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  • Tips To Stay Safe During Bonfire Night

    Tips To Stay Safe During Bonfire Night

    Remember Remember the 5th of November! That’s right Bonfire Night is fast approaching and we are here to make sure you keep are alert and keep safe during the brilliant night!

    Fire work display over Houses of Parliament

    Keep fireworks away from Children.

    It might sound obvious but many accidents happen to under 16’s and most injuries occur at home displays so make everyone stays well away from the fireworks or even stay inside!

    Keep sparklers away from children under 5 years old.

    Sparklers can reach temperatures of up to 2000°C, and children are too young to understand why they are dangerous. If you do let children over 5 use them, supervise them while they use them! After the sparkler dies out, make sure they are put it into a bucket of cold water and no one picks a hot one off the ground.

    sparklers on fire

    Wrap up warm!

    If you are going to stand outside or go watch a public bonfire, make sure you double up the layers! Wear the warmest coat you own and make sure you stock up on gloves, scarves and or why not wear our snuggle socks  for the ultimate warmth factor!

    Adults- Take care when lighting the fireworks!

    Make sure your firework is secure in the ground and shoot off in the wrong direction! After lighting the firework, make sure you walk away from the firework and stand well back!

    Keep a bucket of water near you.

    Just in case any fire breaks out, always have a bucket of water ready at all times!

    Choose the correct location for a bonfire.

    If you are putting on a bonfire this Bonfire Night, make sure you pick the right location. Make there are no trees or buildings by it. Keep the bonfire at least 18 metres away from the house and sheds as well.

    marshmallows roasting over a bonfire

    Let us know how you are celebrating your Bonfire Night this year on our Facebook and Twitter accounts! Share your Bonfire Night pictures with by @Poundstretcher in them! View our website to view more of our Winter Warmers to beat the chill!  

  • How To Keep Pets Calm on Bonfire Night

    How To Keep Pets Calm on Bonfire Night

    Remember, remember the 5th of November! Bon fire night is coming!

    Yes it is that time of year again where everyone celebrates Guy Fawke’s foiled gun powder plot!

    You’re probably planning your own activities for the festivities like heading off to fireworks show to getting some sparklers out in the garden.

    However there’s one person in your family who hates Guy Fawkes Night:

    Your Pets.

    Animals have no idea about the historical significance of Bonfire Night so to them it’s a nightmare come true.

    The noise from fireworks can reach as far as 150 decibels which is as loud as a jet engine, for animals who have incredibly sensitive hearing this can cause them to think they’re about to be harmed by these unexplained explosions.

    As their humans it is our job to make sure that our furry BFFs are kept safe, secure, and most importantly calm through this stressful time.

    So how do we help our pets on the 5th November?

    Dog wrapped in green blanket

    For animals like dogs who have incredible hearing, Guy Fawkes Night is a nightmare come true.

    Signs of stress from your pet to look out for are panting, pacing, whining, drooling, and trying to hide. Cats have been known to try to escape the noise and hide outdoors while some pets run to their owners for help. Smaller pets will scurry to their bedding and their hearts will be thumping so hard that it could be fatal, especially if they live outdoors in runs and enclosures.

    For pet owners this is extremely distressing too so it’s important while following our tips that you keep your pets close to you during Bon Fire Night so they have that extra reassurance.

    Here are our top tips on keeping your pets calm on bonfire night:

    • Make sure to walk your dog before it gets dark as you’re both going to have to stay in when it’s dark enough for people to let their fireworks explode.
    • Keep your animals indoors. Make sure they've had enough time to go to the toilet outside or if possible, that they have a litter tray on stand by.
    • Some pets may mess themselves in the house from fear. It’s important to keep the newspaper and cleaning products on stand-by while remembering to not scold your pet for this involuntary behaviour.
    • If you own an outdoor rabbit or guinea pig, take their enclosure indoors. It’s just for a night or two until Bonfire Night dies down.

    black and white guinea pig being held

    • Choose somewhere in the house your pet enjoys and feel safe within to create a little doggy or kitty den with their favourite blankets, toys, and pet bed.
    • See if they want to play as a way of distracting them from the noise – NEVER force your dog to play if they are incredibly frightened. This is usually a little better for younger dogs so older dogs might be a bit grumpy if you start chucking the ball about.
    • Keep the treats and the meal they love on stand by – after all most pets are major foodies (just like their owners) so it’s always good to have their favourites on tap when they’re scared.
    • Stay Calm yourself – your dog isn’t going to feel reassured if you’re getting in to a kafuffle.
    • Have the TV or radio on for background noise – it can help your dog to tune out the chaos outside.
    • Give lots of cuddles. Get some blankets and cushions, wrap up in a hoody and give your pet lots of love.

