Light Up Your Home This Diwali!

With the festival of light around the corner, it’s time to light up your home! Diwali might be a holiday Hindu’s and Sikh’s celebrate but this doesn’t mean no one else can join in too! Lighting candles and placing natural lights everywhere will bring a calming atmosphere into your home while staying Eco-friendly at the same time!

sparklers lit

The festival of Diwali lasts over five days. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. Diwali is known as the festival of lights because houses, shops, and public places are decorated with tea lights, candles, and oil lamps called Diyas.

diyas lit for Diwali

To brighten up your home over this festive period, we have a great range of candles and tea lights that will create a warm atmosphere!

Our favourite candles to use are our Flameless Flickering Scented Candle which provides a lovely fragrance without releasing smoke. You’ll get a relaxing and realistic flickering effort that will convince everyone that it’s a real candle and will create a beautiful subtle scent in your room!

assorted range of flickering candles

Staying with our eco-friendly theme, we also love our Led Colour Change Tea Lights  that come in a variety of colours will light up your home with no wax and no fuss! As you don’t have to worry about a real flame, they can be placed anywhere in your home.

Add some sparkle to your home with our 4 Pack Glitter LED Tea Lights in red or gold that will be perfect for Christmas as well! Watch the glitter shimmer underneath the LED light for some festive sparkle!

assorted range of glitter tea lights

Bring the ultimate glow in to your home with our 25 Quality Tea lights  that will add a bright ambience to your living room or pop them into a candle holder for more decoration!

With all your candles, let them light up your home and enjoy the festivities!

happy diwali message

How will you be lighting up your home for Diwali? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Share your pictures with us on Instagram. Visit our website to view our full range of candles and other decorations!