How To Keep Pets Calm on Bonfire Night

How To Keep Pets Calm on Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November! Bon fire night is coming!

Yes it is that time of year again where everyone celebrates Guy Fawke’s foiled gun powder plot!

You’re probably planning your own activities for the festivities like heading off to fireworks show to getting some sparklers out in the garden.

However there’s one person in your family who hates Guy Fawkes Night:

Your Pets.

Animals have no idea about the historical significance of Bonfire Night so to them it’s a nightmare come true.

The noise from fireworks can reach as far as 150 decibels which is as loud as a jet engine, for animals who have incredibly sensitive hearing this can cause them to think they’re about to be harmed by these unexplained explosions.

As their humans it is our job to make sure that our furry BFFs are kept safe, secure, and most importantly calm through this stressful time.

So how do we help our pets on the 5th November?

Dog wrapped in green blanket

For animals like dogs who have incredible hearing, Guy Fawkes Night is a nightmare come true.

Signs of stress from your pet to look out for are panting, pacing, whining, drooling, and trying to hide. Cats have been known to try to escape the noise and hide outdoors while some pets run to their owners for help. Smaller pets will scurry to their bedding and their hearts will be thumping so hard that it could be fatal, especially if they live outdoors in runs and enclosures.

For pet owners this is extremely distressing too so it’s important while following our tips that you keep your pets close to you during Bon Fire Night so they have that extra reassurance.

Here are our top tips on keeping your pets calm on bonfire night:

  • Make sure to walk your dog before it gets dark as you’re both going to have to stay in when it’s dark enough for people to let their fireworks explode.
  • Keep your animals indoors. Make sure they've had enough time to go to the toilet outside or if possible, that they have a litter tray on stand by.
  • Some pets may mess themselves in the house from fear. It’s important to keep the newspaper and cleaning products on stand-by while remembering to not scold your pet for this involuntary behaviour.
  • If you own an outdoor rabbit or guinea pig, take their enclosure indoors. It’s just for a night or two until Bonfire Night dies down.

black and white guinea pig being held

  • Choose somewhere in the house your pet enjoys and feel safe within to create a little doggy or kitty den with their favourite blankets, toys, and pet bed.
  • See if they want to play as a way of distracting them from the noise – NEVER force your dog to play if they are incredibly frightened. This is usually a little better for younger dogs so older dogs might be a bit grumpy if you start chucking the ball about.
  • Keep the treats and the meal they love on stand by – after all most pets are major foodies (just like their owners) so it’s always good to have their favourites on tap when they’re scared.
  • Stay Calm yourself – your dog isn’t going to feel reassured if you’re getting in to a kafuffle.
  • Have the TV or radio on for background noise – it can help your dog to tune out the chaos outside.
  • Give lots of cuddles. Get some blankets and cushions, wrap up in a hoody and give your pet lots of love.

Woman lays next to dog

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