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  • Get Set For Spring Cleaning With Our 6 Easy Tips


    Where has the time gone? It's almost March and that means spring is getting closer to being in full bloom (could have sworn I saw a bumblebee the other day)! With Easter and Mother's Day on the horizon, it's time to think about (if you haven't already) cracking on with some spring cleaning before it slips away from you!

    With our wide range of products here at Poundstretcher, you'll have everything you need to tackle this task before you. Here are a few quick tips to help make everything easier and our top choice of cleaning products to use.


    Tip #1: Before You Begin - Clean Your Utensils

    The last thing you want is to track more dirt and pesky dust bunnies around your home, right? Well, then one of the first things you should consider before sweeping your brooms left, right, and centre is to give the bristles a good cleaning. This goes for any cloths you wish to use too.

    Just simply give them a quick once-over with your vacuum (making sure to give the nozzle a clean afterward too) or wash it with warm, soapy water. Also, make sure you give your sponges a good soak too.


    Tip #2: Clean Your Light Fixtures

    You'll be amazed at how dusty your light fixtures can get, and also at how much it can slightly alter the lighting in your home. All it takes is a quick climb up a stepladder, a sponge, and some handy Dettol Anti-bacterial surface cleaner to get the job done.

    Regular up-keep also prevents the build-up in these tough to reach places, meaning you'll have a cleaner home. It's especially useful to bear in mind if someone in the house has dust allergies and/or breathing difficulties.


    Tip #3: Wipe Every Surface, Even Vertical Ones

    It isn't just the kitchen counters and other horizontal surfaces you should clean on a regular basis. Build-up can occur on your cupboard doors and drawers too, almost seeming invisible. It's a good idea to give everything a good wipe with some antibacterial surface cleaner to get rid of the germs for good.


    Tip #4: Deep Clean Your Fridge

    Same as the windows, make sure you clean the inside and outside of your fridge; you'd be surprised how much grime can gather on your fridge door! Gather up all your refrigerated supplies and give the entire inside a good clean. Pull out all the interior shelves and wash them in warm soapy water, followed by wiping down everything else that cannot be removed (this includes the sides, bottom, and fridge 'ceiling'.).


    Tip #5: Clean the Windows Inside & Out

    First off, did you know it's a better idea to clean your windows on a cloudy day? That way you can ensure the water and Mr. Muscle window spray will not dry and create a load of speckles before you're done.

    It can be difficult to clean the outside of your windows if they're not reachable at ground level. However, it's worth making sure they're just as clean as the inside. What's the point of cleaning the windows on the inside, if there are smudges and dirt on the outside? One product that can help you is our Window Cleaning Kit, containing a rubber squeegee, microfibre mop, a replacement window mop pad, ergonomic hand grip, and telescopic pole (that extends to 1.05cm approx.)!


    Tip #6: Declutter All The Clutter

    Finally, tackle the biggest part of spring cleaning (getting rid of and/or organising all your clutter) with our range of storage options! This doesn't mean cramming things anywhere, stuffing them into a box, and leaving them under the bed. No, you might as well do a complete clear out of all your unwanted books, movies, and knick-knacks (either selling them on eBay or giving them to a charity shop). The rest of them can then be organised by size/subject/genre and then neatly aligned.

    For your clothes, some over-door hooks can work wonders in freeing up some space, as would placing your random bits and pieces in any of our plastic storage containers. Also, similar to organising your books and movies, it would be worth doing the same for clothes. Having a designated space for each type of clothing (and also arranging them by occasion) would make your daily routine much smoother.


    Have any other top tips on cleaning wizardry to share? Maybe you're a domestic deity who wishes to impart a fantastic way of tackling daily cleaning chores? Well then, share your thoughts and views on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and also be sure to check out our weekly competitions and amazing deals.

    Want to find your nearest store? Well, just use our Store Finder and your local store (including directions and opening hours) will be available to you in a flash.

  • All The Moving Day Necessities You Need

    They say that moving home can be one of the most stressful things a person can do. And that’s a pretty well-founded theory, as anyone who’s carried out a serious house move will well know.

    With so much to shift from your old home to your new abode, it can be an overwhelming thought. But by being structured and organised, it is possible to make a house move a relatively stress-free process.

    One way to help make sure this is the case is by stocking up on excellent moving items that can be used to not only haul your belongings to their new location but also store things once you’re nicely settled into your new home.

    Plastic Storage Options

    Plastic storage boxes are perfect for any big move. They provide ample space to fill with all your precious items and protect them during transit.

    They are also a very flexible option and are perfect for everything from kitchenware and household items to clothes, shoes and even food and drink.

    And once everything is safely moved in, these boxes are great for storing a wide variety of household items. They can be stored under beds, in closets or wardrobes with ease, and are a great way of helping to ensure your home looks spotless.

