good idea. It’s amazing what you can build up over time, but also what you’re unwilling to throw away and want to keep – even when a student!

Poundstretcher has a host of storage options available that can help provide you with adequate space to store things, and keep rooms tidy and organised.


Our 4 Drawer Towers!

Our plastic storage selection has a variety of products that are great for students. For example, this 3 drawer desk storage tower is ideal for locating under any student desk. It doesn’t take up much space, yet provides ample room for papers, books and more.

There are also 4 drawer storage towers available that can be used for a wide variety of items.

Shoe Storage & Crates

Shoes can be a tricky thing to store, but not with a shoe storage box! This item is not only super affordable, but also helps keep your shoes away from dust and dirt, and keeps them out of sight to help you avoid that unwanted cluttered feel.

Any moving day for a student can be enhanced with a 32 litre fold flat plastic storage crate! These can be used to carry items on moving day easily, before acting as a suitable storage option once all moved in.

The space under the bed is a great storage location, and we have specially designed storage boxes for here. These 32L under bed storage boxes are perfect for rooms with limited storage space.

There’s also a variety of large storage boxes available, with 42L, 65L and 80L options available depending on your requirements.

Poundstretcher’s storage range also contains baskets and boxes, as well as bins, vacuum storage and food storage products aplenty.

And while you’re on the lookout for student storage, be sure to take a look through our homewares, cleaning supplies and stationery options too. Treat us as your go-to student store!

To get all the storage options you need and more before this academic year, schedule a trip to your local Poundstretcher store. You can find yours using our Store Finder tool. 

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