Autumn Half Term: Conker Crazy Crafts & Hacks

Autumn Half Term: Conker Crazy Crafts & Hacks

Hunting for conkers is a nostalgic childhood past time we all remember fondly.

So you’ve probably got sacks full at home that the kids have collected from your annual conker hunt!

The question is what on earth do you do with all these conkers?!

With half term coming up, we can show you some great conker crafts the kids can enjoy as well as a few home hacks for busy parents who want to keep the place spick and span!

  1. Conker Caterpillars For Kids!

A dad with kids making arts and crafts with conkers

A simple craft for kids, they’ll love threading the conkers on to the yarn and creating a cute character they can play with. Parents, your job is to supervise as well as create a hole in the conker – a nail can work just fine for this – so it’s important to remember safety first! Tie a knot at the end of your yarn and let the little one begin feeding the conkers on. Save a HUGE conker for the caterpillar’s head at the end and stick some adhesive goggle eyes on to give your caterpillar some character!

  1. Conker Bats For Kids!

These little fellas will go nicely with your caterpillar and they’re perfect for Halloween. Get some black card and draw your bat wing shape on to it in pencil. Cut out the wing and add silver bits of glitter or stick on some material of different textures like faux fur or felt to make your bats different!  Stick your wings either side of the conker, add adhesive goggle eyes, and draw on some little vampire bat fangs with a smiley mouth with a corrector pen or nail pen.

  1. Spider Repellent… For The Adults!

Hands holding conkers

We’ve all been there when you see IT.

No not that creepy clown made up by Stephen King! We mean a SPIDER! These little invertebrate creatures are really very friendly but sadly us grown-ups are pretty terrified of them.  Usually the kids are the ones who are not fazed and are interested in meeting their new 8 legged friend- however sometimes these little fellas manage to overstay their welcome.

So where do the conkers come in? Believe it or not, spiders are more scared of conkers than you are of them!! Conkers act as a natural spider repellent so when these little chestnuts are near, spiders will be the ones running away in fear! Simply split the top of a conker and leave them either side of your window sill, doorway, and kitchen counter.

Why not make it look a bit prettier by filling a small vase with conkers and splitting open the conkers on top? That way you have some Autumnal themed centre pieces for your windowsills as well as a humane spider repellent!

  1. Conker Necklackes For EVERYONE!

A ball of yarn, a screwdriver, and some conkers

Dame Vivienne Westwood has been causing quite the stir in fashion circles by showing up to glamorous parties with her conker necklace (a gift from her student). So get the family looking fashion forward and let the kids enjoy nature by making some of these gorgeous conker necklaces! Much like the caterpillar in our first hack, use a nail to make a hole in your conkers, thread your yarn and customise the size to suit the wearer! For a bit of quirkiness stick on those goggle eyes too or add a few gems on to each conker! Who knows, maybe even Dame Vivienne Westwood would like your necklace?!

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