    Baskets and Boxes

    If you’re looking for more visually-striking storage options for your new home that can double up as extra moving equipment, we have a great selection of basket and boxes.

    These are ideal for families with young children and can house all those toys and items that can get misplaced during a big move, helping parents to avoid tantrums and tears. Plus you can use them to tidy toys away once you’re happily settled in your new home.

    Cleaning Everything Up

    One of the often forgotten elements of moving is cleaning up the mess you leave behind. Nobody wants to leave a house or flat in a poor state when moving out, but it’s always amazing how much unseen dirt can accumulate over time without you even realising.

    So when the big moving day comes, having a great selection of basic cleaning supplies at your disposal can help get things neat and tidy in no time.

    At Poundstretcher, we have a massive range of cleaning products that can help you leave the home you’re vacating looking fresh for the next occupants. We offer a fine range of kitchen cleaners and bathroom cleaners that can get things looking shipshape quickly. This means that if you’re renting, for example, you can give yourself a better chance of getting that all important deposit back.

    Where To Find These Goodies?

    So ahead of your big move, make sure you schedule in a visit to your nearest Poundstretcher store. You can pick up a fine selection of essential items and prepare for the big move in style.

    Do you have any fantastic tips or hints on the best way to sort out with the stress of moving? Come and tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

  • Take A Look Through Our Top February Discounts

    One of the reasons Poundstretcher’s customers keep coming back to us is because of the great value and amazing savings we continually offer to everyone across the nation.

    This February, on top of the 1000s of prices we have already slashed, we’ve also made selected cuts to other parts of our range to provide you with more for your money.


    Tea & Coffee Essentials

    There are some pretty fundamental things that get people through the day – one of which is a nice hot drink.

    We’ve knocked 25% off a host of tea, coffee, and sugar canisters, so be sure to browse our selection of homeware products and find what you need.


    Salty Savings

    It’s a point of contention among fish and chip fanatics – how much salt do you put on, if any at all?

    Well if you fall on the saltier side of the divide, you are sure to love some of the discounts we have available on our salt selection.

    We’ve knocked up to 50% off a wide variety of our salt products, including Himalayan White Salt, Atlantic Sea Salt, and Pink, Black and White salts in bottles. You can pick up these flavoursome options for less at Poundstretcher this February.


    Save On String Lights

    String lights are great for turning an ordinary space into somewhere with a touch of magic.

    You can pick up peg lights that are great for hanging photographs from, making them ideal weddings and party lights.

    We have lowered prices on a host of selected string lights as part of our February discounts, so don’t miss out.

    String lights


    Pick-up Some Bargain Placemats

    If you’re looking to add a touch of style and sophistication to the dining table, you’re in luck.

    We’ve knocked our price down on our placemats and coasters, including 2 packs of Black Faux Leather Placemats, giving your kitchen or dining room set up a fresh lease of life.


    Keep Warm On Chilly Nights

    The worst of the winter might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean that temperatures won’t dip down on chilly evenings.

    To stay warm through the remainder of February and spring, be sure to take a look through our full selection of thermal clothing, including socks, gloves, and hats. You can save on these great items this month at Poundstretcher.

    thermal clothing


    Fabulous February Savings

    Don’t forget that our pet event is also currently taking place, so if you’re on the lookout for great low prices for pet products, be sure to visit Poundstretcher before the 2nd March.

    To find your nearest Poundstretcher store, head to our Find a Store for opening hours, addresses, and contact details so you can start planning your next trip today!

    For more fantastic bargains and competitions, why not look at our Facebook and Twitter for everything you could need this February.

  • Poundstretcher's Cheat Sheet To Valentine's Day


    We know how it is. It’s two months after Christmas, you’re low on funds, and you’re fresh out of ideas of how to surprise that special someone in your life. Good job there aren’t any more important dates waiting just around the corner for you then!

    Oh wait, yes, Valentine’s Day; how could you forget?! While it’s hard to believe that it’s ALREADY mid-February, it might be even harder to believe that you’ve got less than two days to prepare something so mind-blowingly romantic that your S.O. can’t help but fall in love with you all over again!

    Whilst, in theory, it might sound like plain sailing, when you’re on a budget it’s not always easy to find the perfect way to show your love. But thanks to our helpful guide to Valentine’s Day on a shoestring, you just might be in luck!

    Mood Lighting

    While we all love getting dressed up to go on a fancy night out, sometimes it’s just not plausible. But why should that stop you from having the romantic night you deserve?

    Why not try creating some mood lighting with our great selection of string lights! With loads to choose from including our copper wire micro lights and our beautiful 18 pack of light bulb string lights, you can quickly and easily transform your home into your personal romantic hideaway.

