What Are The Best Summer Plants For Your Garden?

As summertime edges ever closer, the green-fingered out there will have been considering what the best plants to add to their garden will be this year.

It’s always an exciting decision to make, and if you’re able to get this right, you could make your garden look absolutely exquisite this summer with some dashes of colour and vibrancy.

To help you make the best selection for your garden, we’ve picked out a few summer plant favourites of our own that you may look to try.

Fragrant Flowers To Start With

In the summer’s early months, it’s great to add some fragrant flowers to the mix. Lilacs and garden roses are a great option here, adding wonderful scents and majestic colour shades to your garden effortlessly.

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash

Amaryllis is another strong early summer option, while Peonies also go down a storm. If you’ve been to a wedding recently, you might have seen Peonies being used as these are all the rage at the moment. But they work equally well in your garden.


Through The Middle Of Summer

As summer moves on, Honeysuckle is a pretty shot of colour to add to your garden. This gorgeous flower is great at attracting winged visitors such as bees that bring those distinctive summer sounds.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There are loads of different flowers that have a particularly alluring effect on bugs and bees, and can help turn your garden into a haven for little visitors.

Hollyhock is a beautiful addition, while Astrantia and Eucalyptus plants are other great plants for the summer months.


When Summer Draws To A Close

summer plants

Later summer months are ideal for introducing Indian Summer Plants. Great examples include Beautyberry and Japanese Andromeda, which both have stunning, deep colour shades and are sure to catch the eye.


Accessories, Planters & More!

At Poundstretcher, we have a host of garden accessories that can help you create a truly impressive outdoor scene this summer.

barrel effect planter

Take a look through our planters and baskets – perfect for housing your plants and tidying up the look of your outdoor space.

We also have a wide range of garden chemicals available to help you maintain your garden and keep things looking great, while we also have a selection of propagation and greenhouse items.

solar lights

You can also intermingle a few solar lights in your garden easily to create that really tranquil vibe, while we also stock garden furniture.

Have you got your gardening plans for this summer sorted yet? If not, hopefully, this blog will help provide some inspiration and options for you to explore. Check out your local store using our Store Finder for all your gardening needs! Happy gardening!

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