Kids Fashion: Bonfire Night Essentials

Fashion and Bonfire Night aren’t always the first words that you imagine to mix together.

However a HUGE part of Guy Fawkes Night celebrations are all about wrapping up in the right gear. After all this November looks set to be a right chiller after our fantastic Summer weather of 2016.

So let’s have a look at some top kids Winter fashion trends to keep your little one warm from Bonfire Night and beyond!

A family around a bonfire in the woods

Animal Magic

Autumn is a time where Britain’s wildlife is in the final stages of prepping for the harsh Winter.

So it’s no surprise that cute woodland inspired animal clothes become a sought after Winter accessory for the little ones. Cosy knitwear that will also bring out the inevitable cuteness of your little cherub is definitely one of the positives of Winter… which makes the whole standing in front of the school gates at stupid o’clock with icicles forming on your nose seem worth it.

Kids wool Knit Animal Hats

Our cute Animal Hats available in Two Tone Knit (£1.99) in cute owl and mouse designs are perfect for kids who love to look catwalk-ready even when off to Bonfire Night celebrations! For the kids who favour a quirkier look, our Unicorn and Pom Pom Bear Hats (£2.99) are a colourful, cute, and a far more vibrant out-there version of our classic Two Tone Knit hats.

Kids Animal Wool Knit Hats

They’re perfect for keeping your little one warm and making them stand out from the crowd on Guy Fawkes Night!

They’re perfect for keeping your little one warm and making them stand out from the crowd on Guy Fawkes Night!

Getting A Grip With Gloves

Gloves are a must-have for Bonfire Night shindigs, especially if your kids have got their eyes on having some sparklers.

A little boy with a sparkler

Our Guy Fawkes Safety Blog has some great tips for keeping the little ones safe around the Bonfire and tips on how to properly hold sparklers.

Everyone must wear gloves if they’re going to hold sparklers. Our Magic Grip Gloves are perfect for keeping a grip on those sparklers and to shelter little hands from the cold!

It’s All Good In The Snood

Being outside watching the dazzling fireworks exploding across the night sky is magical, however you don’t want the aftermath being sniffles and coughing.

With the air getting colder, it’s important to wear a scarf to keep the cold off your chest.

Ladies Kids Checked Snood Scarf

Our fab Tartan Print Snoods (£3.99) may be for adults but the kids can benefit from wearing them too thanks to their smart wrap around design and snuggle soft material!

They’re stylish, cosy, and most importantly they’ll keep you warm during Bonfire Night celebrations!

An assortment of multi colour gloves

Heading out for Bonfire Night? Visit our website to find your nearest store to stock up on your hats, scarves, and gloves!