    Or, if you'd want something a little more lovey-dovey, why not take a look at our super cute heart-shaped tealights to create the ultimate Valentine's Day setting. Though if you'd prefer an actual flame over an artificial one, then we also have a range of delightful scented candles that are just perfect!


    Give Your Home A Little Valentine's Love

    Want to give your home decor a little bit of a Valentine's Day spruce up? Then why not sprinkle a few artificial rose petals for that romantic touch, or even make it clear how much your loved one means to you and go all out with this sparkling glittering 'LOVE' decoration.

    Even something like a simple plush bear can double-up as an adorable decoration for the bedroom! And we can't forget the tried and tested gift sure to melt some hearts... flowers! Keep them nice and pretty on your table or shelf with this tall vase; trust us, flowers go a long way even if they aren't around forever!

    Whip Up Something Tasty

    If you’re planning on whipping up some five-star food for your one and only, then you’re in luck as our extensive selection of grocery items could be right up your street. With our range of tasty foods including rice, canned goods, and a whole selection of sauces, you’ll be free to spend less time cooking and more time cuddling!

    And thanks to our great selection of branded sweet treats, you and your partner can tuck into a box of Maltesers, Belgian truffles, Quality Streets or even some Cadbury's Milk Tray, after what we know will be a slap-up meal.

    Visit our Store Finder to find your nearest Poundstretcher store for all the bargains and fantastic products you could ever need. Also, why not take a look at our Twitter and Facebook pages for much, much more!


    Enjoy! <3


  • Create Your Own Valentine's Movie Date Night

    With less than a week to go, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Maybe you've already made plans for the day, or maybe you're still deciding on what to do? Regardless, it's always worth considering making a spectacular movie-themed date night for a special and memorable experience!

    Whether or not you have a massive theatre-sized TV, you can make your romantic evening something to remember! If you truly want that romantic cinema feel after a nice takeaway candle-lit dinner, here are a few tips on how to do just that!

    Pick Your Movie

    First things first, you'll want to decide on what movie you're going to want to watch. Whether it's LaLa Land, The Notebook, Titanic, Deadpool, When Harry Met Sally..., it's always best to decide in advance what to watch. Why? Well, you can use our Movie Night Kit (which comes with 2 popcorn buckets, 2 cups with straws, and 2 entry tickets) to write the name of the movie on and include it as part of your Valentine's Day present or slot it inside your Valentine's Day card!

    Roll Out The Rose-Red Carpet

    Now that's sorted, why not set the romantic mood by sprinkling some rose petals on the floor, on the sofa, or even a single rose with a 'reserved' card on the seat of your special someone?

    Why not light some candles around the room for some additional lovely-dovey lighting? We have a range of scents and fragrances, such as Roasted Marshmallow, that will add that extra touch of blissful relaxation. and add some throws to your seating area for snuggling under during the feature presentation?


    Let's All Go To The Lobby

    Snacks are a big part of the cinema experience. Popcorn, sweets, drinks, we all love a good splurge and feast of goodies when watching a movie. Why should it be any different when you're in your living room? So make sure you don't forget to bring an array of snacks to nibble on (strawberries dipped in chocolate are a big favourite).

    Oh, and if you want to add an extra touch of romance to your drinks, why not think about adding some heart-shaped ice cubes?


    Enjoy Our Feature Presentation

    Whether you are going to be watching a romance, a rom-com, a horror, sci-fi, or even binge on Netflix, just make the night all about the two of you and enjoy it!

    Want to find your nearest lobby/Poundstretcher for all your goodies and bits & pieces? Check out our Store Finder for all your Valentine's Day needs, where you can find store addresses, contact details, and opening hours!

    And why not check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for more news and fantastic offers. Or why not simply share your own romantic ideas with everyone?

  • Valentine’s Day Treats For That Special Someone

    Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching, and if it’s not in your diary yet, make sure you get it circled sooner rather than later!

    As much as you love that special someone in your life, it can sometimes be a little tricky to find those perfect Valentine’s Day gifts that help you express how you feel.

    Sometimes a big gesture is the order of the day, while in many cases buying those small, cute gifts as a timely reminder can be just as effective.

    At Poundstretcher, we stock a fine selection of romantic gifts in our Valentine's Day range that won’t do much damage to bank balance, but will certainly bring joy to the recipient.

    Cute Cards!

    Every Valentine’s Day, there’s a chance to express your feelings and make your partner feel extra special. Buying a Valentine’s Day Card and writing down some heartfelt lines can go a long way to doing this.

    At Poundstretcher, we have a brilliant selection of cards for you to pick from. With sweet messages, nice graphics and cute photographs, a card from Poundstretcher will certainly help you get the message across.

    All the cards in our range are priced at just £1, so you can pick up a great buy for less today.

    Find That Perfect Gift!

