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  • Our Top 5 Romantic Valentine’s Gifts under £5

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Poundstretcher's here,

    With gifts for you!


    Here at Poundstretcher, we have a range of fantastic Valentine's Day goodies for you to present to your loved one this year. You can make this loved-up time of year something special and fantastic whilst still shopping affordably and on a budget. So, get ready for the 14th of February with our top 5 great gift ideas that fall under £5!

    Mugnificent Mugs - £1 each

    Mugs, especially when bought as a pair like with these his and her mugs, will be something you use often throughout the year without a doubt.

    For tea, coffee, or hot chocolates, a gift such as this would be a constant reminder of the other person and your relationship. Featuring beautiful lovey designs, like with this red hearts mug, sizzling hot stuff statements, and gorgeous/bold fonts, these luxury foil print mugs are sure to go down a treat!


    Get Comfy With Cushions - £3.99 each

    What's a home without a few cushions? Make your statement and devotion to one another with these romantic 43cmx43cm (approx) cushions.

    Regardless if you want to say 'be mine' with a scattered heart theme or that you 'love them to the moon and back' with beautiful foil font, you'll be able to proclaim your love with these gifts. They're as soft as they are wonderfully designed.


    I <3 You - £1

    Whether you wish to add your own photo of yourself as this year's gift or a shared one of a loving moment, you'll be able to immortalise it on the wall with this heart photo frame!

    With a vintage effect in cream, this frame can be hung with ease on the hessian rope, making it perfect for a living room or bedroom.


    Soft & Cuddly - £3 each

    Get your cuddle on with these delightfully adorable plush toys! We have soft toy dogs and bears (in different colours/varieties) that are just waiting to be hugged and shown some love. It's the perfect way to say 'I love you' this Valentine's Day.

    Ho can you say 'no' to their cute adorable faces? They'll sit nicely on the foot of your bed or on a dresser, a furry reminder of the bond you both share.

    Roses Are Red - £1 each

    What's Valentine's Day without a stunning rose? Well, here at Poundstretcher we have the finest artificial roses for you to gift to your sweetheart this year. Nothing says 'I love you' like a single red rose.

    If you also wish to create the perfect Valentine's Day mood, then why not sprinkled some artificial red rose petals around your home? It turns a simple dinner into a romantic getaway!

    Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more great Valentine's Day deals and get in touch with your own romantic ideas! Also, be sure to visit our Find-a-Store to see where your nearest Poundstretcher is for all your Valentine's Day gift, card, and chocolate needs.

  • Great Bird Products To Help Your Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

    Get yourself ready for this weekend, as it's finally the Big Garden Birdwatch! From Saturday 27th to Monday 29th it's all about counting and noting down the range of avian wildlife that's all around us. So, why not stock up on some last-minute bird supplies? Here're a few quick selections to really help enhance what you'll be able to see right in your back garden.


    Oakdale Filled Bird Feeder - £1.99

    One of the best ways to encourage more birds to venture into your garden is to use a bird feeder. With this already-filled Oakdale bird feeder, you can hit the ground running with attracting a wide variety of garden birds. It's easy to hang, clean, and refill, making it an ideal all-year feeder.

    We carry a range of feeders, from those shaped like teacups, metallic ones, and even a huge multi-feeder bird station!

    Tub of 50 Fatballs - £3.99

    To attract birds to your garden you'll need a supply of tasty treats for them to enjoy. We have loads of different types that birds just LOVE; one of which is this tub of 50 wild bird fatballs.  Suitable for year-round feeding, these balls contain an abundance of vitamins and nutrients that energieses wild birds to keep them active and healthy.

    If 50 is a little TOO much for you, then we also have this 6 pack of fatballs that would be perfect for the coming weekend.


    Mealworms 400g - £4.99

    Another great treat for garden birds would be this 400g tub of mealworms. A natural snack, these will help keep Britain's birds healthy throughout the winter due to being high in protein and healthy fats. You'll be able to give them the energy to keep flying strong so they can return to your place for another helping in the future.


    Wild Bird Seed 1kg - 69p

    Another food you can present to your fine feathered friends would be this 1kg bag of wild bird seeds! The sheer size is ideal to last a while so you can keep all the visiting birds to your garden well-fed. Use it to fill your bird feeder and let all manner of birds to flock!

    You'll be surprised how any one of these treats can help attract a greater variety of birds to your garden (and not just for the birdwatch)! You'll be able to admire so many more visiting finches, sparrows, pigeons, and so many more (depending on where you live) as they fuel-up with a passing snack in your garden!

    So, head on over to the RSPB website to hear more about the event, however, not before you check out Poundstretcher's Find-a-Store to see where your nearest store is located. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter channels for more news, competitions, and great offers!