    Woman lays next to dog

    Want to stock up on pet care essentials to prepare for November 5th? Visit Poundstretcher and Pet Hut online to find your nearest store and get your paws on your pet’s faves!

  • Light Up Your Home This Diwali!

    With the festival of light around the corner, it’s time to light up your home! Diwali might be a holiday Hindu’s and Sikh’s celebrate but this doesn’t mean no one else can join in too! Lighting candles and placing natural lights everywhere will bring a calming atmosphere into your home while staying Eco-friendly at the same time!

    sparklers lit

    The festival of Diwali lasts over five days. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. Diwali is known as the festival of lights because houses, shops, and public places are decorated with tea lights, candles, and oil lamps called Diyas.

    diyas lit for Diwali

    To brighten up your home over this festive period, we have a great range of candles and tea lights that will create a warm atmosphere!

    Our favourite candles to use are our Flameless Flickering Scented Candle which provides a lovely fragrance without releasing smoke. You’ll get a relaxing and realistic flickering effort that will convince everyone that it’s a real candle and will create a beautiful subtle scent in your room!

    assorted range of flickering candles

    Staying with our eco-friendly theme, we also love our Led Colour Change Tea Lights  that come in a variety of colours will light up your home with no wax and no fuss! As you don’t have to worry about a real flame, they can be placed anywhere in your home.

    Add some sparkle to your home with our 4 Pack Glitter LED Tea Lights in red or gold that will be perfect for Christmas as well! Watch the glitter shimmer underneath the LED light for some festive sparkle!

    assorted range of glitter tea lights

    Bring the ultimate glow in to your home with our 25 Quality Tea lights  that will add a bright ambience to your living room or pop them into a candle holder for more decoration!

    With all your candles, let them light up your home and enjoy the festivities!

    happy diwali message

    How will you be lighting up your home for Diwali? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Share your pictures with us on Instagram. Visit our website to view our full range of candles and other decorations!

  • Magical Winter Solar Lights Under £10!!

    Magical Winter Solar Lights Under £10!!

    Every year the annual Christmas lights battle begins with your neighbour.

    But you’re already worrying about saving money AND the planet.

    Don’t fret throughout the festive season, Poundstretcher have got your back!

    Our Winter solar lights are perfect for making your garden glow so it looks like you’re walking in a Winter wonderland.

    Plus you don’t have to worry about the electric bill thanks to their built-in solar panel!

    So whatever your Christmas décor theme, you’re sure to find the perfect Winter solar lights to suit your garden!

    Here’s our top Winter solar lights for under £10:

    Get starry eyed

    Outdoor Christmas lights

    Stars are a popular motif at Christmas because of the nativity story which saw the shepherds and wise men following a star to reach the stable of Jesus’ birth.

    It’s a classic image that’s everywhere through the jolly holidays but is also big in home décor, clothing, and more because of its fashion forward design.

    So make your neighbour see the stars up close and personal by bringing them to your front or back garden with our 20 Star String Solar Lights or 8 Metal Star Lights both at just £4.99 each. They’re weather resistant so these stars won’t burn out when the elements attack!

    Classic and subtle Christmas looks

    Christmas fairy lights

    Not everyone wants their home and garden to be so bright that you can see it from outer space of course!

    Sometimes a classic and subtle glow is all you need to make your garden Christmas-ready so Santa knows to stop at your house!

    Trees always look bare at this time of year, our Solar Fairy Lights starting from just £4.99 look lovely when strung around tree branches in Winter time. Try out classic clear or a gorgeous vibrant blue to really brighten up your garden fixtures.

    Just don’t forget to put the panel for these Winter solar lights in a bright patch of the garden!

    For a merry Christmas look, our best-selling 50 Packs Solar Fairy Lights (£3.99) will add a jolly holly vibe to your tree and even look fun, as well as festive draped around window sills outside.

    They’re as red as Santa’s suit yet still have a classy Christmas style to brighten up your back garden.

    Ready to get your garden set for Christmas? Get your bargain Winter solar lights, Christmas decorations, and more from Poundstretcher! Find your local store and start your Christmas shopping savings now!


  • Poundstretcher’s Top Christmas Lights Under £10!

    Poundstretcher’s Top Christmas Lights Under £10!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – especially with these dazzling Christmas lights!

