Christmas Wreath Hacks For The Holidays!

There are many things you can do with the humble Christmas Wreath to make it truly unique this Christmas.

From customising a readymade Christmas wreath to making your own quirky creation for the festive season, make your home stand out on the street with our Christmas wreath hacks for the holidays!

  1. Awreatha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Christmas Wreath - also known as Awreatha Franklin

Quite possibly the worst pun made from the name of one the greatest singers of all time, show Aretha Franklin a little bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T with an Awreatha Franklin! This strange, extraordinary, and just plain weird Christmas wreath lit up the internet and became a viral sensation when people in the US began adding Aretha Franklin to their new Christmas wreath. The easiest hack of all, you only need to print pictures of Aretha Franklin’s face and stick them on our gorgeous 30cm Luxury Bauble Wreath (£7.99) for a campy kitsch Christmas wreath!

  1. Pokeball Wreath

Red bauble with gold stars sat near a santa hat

Show everyone that you love to catch ‘em all with a Pokeball Christmas wreath! First you need to design your Pokeball baubles though before your wreath takes shape. Get some white or silver Christmas baubles and apply some tape around the centre so you won’t over paint. Use some shiny glittery red nail polish to paint the stop of your Pokeball and leave to dry, then use a permanent marker to draw the black outline of the iconic Pokeball button and seal. Cut your wire coat hanger and arrange in to a semi-circle shape and thread each bauble on to make an even Christmas wreath. Hang with ribbon securely and show your friends and family that they’ve stepped in to the best Pokestop in town!

  1. Festive Family Christmas Wreath

A lot happens in a year so why not select your favourite snapshots of 2016 and add them to a Christmas wreath for your home? Our 20 Inch Wreath (£6.99) has pretty faux natural flowers, pine cones, and glittering gold that’ll draw attention to your photos. Use hair grips or laundry pegs painted gold to clip them to the wreath to show off your memories throughout the merry festivities!

Front door open to a Christmas decorated living room

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