Our Merry Trends And Top Christmas Garlands!

Our Merry Trends And Top Christmas Garlands!

Tis the season to be jolly so let’s talk about Christmas décor trends and get your home looking merry!

With our top tips you’ll be able to keep up with the trends while still putting your own spin on your Christmas decorations at home.

Pick a colour – even if it’s not traditional.

Christmas doesn’t just have to be red, gold and green to look festive!

Silver can really bring a Winter wonderland atmosphere in to your home and it means you can mix and match your accessories to include more homemade décor.

Snow topped fir trees, pine cones the little one has found, and Christmas garlands with a natural looking branch style - like our 20 LED Battery Operated Berry Garland in silver- will stop the room appearing too cold with its contrasting silver berries and warm glowing lights.

For a bit of extra oomph, spray paint the pine cones collected by the kids a nice silver colour and arrange them around your Christmas garland on the mantle for a unique snowy scene.

pine cones and garlands at a dinner table

Customise your decorations!

Adding that personal touch to your Christmas theme will separate your home from everyone else’s on the street.

Taking treasured photographs of friends and family to merge in to your Christmas decorations really brings home the true meaning of Christmas.

Painting clothes pegs to match your décor and using them to pin your photos on the branches of our 1.5 M LED Pine Berry Garland (£9.99) will make your Christmas accessories truly unique. Go the full festive route by using photos from the previous Christmas celebrations so everyone will be wearing Santa hats and pulling crackers in the pics!

Christmas lantern with pine cones and berries

Have a stunning centre piece!

A gorgeous centre piece on your dinner table or coffee table can really make your decorations pop!

You can really get arty and crafty with this bit, all you need is a clear glass vase, 2 wine glasses, beaded Christmas garlands, and nature inspired objects like pine cones, conkers, and pulp puree!

Choose your Christmas garland colour – personally we love keeping with the silver theme but a lovely teal colour would also complement your décor – and start adding it to your vase. You don’t have to be neat about this because next you can add your pine cones on top.

Take another beaded Christmas garland, cut the string and let the beads half fill your wine glasses then add a few conkers on top – arrange in the centre of the table and use any left-over pine cones and conkers for bowls or vases around the house. Not only does this make a great Christmas theme, it can also be used in Autumn too!

Are you ready Christmas? Start getting those stocking fillers, Christmas garlands, decorations, and more from Poundstretcher! Find your local store and start your festive bargain hunt now!