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro at decking the halls with bells and holly or if you just want to make your bedroom a bit festive, Poundstretcher will light up your home with the magic of Christmas with our Top Christmas Lights Under £10!

    That’s not all!

    We’ll be giving you some Christmas Cracker Tips with each of our top picks to show you how versatile these Christmas lights can be and to give you ideas on how to have a very merry Christmas!

    So get that tree up, break out the baubles, and untangle that tinsel because we’re going to make your Christmas bigger and better with our unbeatable savings on Christmas lights!

    1. 50 Large Pine Cone LED Lights £7.99

    Blue Pine Cone Christmas Lights

    Perfect for creating the atmosphere of a Winter wonderland indoors, our 50 Large Pine Cone LED Lights will look fabulously festive on your tree this year. Each LED lightbulb is crafted intricately in to the shape of a pine cone for a nature inspired look that has a surreal twist when pop on the switch. Available in sophisticated blue, icy clear white, and vibrant multi-colour lights!

    Christmas Cracker Tip: Arrange your Pine Cone Christmas lights in a large glass vase or jar to create a lovely living room decoration for Winter time!


    1. 100 Berry Lights Assorted £6.99

    You’ll have a merry berry Christmas with our 100 Berry Lights! Available in white or red, these lush LED lights will make your Christmas tree look decked out in glowing holly berries. With 100 bulbs, these Christmas lights will make your tree’s branches shine bright!

    Christmas Cracker Tip: Plait and weave these red Berry Lights with some white ones to make your very own candy cane themed decoration to go around your bannister!

    1. 20 Battery Operated Heart Lights £9.99


    Heart string Christmas lights

    Okay so these aren’t strictly festive lights but that doesn’t mean you can’t put them on the Christmas tree or wrap them around the banister to warm your heart for the holidays. They’re battery operated and simple to use so

    Christmas Cracker Tip: Make some ginger bread heart cookies, paint with varnish and string them together to make a unique long lasting garland to match your Heart Lights!


    1. 100 Clear Fairy Lights £4.99

    Classic, understated, and elegant, these Christmas lights can be strung on the tree during the festive merriment as well used to create a cosy glow in your home all year round!

    Christmas Cracker Tip: Hang some baubles and clothes pegs to clip photos along the Fairy Lights’ wire to create a unique decoration to represent your home!


    1. Mini Battery Operated Christmas Silhouette £2.99

    Christmas tree silhouette light

    These little cuties would look adorable on the mantle or hanging in the window! With jolly Santa, a delightful deer, a Wintery snowman, an angel, and a north star to choose from, you can really make your home sparkle with these unique Christmas lights.

    Christmas Cracker Tip: Clip one of these nifty lights to the kids’ school bags or bikes so they can glow in the dark Winter evenings on the way home from school!

    1. 144 Twinkle Christmas Lights £8.99

    Be prepared to start that Christmas lights competition with your neighbours. Wow your neighbours as well as house guests this Christmas with these fantastic value 144 Twinkle Christmas Lights. Incredibly these Christmas lights can be used to decorate the outside and inside of your home! Available in multi-colour and clear, these Christmas lights have 8 incredible light sequences so Santa knows which house to stop at on the night before Christmas.

    Christmas Cracker Tip: Why not have a Christmas pot luck party with your neighbours? With some hot chocolate and mulled wine to spread the Christmas cheer, you can try each other’s favourite dishes and have a good festive knees up!


    Want to stock up on Christmas lights, decorations, presents, and all your festive essentials? Find your nearest Poundstretcher on our website and start your Christmas shopping!

  • Top 10 Tips To Keep Safe During Halloween

    Top 10 Tips To Keep Safe During Halloween

    With Halloween just round the corner, there are plenty of things to be cautious about when you’re out and about. We are here to make sure you are kept safe during the spooky season!

    1. When trick or treating, make sure you take routes where there are plenty of lit up streets.

    2. Make sure your Halloween costumes are anti-flammable and mark darker outfits with illuminated strips but still make you dress to impress!

    characters dressed in halloween costumes

    3.  If your costume requires a weapon make sure it’s plastic rather than wood or even the real thing… you don’t want to end up in trouble on Halloween!

    3 designs of axe's

    4.  If you are heading out as the designated driver be extra careful of children crossing the road suddenly or even the odd werewolf!

    5. AVOID coloured contacts! Is losing your sight worth it for one night?

    6. Stick with your friends at all times, you don’t want to be wandering around by yourself late at night.

    trick or treaters in a group

    7. Choose face paint over masks because who wants to be sweating in a smelly mask all night? We have great selection of face paint that will be perfect to create the spooky looks you’re after!

