Games & Puzzles For The Whole Family!

If you’re a parent, you will likely know that familiar turn of phrase that kids come out with all too well – ‘I’m borrreeddddddd!’

So at Poundstretcher, to help alleviate any family boredom and keep kids and grown-ups occupied, we have a superb selection of family games and puzzles available.

Just The Jigsaws You Need

We have a great collection of jigsaws and puzzle sets for you to buy at great low prices. These feature all your kids’ favourite cartoon characters, including Trolls, Disney Cars, Spider-Man and My Little Pony.

What’s more, these puzzle sets come in a great 4-in-1 format as well. That means you get 4 puzzles in each box, providing even more fun for all the family.

And just to make things EVEN better, there are 3 x A5 colouring sheets in each of these jigsaw boxes, so there’s more than just fun family games!

Puzzles For Little Ones

As soon as kids reach a certain age, their creativity and thinking really start to develop in a fascinating way. This is the ideal time to start providing wooden puzzles with great shapes and nice colours, and we have plenty to choose from.

We have excellent, inexpensive wooden jigsaw puzzles featuring animals toowhich could be a wonderful birthday present idea or simply something to put a smile on a face.

Active And Creative Games To Play

One great way to get rid of any built-up, restless energy is by playing an active game with the family.

A perfect option here is ping pong, and we have a table tennis game that can help you turn an indoor space into a competitive sporting arena.

This kit comes with 3 balls, 2 bats and a net with clamps, meaning you can create a table tennis table out of a dining table or kitchen table easily and get playing.

And if you want to try something really creative with the family, take a look at this super sand art kit. With lots of fun colours and the chance to get really colourful and creative, this is a great buy as a present or gift for the family.

To take advantage of our range of games and puzzles, simply head to your nearest store. You can find yours using our Store Finder tool.

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