Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: April

Greenfinger's Guide To Growing: April

It's #NationalGardeningWeek and Greenfinger is here, with more hints and tips to get your garden growing! This month we’re looking at what to sow and plant in… you guessed it, April! So get your gardening gloves at the ready and your trowel in hand, and take a look at the latest instalment of Greenfinger’s guide to growing in…April!


Is your lawn looking a bit patchy and neglected? Then now is the time to sow some grass seeds and help it return to it's former glory. It's so easy to forget about the grassy parts of our garden, but these need as much love and care as your flowers.


Gladioli are some of my favourite flowers, their distinct shape, height and wonderful array of colours make them perfect for planting along garden fences.  Their bulbs are easy to plant too, just make sure your soil is well drained and you're ready to go - easy!


With the birds singing, blossom blooming and the warmer weather floating in on the breeze it’s the perfect time to get your veggies growing. The season of fresh salad will soon be upon us – get planting lettuces, kale seeds and tomatoes ready to fill salad bowls at BBQs. Sow cucumbers towards the end of the month and they’ll soon be ready to adorn your salads and be mixed into your jugs of Pimms.


Don’t forget about the dishes you’ll be preparing come late summer and autumn though, now is the time to sow cabbages and onions ready for stews and soups. If you’re looking to add some colour to your meal times beetroots are the veg for you, and just the thing to plant this month as well. We have a great selection of seeds just waiting to be picked by you in your local Poundstretcher.



It’s just the month to get your potted fruit trees and plants growing – great if you have limited space as fruit will thrive even on your balcony! But don’t forget to protect your plum and pear trees from the icy grasp of spring frost that still comes a-knocking at night.



Those herbs you grew from seeds or bought can now go outside, into pots, window boxes or our Mini Wall Hook Planters.  I especially like to fill hanging baskets with hardy rosemary, fragrant mint and bright chives and watch as they thrive. Their small brightly coloured flowers will attract bees to your garden as well, so sit back and relax as you watch these marvellous creatures buzz around your herb garden.


If you’re fond of Italian flavours in your cooking basil seeds are also great to sow in April – truly versatile basil is wonderful in chicken, pasta and even strawberry based dishes!

Featured Recipe

Aprons at the ready it’s that time again to revel in the delicious produce you have grown. Herbs are a fantastic way to elevate a dish from tasty to delicious, and as I mentioned basil earlier I think we’ll use just that to make basil and tomato spaghetti – yum!

Basil-With-PS-Logo (2)

So if you’ve been bitten by the gardening bug, and you want to try your hand at growing some greens during #NationalGardeningWeek, then pop over to your local Poundstretcher to grab some supplies today!