    8. And on that note, if you aren’t wearing our face paint make sure you check your face paint won’t permanently mark you. Looking like a cat for the rest of your life wouldn’t be the best thing in the world.

    9. Check your child’s treats! At the end of the night, make sure you throw away anything that’s not in its original wrapper or looks like it has already been opened.

    sweets coming out of pumpkin

    10. Remember…have fun and keep scary!

    Happy halloween

  • Christmas Tree Bauble Hacks You Need!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

    In between fetching the kids’ presents, putting up the Christmas tree, and being knee deep in glitter, the festive season is also perfect for a bit of relaxing arts and crafts.

    Plus it’ll impress your family, friends, and that annoying neighbour who every year manages to look like they live in Santa’s grotto.

    All you need for these 3 crafts is:

    assorted range of baubles

    • BAUBLES. An endless supply of Christmas baubles
    • Some nail art pens in colours of your choice
    • A coat hanger
    • Stick on goggle eyes, and a bit of ribbon.
    • Okay let’s get crafting!

    Ninja Turtle Baubles

    The easiest one of our Christmas tree bauble hacks, you’ll have this sorted quicker than you can say ‘cowabunga dudes’!

    Get a ribbon – preferably the same colours as your favourite ninja turtle’s scarf - and tie it around a green Christmas tree bauble, glue the back under the knot to secure it in place.

    Stick the goggle eyes on the ribbon and voila! You’ve got a ninja turtle Christmas bauble!

    Make your own Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo baubles then go and enjoy some yummy pizza turtle style!

    Bauble Wreath


    Now the piece de resistance!

    This is sure to impress your loved ones and it’s crazily easy!

    You’re going to need a bumper pack of Christmas tree baubles for this hack. Complementary colour schemes are key, our 50 Piece Luxury Decoration Set (£5.99) is multi-tonal so you’ll be able to pick to match your theme.

    Cut your coat hanger and begin threading the baubles on to the hanger, make sure to keep it even so it doesn’t go lop sided when you hang it up.

    Get your left over ribbon to secure the ends of the hanger and to hang – then begin boasting that you’ve made a wonderful Winter wreath.

    Want to get your Christmas tree baubles, garlands, tinsel, and more decorations? Find your local Poundstretcher and let the Christmas countdown begin!

  • Our Merry Trends And Top Christmas Garlands!

    Our Merry Trends And Top Christmas Garlands!

    Tis the season to be jolly so let’s talk about Christmas décor trends and get your home looking merry!

    With our top tips you’ll be able to keep up with the trends while still putting your own spin on your Christmas decorations at home.

    Pick a colour – even if it’s not traditional.

    Christmas doesn’t just have to be red, gold and green to look festive!

    Silver can really bring a Winter wonderland atmosphere in to your home and it means you can mix and match your accessories to include more homemade décor.

    Snow topped fir trees, pine cones the little one has found, and Christmas garlands with a natural looking branch style - like our 20 LED Battery Operated Berry Garland in silver- will stop the room appearing too cold with its contrasting silver berries and warm glowing lights.

    For a bit of extra oomph, spray paint the pine cones collected by the kids a nice silver colour and arrange them around your Christmas garland on the mantle for a unique snowy scene.

    pine cones and garlands at a dinner table

    Customise your decorations!

    Adding that personal touch to your Christmas theme will separate your home from everyone else’s on the street.

    Taking treasured photographs of friends and family to merge in to your Christmas decorations really brings home the true meaning of Christmas.

    Painting clothes pegs to match your décor and using them to pin your photos on the branches of our 1.5 M LED Pine Berry Garland (£9.99) will make your Christmas accessories truly unique. Go the full festive route by using photos from the previous Christmas celebrations so everyone will be wearing Santa hats and pulling crackers in the pics!

    Christmas lantern with pine cones and berries

    Have a stunning centre piece!

    A gorgeous centre piece on your dinner table or coffee table can really make your decorations pop!

    You can really get arty and crafty with this bit, all you need is a clear glass vase, 2 wine glasses, beaded Christmas garlands, and nature inspired objects like pine cones, conkers, and pulp puree!

    Choose your Christmas garland colour – personally we love keeping with the silver theme but a lovely teal colour would also complement your décor – and start adding it to your vase. You don’t have to be neat about this because next you can add your pine cones on top.

    Take another beaded Christmas garland, cut the string and let the beads half fill your wine glasses then add a few conkers on top – arrange in the centre of the table and use any left-over pine cones and conkers for bowls or vases around the house. Not only does this make a great Christmas theme, it can also be used in Autumn too!

