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  • Winter Warmers: Hot Water Bottles, Cosy Toes, Furry Throws

    Winter Warmers: Hot Water Bottles, Cosy Toes, Furry Throws

    As the weather gets colder and winter is fast approaching, it’s time to stock up on those Winter warmers essentials that will help you beat the chill this year!

    Our Hot Water Bottles range is on fire this year! Not Literally.

    For a comfortable and relaxing evening, why not pick up one of our Luxury Fur Hot Water Bottle that is not only stylish and cosy but will provide the warmth you need for those chilly nights.

    Share the love this Christmas and gift your favourite person with our Super Soft Animal Hot Water Bottle that will make the perfect Christmas Present this year! These cute furry Animal Hot Water Bottles come in various designs and will brighten up anyone’s day with their bright and friendly designs!

    three assorted colourful range of Hot Water Bottles

    Keep your tootsies toastie with our range of Cosy Toes Slippers, Snuggle Socks and Cosy Boots! Wear them around the house for added warmth. We have plenty of styles and patterns available so you have a variety to choose from.  Our range also makes great stocking fillers for the whole family to enjoy!

    assorted range of slippers

    For the ultimate cosiness during winter, pick up some of our luxurious super soft furry throws at bargain value prices.

    All you need on a cold Winter’s night is the sofa and one of our blankets and for ultimate comfort, wrap one of our hot water bottles in the throw and use it as a pillow to keep your head warm!

    There’s no better way to spend a cold Saturday night wrapped up warm in bed!

    woman snuggled in bed

    Show us your fantastic Christmas bargains on Instagram, or share your tips on how to beat the cold on Facebook  and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out our website to view our full collection of winter warmers!  

  • 5 Ways To Use Christmas Tinsel

    5 Ways To Use Christmas Tinsel

    With less than 2 months left until Christmas, now is the time to start thinking of how you are going to decorate the house to get into the festive spirit! Plan your way on how to outdo the neighbours and impress your family members with your creative seasonal ideas!

    We all know how expensive Christmas can be, so why not get creative this year! Christmas Tinsel is a great Christmas decoration that can be used anywhere other than the Christmas tree and will transform your home into the ultimate Winter Wonderland!

    The first place where tinsel will look great is the staircase! Stock up on our range of assorted colour Christmas Tinsel and wrap around your staircase for an instant Christmas feel. Mix two different colours to brighten up the banister during the festive period.

    Christmas decorated staircase

    The mantelpiece is one of the key centre pieces in your home, so why not jazz it up with adding a bit of silver tinsel and opt for a longer piece so it trails down to the side creating a beautiful Christmas display right in front of your very eyes. It’s the perfect place for you to add any other Christmas décor and we suggest picking up our glitter reindeer's in either gold, rose gold or silver!

    mantle piece of Christmas Decorations

    The front window is the perfect place to showcase your best Christmas décor. Welcome your guests to a show stopping window display that even then the neighbours will be jealous of! Add one of our Fibre Optic Christmas Tree’s to the display for a warm and inviting glow.

    Christmas decorated window

    Add some glitz to your front door with some tinsel that will make your home inviting to all your guests! Show off your festivity to your neighbour by arranging the tinsel in various shapes that will save you from buying a wreath!

    Front door open to a Christmas decorated living room

    Why not take the Christmas spirit with you in your car and wrap some around your rear view mirror, but be sure not to cover your view though! Spread the Christmas joy everywhere you go!

    Share your Christmas hacks with us on Twitter and Facebook, and show us how you decorate your home on Instagram. Visit our website to view our full range of Christmas decorations!   

  • Picking Out The Perfect Christmas Tree

    Picking Out The Perfect Christmas Tree

    Deciding to buy a new Christmas Tree can be a daunting task but with our guide on picking the perfect tree, it will leave you feeling stress-free and ready to tackle Christmas! Whether you’re looking for a real or fake one or a white or traditional Alpine green tree, Poundstretcher have got it covered for you.

