The Puuurrrfect Treats For Your Cat!

Perfection - thy name is Purrfections! We all know cats are absolutely adorable and are our lovable companions. So, don't they deserve the perfection that is Purrfections?

What are Purrfections? Well, they're delicious cat treats your favourite feline will go crazy to get their paws on! We offer them in both a fantastic 60g pack for 79p, but also in a massive 200g pack (in certain flavours) for £1.69.

They're a purrfect treat from time to time as part of a healthy adult cat's diet! Take a quick look at all the flavours and variations we have on offer!

Cheese 60g & 200g 

Humans LOVE cheese-flavoured things, and your feline pal is no different! Treat them to these delicious cheesy treats with taurine (to help with healthy eyes and heart).

There are no artificial flavours inside, and they contain vitamins & minerals to help boost the health of your moggy.

We sell them in both 60g and 200g packs!


Salmon 60g & 200g 

Obviously, a fishy flavour like salmon HAS to be included! These are just the same as the cheese ones, in that they contain taurine, there are no artificial flavours inside, and they have fantastic vitamins & minerals within.

Check out both our 60g and 200g bags!


Chicken 60g & 200g 

Does your cat feel like having chicken tonight? Well, we have you covered with these chicken flavoured packs in 60g and 200g!

They contain everything the others have so far, so you can't go wrong!



Turkey 60g

It doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy the delicious taste of turkey, and your cat can have it anytime with these anti-hairball treats. The amazing thing is that these do exactly that, they help reduce the build-up of furballs!

Available only in 60g, these are delightful treats that contain all the minerals & vitamins as the above flavours, and contain no artificial flavours!


Cat Sticks - Assorted Flavours

We have chicken & liver and salmon & trout, both these amazing packs are £1 each!

Low in fat and a natural source of omega 3, these pouches of 8 sticks are wonderful treats for your feline friend!

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