    Are you ready Christmas? Start getting those stocking fillers, Christmas garlands, decorations, and more from Poundstretcher! Find your local store and start your festive bargain hunt now!

  • Wrapping 101: Christmas Bows, Paper, And Lots Of Tape!

    Wrapping 101: Christmas Bows, Paper, And Lots Of Tape!

    There are a rare breed of people who love Christmas wrapping… and then there’s the rest of us. It’s not that we’re lazy or that we just hate Christmas – some of us just can’t work out how to neatly tie a Christmas bow and wrap presents without ripping the paper.

    Bu don’t worry, we found a Santa-sized sack of tips and tricks to make a Wrapping 101 guide fit for both Scrooges and Christmas elves alike!

    Christmas wrapping paper, scissors and ribbons

    1. Use a hard surface. Your paper won’t crease and your corners will be neater.
    2. Make it challenging. Sure they want to rip open their present but make them work for it! Use multiple layers and colours of paper. Cover the present with Christmas bows so they have no chance of feeling the shape and texture through the paper. After all, there should be an element of surprise!
    3. Don’t be afraid to go the non-traditional route. For instance, using fabric to wrap the present and tying lots of elaborate knots at the top not only make a giant pretty Christmas bow, they make it harder for your loved one to even know where to begin opening their gift.
    4. Can’t find your wrapping paper? Draw and paint your own design on a plain cardboard box with a permanent marker for a funny festive gag.
    5. Don’t forget to add tons of confetti and glitter inside the box. Especially if the gift is super small… or if there’s an annoying relative who you know will have to spend weeks getting glitter out of their house.
    6. Pick a wrapping paper theme for each family member or friend. That way you will be organised through the Christmas rush and you can pick their favourite colours for all of the Christmas bows and paper!
    7. Go the extra mile and tie your own Christmas bows with ribbon. Get tons of different colours to make a more elaborate decorative Christmas bow for their present.
    8. Make it personal. Whether it’s printing out all of the embarrassing photos you’ve captured over the years on white paper to wrap their gift with or picking wrapping featuring their favourite TV show as a kid, keep it personal. They’ll be smiling even before they’ve opened their gift!

    An assortment of Christmas gifts

    Start hunting down your Christmas bows and wrapping paper now the countdown has begun! Find your nearest Poundstretcher store and pop in now!

  • Christmas Wreath Hacks For The Holidays!

    There are many things you can do with the humble Christmas Wreath to make it truly unique this Christmas.

    From customising a readymade Christmas wreath to making your own quirky creation for the festive season, make your home stand out on the street with our Christmas wreath hacks for the holidays!

    1. Awreatha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin Christmas Wreath - also known as Awreatha Franklin

    Quite possibly the worst pun made from the name of one the greatest singers of all time, show Aretha Franklin a little bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T with an Awreatha Franklin! This strange, extraordinary, and just plain weird Christmas wreath lit up the internet and became a viral sensation when people in the US began adding Aretha Franklin to their new Christmas wreath. The easiest hack of all, you only need to print pictures of Aretha Franklin’s face and stick them on our gorgeous 30cm Luxury Bauble Wreath (£7.99) for a campy kitsch Christmas wreath!

    1. Pokeball Wreath

    Red bauble with gold stars sat near a santa hat

    Show everyone that you love to catch ‘em all with a Pokeball Christmas wreath! First you need to design your Pokeball baubles though before your wreath takes shape. Get some white or silver Christmas baubles and apply some tape around the centre so you won’t over paint. Use some shiny glittery red nail polish to paint the stop of your Pokeball and leave to dry, then use a permanent marker to draw the black outline of the iconic Pokeball button and seal. Cut your wire coat hanger and arrange in to a semi-circle shape and thread each bauble on to make an even Christmas wreath. Hang with ribbon securely and show your friends and family that they’ve stepped in to the best Pokestop in town!

    1. Festive Family Christmas Wreath

    A lot happens in a year so why not select your favourite snapshots of 2016 and add them to a Christmas wreath for your home? Our 20 Inch Wreath (£6.99) has pretty faux natural flowers, pine cones, and glittering gold that’ll draw attention to your photos. Use hair grips or laundry pegs painted gold to clip them to the wreath to show off your memories throughout the merry festivities!

    Front door open to a Christmas decorated living room

    Ready to deck the halls this Christmas? Get your Christmas wreaths, lights, bags, bows, and more from Poundstretcher at a bargain price! Find your nearest store and start searching for your seasonal essentials!

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