Poundstretcher's Cheat Sheet To Valentine's Day


We know how it is. It’s two months after Christmas, you’re low on funds, and you’re fresh out of ideas of how to surprise that special someone in your life. Good job there aren’t any more important dates waiting just around the corner for you then!

Oh wait, yes, Valentine’s Day; how could you forget?! While it’s hard to believe that it’s ALREADY mid-February, it might be even harder to believe that you’ve got less than two days to prepare something so mind-blowingly romantic that your S.O. can’t help but fall in love with you all over again!

Whilst, in theory, it might sound like plain sailing, when you’re on a budget it’s not always easy to find the perfect way to show your love. But thanks to our helpful guide to Valentine’s Day on a shoestring, you just might be in luck!

Mood Lighting

While we all love getting dressed up to go on a fancy night out, sometimes it’s just not plausible. But why should that stop you from having the romantic night you deserve?

Why not try creating some mood lighting with our great selection of string lights! With loads to choose from including our copper wire micro lights and our beautiful 18 pack of light bulb string lights, you can quickly and easily transform your home into your personal romantic hideaway.

Or, if you'd want something a little more lovey-dovey, why not take a look at our super cute heart-shaped tealights to create the ultimate Valentine's Day setting. Though if you'd prefer an actual flame over an artificial one, then we also have a range of delightful scented candles that are just perfect!


Give Your Home A Little Valentine's Love

Want to give your home decor a little bit of a Valentine's Day spruce up? Then why not sprinkle a few artificial rose petals for that romantic touch, or even make it clear how much your loved one means to you and go all out with this sparkling glittering 'LOVE' decoration.

Even something like a simple plush bear can double-up as an adorable decoration for the bedroom! And we can't forget the tried and tested gift sure to melt some hearts... flowers! Keep them nice and pretty on your table or shelf with this tall vase; trust us, flowers go a long way even if they aren't around forever!

Whip Up Something Tasty

If you’re planning on whipping up some five-star food for your one and only, then you’re in luck as our extensive selection of grocery items could be right up your street. With our range of tasty foods including rice, canned goods, and a whole selection of sauces, you’ll be free to spend less time cooking and more time cuddling!

And thanks to our great selection of branded sweet treats, you and your partner can tuck into a box of Maltesers, Belgian truffles, Quality Streets or even some Cadbury's Milk Tray, after what we know will be a slap-up meal.

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Enjoy! <3