Christmas Tree Bauble Hacks You Need!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

In between fetching the kids’ presents, putting up the Christmas tree, and being knee deep in glitter, the festive season is also perfect for a bit of relaxing arts and crafts.

Plus it’ll impress your family, friends, and that annoying neighbour who every year manages to look like they live in Santa’s grotto.

All you need for these 3 crafts is:

assorted range of baubles

  • BAUBLES. An endless supply of Christmas baubles
  • Some nail art pens in colours of your choice
  • A coat hanger
  • Stick on goggle eyes, and a bit of ribbon.
  • Okay let’s get crafting!

Ninja Turtle Baubles

The easiest one of our Christmas tree bauble hacks, you’ll have this sorted quicker than you can say ‘cowabunga dudes’!

Get a ribbon – preferably the same colours as your favourite ninja turtle’s scarf - and tie it around a green Christmas tree bauble, glue the back under the knot to secure it in place.

Stick the goggle eyes on the ribbon and voila! You’ve got a ninja turtle Christmas bauble!

Make your own Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo baubles then go and enjoy some yummy pizza turtle style!

Bauble Wreath


Now the piece de resistance!

This is sure to impress your loved ones and it’s crazily easy!

You’re going to need a bumper pack of Christmas tree baubles for this hack. Complementary colour schemes are key, our 50 Piece Luxury Decoration Set (£5.99) is multi-tonal so you’ll be able to pick to match your theme.

Cut your coat hanger and begin threading the baubles on to the hanger, make sure to keep it even so it doesn’t go lop sided when you hang it up.

Get your left over ribbon to secure the ends of the hanger and to hang – then begin boasting that you’ve made a wonderful Winter wreath.

Want to get your Christmas tree baubles, garlands, tinsel, and more decorations? Find your local Poundstretcher and let the Christmas countdown begin!