    Poundstretcher’s selection of gifts for Valentine’s Day is designed to help you get exactly what you want for less.

    Some of our most popular items are our selection of scented candles. These are perfect for setting that romantic mood and creating a pleasing aroma. We have dozens of different styles and scents to pick from, so don’t miss out on these great gift options.

    There are also amazing mugs with lovely romantic messages available, as well as novelty items such as movie night kits and Valentine’s Day photo props.

    We have bath fizzers and salts that can help your partner relax and escape from the outside world, while we even have romantic pajama sets.

    Add to this our range of fragrances, valentine’s day underwear, and artificial red roses, and it’s safe to say that you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Poundstretcher.

    Chocos and More!

    The selection of products at Poundstretcher is wide-spanning, and there’s no reason to limit yourself exclusively to our Valentine’s Day ranges.

    We have a host of chocolates available for example, while some home furnishings and health and beauty products could be just as well-received.

    To take advantage of our great range of products, simply head to your nearest Poundstretcher store. Use our find a store tool to locate yours (where you'll find opening hours, address, and contact details), and start planning your visit today.

    Feel free to also visit our Twitter and Facebook pages for other amazing bargains, competitions, and so much more!

  • Stay Warm & Safe With Our Daily Winter Survival Tips

    We've all seen the state of the weather this past week. It's been a bit more than brisk, that's for sure! With all the snow (for those in the lucky/unlucky parts of the country) out there it's definitely hard to get around and stay safe; that's where Poundstretcher comes in!

    We have a range of winter essentials that are just fantastic for surviving this chilly winter weather that's suddenly gripped the nation. You won't find warmer bargains anywhere on the high street; there's 'snow' deals like ours, that's for sure!

    With the weekend upon us, we have everything you need for the ideal snow day!


    Morning - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There!

    It's the early morning, so when you wake up to that brisk icy morning, why not start your day with a warm cup of coffee (or tea, if that's your preference). There's nothing quite like a steaming cuppa in the morning, is there?

    Wash that down alongside some tasty breakfast cereal or a hearty bowl of delicious tomato soup, and in no time you'll be wide awake and ready to kick-start your day!


    Morning - Don't Let Your Car Become an Icicle

    The last thing you want, whether you are going to work or not, is to be all ready to get moving and find your car is completely frozen!

    We have a range of de-icers, like our Michelin De-Icer, and car scrappers, that you'll see the frost and ice vanish in seconds from your car! It's perfect to stock up a small supply for the future, especially since you never know when another cold snap might hit!


    Morning - Stay Nice and Thermal

    With that sorted, maybe you want a nice walk through the park with your dog, or nip out to the shops? Whatever the reason, make sure you are bundled up nice and warm with some 25% off on thermal-wear!

    We have thermal everything: socks, hats, snoods, and gloves! They're ideal to shield you from the harsh weather this year, and with a range of colours you can coordinate it with whatever style you wish.


    Early Afternoon - Having 'Snow' Much Fun!

    Now, with you all bundled up, you can start heading out for some family fun with the kids in the early afternoon (after some lunch, of course). That's right, we have sledges all ready to go in our stores, perfect for sliding down hills at rocket-speed!


    Late Afternoon - Keep Your Home Toasty

    Returning home, you'll want to warm it up a bit with our range of heaters. Feel safe and cosy with our Hyundai black curved fireplace or Glen heater, both are ideal ways to survive the chilly winter weather outside.

    Or maybe you'd rather go 'au naturel' and just go for a nice blazing flame atop some dried logs or smokeless coal. Poundstretcher have you covered too with our warm and toasty winter fuel range.


    Early Evening - Keep Your Belly Nice & Warm

    Now your home is starting to warm up, you might be starting to feel the negative effects of the cold weather? Beat the cold with some lemsip or keep that soothing feeling going with some more soup, tea/coffee, OR maybe you would rather have a hot chocolate?

    Let your tastebuds dive into the warm embrace of some Cadbury's hot chocolate (maybe with some marshmallows for good measure). Maybe some biscuits or chocolate would be a nice addition as you take a nice, warm rest.


    Evening - Snuggle In Cosiness

    Now, with the cold winter's night shut out of your mind, why not stay snuggled up nice and cosy on the sofa? Poundstretcher has so much choice of warm water bottles to cuddle with, and an amazing range of throws (from dazzling starry ones, to ones for the kids). Maybe you can just relax with your warm drink whilst watching the latest episodes of your favourite TV show for a chilled-out night of relaxation?

    However you wish to spend your wintery weekend, make sure to keep bundled up warm, drink plenty of fluids, and make the most of it before it vanishes without a trace!

    Be sure to check out our fantastic Store Finder, which has local store opening hours, addresses, and contact details all ready to view! And also, we have our Twitter and Facebook pages; so why not show off your fun winter weekends with us?!

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