Is Your Pet Porky? We're Here To Help!

Is Your Pet Porky? We're Here To Help!

We all like to give our pets treats from time to time – especially when they do that face.

The face every pet owner knows too well.

Chihuahua looking hungrily at biscuits


Sometimes though we need to limit the amount of treats we give our pets -  much to their disappointment!

Today is Pet Obesity Awareness Day so there’s no time like the present than to talk about the health of your dog, cat, or small animal!

There are 2 common problems that cat and dog owners struggle with while managing the weight of their pets.

  1. My cat steals food…

Cat stealing ham from counter

Cats are the most likely culprits to steal food, bringing a new meaning to cat burglar! From shopping bags, kitchen counters, and even the dinner table, nowhere is safe from your pet! Cat owners will be familiar with this problem!

If your cat is stealing from another pet’s bowl, it may be time to separate them at meal times before it gets out of hand. Food related aggression is a big problem with pets eating in close proximity and usually the more dominant character will be the food stealer.

Give the cat who is not stealing food a little more time with their bowl so they have a chance to eat before the kitty food thief returns for their own!

Everyone knows that one cat that seems to convince every neighbour to give them some cat food by pretending they haven’t been fed! So it’s not surprising that so many moggies are getting a bit porky! Neighbours feeding cats can be a big problem, especially if your cat is elderly.

We’ve all been conned by a cat who looks dishevelled and as if they’re in need of a good meal – when chances are they’ve been to four different houses after finishing their own dinner! If you’re concerned about neighbours giving food to your elderly fluffball, have a chat to them! Explain that although your cat is ‘mature’ and may look a bit rough around the edges, they’re enjoying their retirement.

Although they probably can’t jump as high as they used to or reach that patch of fur to groom as easily, there really is no need to feel sorry for your cat as they have the street wrapped around their paws.

  1. My kids give our dog their food…

Child eating biscuit while Dalmatian dog watches

This is a huge problem for parents of young children and sadly can be incredibly dangerous for your pooch if your little one gives them a food that is poisonous for dogs!

Grapes, chocolate, onions, and even raisins are all harmful to your barking BFF so if your little nippers end up giving in to your pooch’s pawing it could be disastrous for their health.

Milk and dairy laden foods, avocado, onions, garlic and chive can cause tummy trouble while bones and corn on the cob are a choking hazard.

Caffeine acts as a stimulant that can affect a dog’s heart but chocolate especially can be fatal for your dog.

There is no antidote to the toxicity of this sweet treat so vets often have to make dogs vomit, put them on a drip, and provide medication to control heart rates and prevent seizures when treating dogs who have eaten chocolate.

So it’s important to talk to older children about how important it is to not feed the dog their snacks, treats, and leftovers from meals.

But what about the tots?

Dogs are intelligent animals and unfortunately toddlers and young children who are still steadying their feet are just the right height for the dog to steal food from! If you have a baby gate, use this to your advantage. Make sure the little ones and the dog are separated whenever the kids enjoy a snack or meal. It may seem extreme but it’s only until the younger kids are old enough to understand.

Dog looking over pet food biscuits

Our partners at PDSA have an incredible campaign to help you get your pet in shape! The Pet Fit Club has helped some the country’s heavier dogs, cats, and small animals shift those pounds to keep healthy and happy. So why not visit their website and get some top tips on keeping your pet fit and fabulous?

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