    The first question you should ask yourself before you buy a tree is if you want a real or fake one. Buying a real tree is a huge commitment as you’ll be picking up the fir leaves regularly, plus you will have the hassle of investing in a new one every Christmas.  However, the benefit of having a real Christmas tree is the fragrant fresh aroma that it can bring into the house that will lift the Christmas spirit!

    Our artificial trees look so real that no one will know it is fake! We love our 6ft Luxury Vancouver Pine Christmas Tree that will take centre stage in your home and can be decorated in any way you wish! To create the fresh pine smell, why not grab one of our scented candles? It will have your home smelling like Christmas in no time!

    Christmas fraser tree

    Think about the size!

    Wanting a big grand tree is fine but if you don’t have enough space in your home, you’ll be wasting a lot of money! We suggest looking at what space you have and working with that while making sure you leave room for your tree topper and stand! You want enough space around the tree as well, so you can fit as many presents as you can underneath!

    We have a range of slim trees to short Christmas trees as small as 4ft that can accommodate any space and will leave enough room for presents!

    slim christmas tree

    Poundstretcher have even thought about the little ones or for those who fancy bringing the Christmas spirit in to their dorm or bedroom! We have a 30cm Fibre Optic Tree  that can be put on a side drawer or even displayed in a bedroom or kitchen window!


    Are you after a stress-free Christmas and want the Christmas tree to just pop up? We can help! Our 5ft Tinsel Pop Up Tree  will create a stylish addition to any room in your home or even your office! With it already being decorated, there is no need for the worry of creating a mess!

    luxury pop up tree

    Share your Christmas tree with us this year on Instagram or why not tell us what tree’s you prefer to buy on Facebook and Twitter. Visit our website to view our full range of Christmas Trees.   

  • Poundstretchers’ Guide To Christmas Tree Decorations

    Poundstretchers’ Guide To Christmas Tree Decorations

    We all know how stressful it is putting up the Christmas tree and deciding how to decorate it. If you’re planning to change your Christmas tree style this year, then our handy guide will help you!

    The first place to start when decorating the tree is getting the lights done!

    With the lights out of the way, it’s time to get to the fun bit! Pick up some of our fabulous 2m Tinsel in an array of colours, wrap it around your tree and you have your starting base!

    assorted colours of tinsel

    The next addition to the tree is the Christmas tree baubles . This is the part where you can never go wrong! We have simple patterns to sleek and elegant baubles that will let you create any theme you like!

    With many designs to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice! We also suggest mix and matching our baubles to create a more vibrant and colourful look on your Christmas tree!

    assorted christmas baubles

    Now it’s time for really getting your Christmas tree into the holiday spirit by picking out Christmas tree decorations! Poundstretcher has a huge range of decorations that will make your Christmas tree the centre piece over the holidays. Go for a traditional look with red baubles and traditional decorations or modernize and grab one of our white Christmas trees and decorate in a Disney’s Frozen style, that Elsa and Ana would swoon over!

    Star Christmas tree decoration

    Lastly, it’s time for the most important decoration: the tree topper!

    The tree topper is the decoration that will get your tree noticed and is the cherry on the top of your Christmas decor! We have Christmas Star Tree Toppers that will shine brightly over your tree or keep it traditional with our Fabric Santa Tree Topper!

    row of tree toppers

    With our guide on decorating your Christmas tree, we are sure that your Christmas tree will be the talk of the town! Share your Christmas tree with us on Instagram, and tell us how you will be decorating your Christmas tree on Twitter and Facebook ! Visit our website to view our full range of festive Christmas decorations! 

  • Get Christmas Ready With 2 For £15 Toys!

    Get Christmas Ready With 2 For £15 Toys!

    The most wonderful time of the year is almost here!

    It may only be October but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get started on your big Christmas shop.

    So why not start with the people who look forward to Christmas the most: the kids! There’s no better way to get started on their Christmas list than our fabulous offers on toys this month: 2 FOR £15!!

    Here’s our top 4 toy picks in our 2 For £15 range for you to grant the little ones Christmas wishes!

