How to stay warm during the cold season

How to stay warm during the cold season

With the darker nights slowly creeping back and the weather getting chillier, we thought we’d share our top tips on how to stay warm during the colder nights.

  1. Grab a coat! Mums don’t nag for a reason and they are always right in the end! Make sure you put on a thick warm coat to keep you warm.

gif of maggie from the Simpsons, wearing a orange coat shaped as a star

2. Most of your heat escapes from your head, so make sure you always have a hat on and keep that warmth in. Your ears will appreciate it too!

snowman outside with a hat, scarf, and gloves on- gif

3. Don’t forget about your feet. Thick socks are a must when it’s cold! We have a great collection of cosy boots, snuggle socks and cosy toes that will be perfect for inside the house to keep your feet snuggly and toasty.

heart printed fluffy slippers and pink tarten slippers

4. Save money on your energy bill and pick up one of our hot water bottles that will give you instant heat without breaking the bank!

picture of a pink piggy bank with gold coins being put in

5. Warm drinks are always a good way to keep you snug and grab one of our flasks and you can keep warm on the go.

picture of four different patterned flasks

6. As well as warm drinks, hot food is a great way to keep toasty as well! Stock up on porridge, stews and soup.

picture of four different types of baxters soup

7. Layer up! Put on as many layers as you can to keep all the warmth wrapped in. Winter is the season where comfort wins over style!

gif of joey from friends, wearing ;loads of layers of clothing

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