Get your Garden Summer-Ready With Poundstretcher

We’ve already had some glorious, sunny days this year, and fingers crossed there will be plenty more to come.

Anybody with or without an outdoor space will cherish the sunny days and warm evenings that the British summer brings. However, it's always nice to make that small outdoor haven in your garden into something even better.

There are a host of garden and outdoor products available at Poundstretcher – all coming at conveniently low prices.

Whether you’re looking for gardening accessories or gardening gifts, in this blog, we pick out some of the best options for our customers to help you create and maintain their perfect outdoor place.

Solar Light Up Your Life

Outdoor solar lights are all the rage! These cleverly designed items use the sun’s rays to shine during those lingering evenings and make your garden a really tranquil space.

We offer a wide selection of solar lights in different styles and designs, helping you find exactly what you need in your garden.

We also have lantern-style products, as well as glass jar lights and white solar crackle balls.

And one popular option is our solar flower topiary balls. These are available in purple, white, and red, and offer something truly light topiary ball



Luscious Lawns & Fabulous Flowerbeds

For many green-fingered customers, the lawn is their pride and joy. Maintaining a great green space is a priority, and we have all the products required to keep your lawn looking great all summer long. We have lawn seed available at great low prices, as well as all the tools and equipment you need to maintain flowerbeds.

Take a look through our gardening tools, including gardening planters, gardening forks, and trowels – all available at exceptional prices and bargain deals.

What’s more, you can keep bushes and other green areas neat and tidy with our garden hedge shears, while we have garden sacks and pop up garden bags to make it easy to tidy things away.

garden shears

Fences & Planters & Baskets, Oh My!

For many gardeners up and down the country, one part of their hobby is ensuring all the elements of the garden are shipshape.

We have a host of fencing items at Poundstretcher, including fence paint and garden screening. There’s also a vast selection of garden chemicals for a variety of tasks. This range includes path and patio cleaner, slug killer and scent off animal repellent.

We also have a host of planters and baskets that are ideals for keeping flowers and other green items in.

And those with greenhouses should also take a look through our propagation range.

To take advantage of the superb range of outdoor and garden products we have available at Poundstretcher, simply head to your nearest store. You can find yours by using our Store Finder! Be sure to start planning your visit and get everything you need for a wonderful summer 2019.

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