    1. Remote Control Monster Rally Car (£9.99)

    Remote Control Rally Car Toy

    A nifty little gadget for the kid that’s crazy about cars, it’ll give them hours of fun as their little hands finally get to grips with a set of wheels! With the pliable joysticks on the remote, they’ll be able to weave their Rally cars around obstacles and be able to reverse out of those tight parking spaces. While just one of these is an affordable £9.99, why not take advantage of our 2 For £15 toys offer and get another Monster Rally Car so they have an opponent to race? Despite this being a toy for kids, Team Poundstretcher can definitely see the adults battling it out in their very own remote control drag race at home with these. Go on granny, show the kids how it’s done!


    1. Super Duper Doggies Tree House Play Set (£7.99)

    Super Duper Doggies Toy

    A great present if your little darling asks for a dog while doing their best puppy dog eyes! Suitable for ages 18 months and over, with our Super Duper Doggies Tree House Play Set your tot can enjoy these adorable dog figurines that are easy for them to hold and grip. With figures of some of the UK’s most popular dog breeds including husky, basset hound, and bull dog included, their little imagination can go barking! The tree house is easy to assemble and comes complete with a sweet play mat too! Perfect for creative kids who love animals!

    1. Remote Control Spider (£7.99)

    Remote Control Spider Toy

    If you’re scared of spiders then you probably want to scroll by this section of our 2 For £15 toys! Our Remote Control Spider certainly gave our team the heebie jeebies so if you have a little prankster in the family then this is the perfect gift for them! It has a realistic crawling motion, scary glowing eyes, and is fuzzy enough to appear like a tarantula – so it’s perfect for bringing a bit of Halloween spirit to the Christmas festivities!

    1. Baby Ella My First Words (£7.99)

    Baby Ella Toy Dol

    One of our best-selling toys, Baby Ella My First Words is an adorable interactive experience for kids who love playing pretend house games. Baby Ella giggles and has 16 different sounds that she says when her belly is pressed. She’s a lovely little addition to the toy box family and will keep the kids entertained!

    So why not find your nearest Poundstretcher and start getting those stocking fillers ready for Christmas? With our 2 For £15 Toys range, you’re sure to find tons of toys for tots, kids, and tweens for a merry Christmas!

    Don’t forget to share your latest Poundstretcher shop on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

  • 10 Things We Love About Autumn

    10 Things We Love About Autumn

    With autumn in full swing, we thought we’d share our top 10 things we love about autumn!

    1. Being able to layer up

    As it gets colder and dark, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on our Cosy Toes Socks, Cosy Boots, and Snuggle Socks that will keep your feet nice and toasty!

    socks being modelled

    2. Candles

    Candles are a simple environmentally friendly way to light up your home! It gives you the perfect homey atmosphere and saves electricity! Opt for our range of scented candles that will add a wonderful aroma to your home during the colder seasons.

    wooden owl candle holders and mason jar candles

    3. Hot Drinks

    You can finally sip on a nice warm mug of Hot Chocolate with plenty of whipped cream and marshmallows whilst sitting by the fireplace watching your favourite TV shows!

    pouring hot chocolate

    4. Wrapping up in throws and blankets

    When it’s cold outside, there is no need to be cold inside! Autumn is the perfect excuse to lounge on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and being able to relax!

    four coloured blankets

    5.  Halloween!
    Whether you’re throwing a spook-tacular Halloween party (check out our range of Halloween decorations here) or heading out on a lookout for some treats,

    Halloween is the frightful night everyone looks forward to!The season of trick or treaters, carved pumpkins and plenty of Zombies covered in fake blood.

    display of Halloween treats

    6.  Bonfire Night!

    Fireworks and lights everywhere! What’s not to love about an Autumn Bonfire night? There’s nothing better than keeping warm by a blazing fire and toasting marshmallows!


    7.  It’s getting darker…

    This means there is more time to spend lying on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and watching rubbish TV!

