Weekly Sneak Peek: Coming Soon!!

Weekly Sneak Peek: Coming Soon!!

Want us to tell you a money saving secret?

We love letting you have a little sneaky peek at the amazing value products we’ve got coming in to a Poundstretcher near you!

Since we’re getting the last gasp of a heatwave while everyone is gearing up for the school rush, uni fresher fever (and flu), and how to prep the garden for the big chill, we thought we could focus on getting you through the colder seasons.

Yes, that’s right! Autumn is coming! Bring on plaid, pretty leaves, and pumpkin spice everything.

A park bench surrounded by Autumn leaves

So what have we got coming up next season?

Well we have some brilliant bedding, chic quilts, and beautiful bulbs ready to be planted!

1. Beautiful Bed Covers
Floral and hummingbird printed bedding

Whether you’re heading off to university or just simply looking to give your bedding a bit of a makeover, you’ll love having a duvet day wrapped up in one of these beauties!

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a bit of a romantic vintage style, our Floral Bedding is a lovely duvet set!

Or maybe you’re looking for a quirkier print? Well you better get these quick because they will be flying off the shelves!

Adorned with a delightfully bright exotic bird print, our Hummingbird Duvet Set will certainly light up your room with a fresh new look amongst the grey British weather.
Available in both double (£7.99) and king-size (£9.99), these retro rustic patterns appear luxurious yet it’s at a cheap affordable price that will make your bedding look super chic.

2. Boston Quilts
Essential Sleep Bedding Range's Boston Quilt
The iconic British bedding is here! Made by ‘The Essential Sleep Range’, this is a bedding staple that will complement your Hummingbird Duvet Set rather nicely!
Available single, double, and king sizes,  it’s non-allergenic and made with soft synthetic materials so you won't have to worry about anything triggering your allergies!
Our cosy, cuddly, and breathable 10.5 tog Boston Quilts will definitely beat the uni student bedding that halls might give you!

3. Winter Bulbs
Winter Snowdrop Flowers In A Field

Winter is coming… okay so we have to get through Autumn first but I couldn’t resist a Game Of Thrones reference! We’ve got some bloomin’ beauties ready to get your garden growing during the colder seasons! Your garden will look like a Winter wonderland with our fabulous snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, and more! With prices starting as low as £1, these seeds definitely won’t cost the earth!

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