SNEAK PEEK: Stylish Storage For The New Year

SNEAK PEEK: Stylish Storage For The New Year

It’s been a while since we gave you guys and gals a sneaky peek of our new ranges – so we thought we’d give you an early Christmas present and showcase our stylish storage!

Coming to a store near you in 2017, these storage boxes can be used for any room and with so many delightful designs available, we figured we’d give you some inspiration for how to put it to good use.

So if anyone asks, you saw it here first!

The Vintage Vibe

Grey, pink, and floral storage box crates

Vintage is a trend that keeps coming back again. With so many different eras to reflect on, there’s certainly a lot of vintage styles to go round! We figured we’d pick a more rustic vibe with our Large Wooden Storage Crates. At £7.99 each, they’re a bargain and come in a variety of colours. If you’re going for a pretty atmosphere then our pastel pink storage crate is the way forward while fans of a more Gothic retro style will love our black storage crate for its charcoal charm.

The Tweens Room

Patterned storage boxes

Tweens are always hard to work out. When your young one reaches that stage where they’re not quite an adult but not quite a small kid either, it’s a trying time to work out what’s in, what’s out, and what trends are coming back! Luckily our Collapsible Storage Boxes come in a variety of designs so they can pick the style they prefer. And at £3.99 they’re great value so you can collect them all to keep up with your tween’s trends!

The New Home

Crate Storage Boxes

 Maybe you or a loved one has moved in to a new home recently and is in need of some positivity for their new humble abode. Well our Flower Wooden Storage Crates (£1.99) will make them feel right at home with their bright floral print and comforting ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ message. If they’re still at the stage of unpacking, why not get them a Wooden Storage Design Box complete with cute messages about a ‘neat & tidy home sweet home’? For £3.99 it’s a fab present to give to celebrate a fresh new start in a happy home!

Looking for some stylish storage boxes for your home? Visit the Poundstretcher website to find your nearest store!