    8.  Comfort food season is upon us! Eat up, no one will judge you for having seconds (not that we do anyway)! So stock up on soup, stews and all those hearty warm meals that keep you toasty!

    collage of soup

    9. The clocks go back!

    We get an extra hour bed! So remember on Sunday 30th October at 2am, time goes back!


    The minute Halloween is over, it’s time for sleigh bells ringing and pretty Christmas displays everywhere! It definitely puts you in a jolly mood even on a Monday morning. Let the countdown begin!

    moving merry christmas

  • Poundstretcher’s Top Christmas Candles Picks

    Poundstretcher’s Top Christmas Candles Picks

    Christmas decorations might make the home look festive but its candles that will make your home smell like Christmas! Not only will your home smell amazing but candles also brighten up your home and create that Christmas ambience.

    If you’re ready to light your home into the festive season, then get one of our candles that will keep shining until Santa pops along. From glitter covered Christmas tree candles to cinnamon scented Mason jar candles, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

    We’ve rounded up the best Christmas candles that have got us swooning. Not only can they be used to put around your lovely abode but share the gift of light and give our Christmas candles to a loved one!

    Starting off the countdown, we have our Christmas Speckle Scented Candle in a coloured jar that is available in silver, red and gold. These little jars can be placed anywhere but will also make a perfect addition to your mantelpiece. For only £2.99, they’re a Christmas steal!

    christmas candles

    Next up is our Slogan Glass Jar Candles that give you the inspiration you need in the morning to get motivated! The vintage looking candles create warm and inviting vibes for your home and will look great even outside of the festive period.

    cheap christmas candles

    Mason Jars are still everyone’s favourite this year, and Poundstretcher’s Mason jar candles are definitely the ‘it’ candle this season! Filled with scented candles inside, the Mason jar candles come in three festive colours...Red, green and yellow that will put you straight into the jolly spirit!

    mason jar christmas candles

    The candles that are also a must this Christmas is our wooden animal tea lights that come in a deer, squirrel and owl design that are absolutely adorable! These vintage Christmas candles will add that cute feel to your home for Christmas and will instantly lift up the Christmas spirit.wooden christmas candlesOur top pick of Christmas candles this year has got to be our Glitter Christmas Tree candles! These glitzy candles are perfect for the festive season and will have all your guests complimenting them! They will look lovely placed on a mantle next to our other Christmas decorations.

    glitter christmas tree candles

    Tell us your favourite candles and share with us on Instagram where you have placed yours for Christmas. Don’t forget to tweet us and like us on Facebook!   Visit our website to see our full display of Christmas candles to get your Christmas shine on! 

  • Is Your Pet Porky? We're Here To Help!

    Is Your Pet Porky? We're Here To Help!

    We all like to give our pets treats from time to time – especially when they do that face.

    The face every pet owner knows too well.

    Chihuahua looking hungrily at biscuits


    Sometimes though we need to limit the amount of treats we give our pets -  much to their disappointment!

    Today is Pet Obesity Awareness Day so there’s no time like the present than to talk about the health of your dog, cat, or small animal!

    There are 2 common problems that cat and dog owners struggle with while managing the weight of their pets.

    1. My cat steals food…

    Cat stealing ham from counter

    Cats are the most likely culprits to steal food, bringing a new meaning to cat burglar! From shopping bags, kitchen counters, and even the dinner table, nowhere is safe from your pet! Cat owners will be familiar with this problem!

    If your cat is stealing from another pet’s bowl, it may be time to separate them at meal times before it gets out of hand. Food related aggression is a big problem with pets eating in close proximity and usually the more dominant character will be the food stealer.

    Give the cat who is not stealing food a little more time with their bowl so they have a chance to eat before the kitty food thief returns for their own!

    Everyone knows that one cat that seems to convince every neighbour to give them some cat food by pretending they haven’t been fed! So it’s not surprising that so many moggies are getting a bit porky! Neighbours feeding cats can be a big problem, especially if your cat is elderly.

