Fang-tastic Halloween Games!

Fang-tastic Halloween Games!

A haunted house party isn’t complete without a few house party games!

Keep the skeletons, monsters, zombies and everybody else entertained with our list of spook-tacular games!

Our favourite game that we will defiantly be playing this Halloween is Apple Bobbing! This classic game can easily be turned into a garish game fit for Halloween!

Just add a few drops of red food colouring to your water (it might stain!) and throw some apples in and sink your fangs into the pool of blood. Fang-tastic!

bowl of water filled with apples and covered with spider web design

The next game we think would go down a treat is Mummy Wrap! To play this, divide your guests into pairs and give each pair a roll of toilet paper (we suggest you stock on some of ours)! The first team to use up all the roll wins!

mummy wrapped in rolls

To really get into the creepy spirit, we suggest playing What’s in the Bowl? This simple game will give everyone the jeepers creepers!

Grab one of our Pumpkin Sweet Buckets – they’re not just for collecting treats so they’ll be perfect for this game!

Fill separate bowls with the slimiest food you can think of like cold spaghetti, jelly, mushy grapes, and more that will make your guests squirm! Cover each bowl or blind fold your brave guest and let them guess what they’re touching!

pumpkin buckets in purple and orange

And our final spook-tacular Halloween game is PUMPKIN BOWLING! This is a classic indoor game that can also create a spookier atmosphere when played outside. For this simple fun game, grab some rolls of toilet paper and stack them to look like a ghostly figure and use your pumpkin for a bowling ball!

halloween bowling with a pumpkin

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