  • 5 Plastic Storage Boxes For Under £5 Each

    What better way to start the new year than with a nice organised home? How can you achieve this when you have bits and pieces all over the place? Easy; if the above image (and title) didn't give it away then your answer is plastic storage!

    Finding storage space and how you can maximise it is always a struggle. With the help of these plastic storage boxes from Poundstretcher, you can make sure you are optimising and making the most of your space. Each of the below would not only make a great storage solution but are all well priced at under £5!


    Mini Dragon Box - £3.99

    Perfect at clearing away clutter into one secure space, this mini dragon box is the ideal purchase for your New Year cleanse! With a sturdy and clear plastic base, along with a handy fold-down lid, this piece is practical, durable, and perfect for your home; and what's more, it can all be had for £3.99!


    7 Litre Storage Box 4 Pack - £4.99

    If you wish to divide and place your clutter belongings in separate boxes, then this is the storage container for you. With four 7 litre boxes (each with a different coloured lid), you can see clearly everything that is inside without having to spend time searching around. You can colour coordinate them and are small enough to fit in tight spots.


    42 Litre Plastic Storage Box - £4.99

    Want a BIG solution to your storage concerns? Then this 42-litre plastic storage box is just what you're looking for! It's perfect for keeping your belongings safe and sound, and is large enough to keep anything from electronics, books, even things like duvet covers or towels! It comes complete with its own black lid and so can fit in with any home's decor.


    Underbed Storage Box - £3.99

    There's plenty of space under your bed, surely, but you want a good underbed storage container without the hassle of having something TOO big under there?  You could just stuff them all into random cardboard boxes and cram them under there; but just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Why not neaten up even those spaces you rarely see with these underbed storage boxes?


    32 Litre Fold Flat Plastic Storage Crate - £2.99

    Want a storage container but not a big plastic tub with a lid? Well then, why not try out this fold flat storage crate? It's perfect for when you need that bit of extra storage, especially when you want to move them around with ease. They make great boxes for keeping toys and random bits and bobs in and is made from extremely strong plastic with a sturdy design. With a storage capacity of 32-litres, this crate can fold flat so it can be neatly stored away.

    So, there we have it. Five fantastic products, all at great affordable prices, and only available at Poundstretcher! Be sure to check out the BIG SALE we have going on for plastic storage!

  • How to Organise Your Kitchen Storage in 5 Easy Steps

    Happy New Year! Yes, it's finally 2018; a whole new year and, for many people, it's the starting point for a whole new outlook on life. There's always so much to do around the home, and one of the tasks you'll no doubt find yourself doing is managing all that food storage you've accumulated.

    It doesn't matter if you wish to store any leftover bits and pieces from Christmas/New Year or just so you can start the year on a clean note. In the leap into the new year, we at Poundstretcher are here to assist with 5 easy steps in managing your kitchen organisation.

    Step 1

    Okay, don't cry at the sight of all the 'organised' chaos that's clogging your cupboards. First things first, remove everything from the storage area you're trying to tackle and place them on a predetermined surface (i.e: a dining table, a sheet on the floor).

    Just gut it all out so you can see what you have to work with.

    Step 2

    Start to sort all your plastic storage pieces into sections/piles. You'll soon realise that whilst you thought your kitchen/storage was small, it's more the fact you've accumulated too much stuff!

    Organise them however you wish, be it: small tubs, large tubs, their purpose, if lids are missing, if only the lids remain, if they're broken, if they are wonderfully unique, if you just hate the sight of them, if you realise they belong to someone else and have been meaning to return them to their rightful owner, anything! Just start separating them so you can visibly see the end goal (it's true)!

    Step 3

    Now it's time to decide which ones you wish to keep from each individual pile, and the ones that can get tossed out/recycled. You can decide this by thinking, 'Do I really need all of these massive tubs when I hardly use any?'

    If you don't wish to simply toss them out, then you can always give them away to family and friends (providing they're not broken and they haven't got lids missing). Clean out your own space whilst clogging up someone else's! Either that or find a creative way to store/use them. They can make interesting storage containers for other areas of the home, or even used for growing plants.

    Step 4

    Clean the surfaces! Yes, it's time to break out the multi-purpose cleaner and give that area a good scrubbin' before putting everything back (might be a good idea to give some of the long-lost tubs you've decided to keep a bit of a wash too).

    Step 5

    So, now you've got all your plastic storage containers in their neat, tidy, little piles, you can start putting them all back. However, make sure everything has a place. Put small tubs within larger ones, keep the less likely used ones pushed a bit to the back, and always keep lids with their respective counterpart.

    You might also be able to find you can now store additional food items in your cupboards, maybe even a few little countertop storage containers that were taking up some visual space.

    And there we have it, folks! A few quick (dependant on how much you've managed to horde) and easy steps in organising your kitchen food storage spaces. A clean home is a happy home they say!

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