    We’ve all been conned by a cat who looks dishevelled and as if they’re in need of a good meal – when chances are they’ve been to four different houses after finishing their own dinner! If you’re concerned about neighbours giving food to your elderly fluffball, have a chat to them! Explain that although your cat is ‘mature’ and may look a bit rough around the edges, they’re enjoying their retirement.

    Although they probably can’t jump as high as they used to or reach that patch of fur to groom as easily, there really is no need to feel sorry for your cat as they have the street wrapped around their paws.

    1. My kids give our dog their food…

    Child eating biscuit while Dalmatian dog watches

    This is a huge problem for parents of young children and sadly can be incredibly dangerous for your pooch if your little one gives them a food that is poisonous for dogs!

    Grapes, chocolate, onions, and even raisins are all harmful to your barking BFF so if your little nippers end up giving in to your pooch’s pawing it could be disastrous for their health.

    Milk and dairy laden foods, avocado, onions, garlic and chive can cause tummy trouble while bones and corn on the cob are a choking hazard.

    Caffeine acts as a stimulant that can affect a dog’s heart but chocolate especially can be fatal for your dog.

    There is no antidote to the toxicity of this sweet treat so vets often have to make dogs vomit, put them on a drip, and provide medication to control heart rates and prevent seizures when treating dogs who have eaten chocolate.

    So it’s important to talk to older children about how important it is to not feed the dog their snacks, treats, and leftovers from meals.

    But what about the tots?

    Dogs are intelligent animals and unfortunately toddlers and young children who are still steadying their feet are just the right height for the dog to steal food from! If you have a baby gate, use this to your advantage. Make sure the little ones and the dog are separated whenever the kids enjoy a snack or meal. It may seem extreme but it’s only until the younger kids are old enough to understand.

    Dog looking over pet food biscuits

    Our partners at PDSA have an incredible campaign to help you get your pet in shape! The Pet Fit Club has helped some the country’s heavier dogs, cats, and small animals shift those pounds to keep healthy and happy. So why not visit their website and get some top tips on keeping your pet fit and fabulous?

    Want to stock up on pet food, beds, and toys? Find your nearest Poundstretcher and Pet Hut store to get your paws on big brand pet essentials at big discounts!

  • Fang-tastic Halloween Games!

    Fang-tastic Halloween Games!

    A haunted house party isn’t complete without a few house party games!

    Keep the skeletons, monsters, zombies and everybody else entertained with our list of spook-tacular games!

    Our favourite game that we will defiantly be playing this Halloween is Apple Bobbing! This classic game can easily be turned into a garish game fit for Halloween!

    Just add a few drops of red food colouring to your water (it might stain!) and throw some apples in and sink your fangs into the pool of blood. Fang-tastic!

    bowl of water filled with apples and covered with spider web design

    The next game we think would go down a treat is Mummy Wrap! To play this, divide your guests into pairs and give each pair a roll of toilet paper (we suggest you stock on some of ours)! The first team to use up all the roll wins!

    mummy wrapped in rolls

    To really get into the creepy spirit, we suggest playing What’s in the Bowl? This simple game will give everyone the jeepers creepers!

    Grab one of our Pumpkin Sweet Buckets – they’re not just for collecting treats so they’ll be perfect for this game!

    Fill separate bowls with the slimiest food you can think of like cold spaghetti, jelly, mushy grapes, and more that will make your guests squirm! Cover each bowl or blind fold your brave guest and let them guess what they’re touching!

    pumpkin buckets in purple and orange

    And our final spook-tacular Halloween game is PUMPKIN BOWLING! This is a classic indoor game that can also create a spookier atmosphere when played outside. For this simple fun game, grab some rolls of toilet paper and stack them to look like a ghostly figure and use your pumpkin for a bowling ball!

    halloween bowling with a pumpkin

    Got any other frighteningly fun suggestions? Then go over to our Facebook and Twitter and share your ideas with us! Keep up to date with our latest posts on Instagram and visit our website to view our full range of Halloween goodies!

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