Fresher's Week Tips And Necessities To Survive!

Fresher's Week Tips And Necessities To Survive!

With fresher’s week around the corner, there’s a lot of buzz and excitement students off to uni and many tears from their parents! But fear not mums and dads, we have put together a list of tips and necessities to ensure your young one stays safe.

So students, here’s how to survive fresher’s!

  1. Stock up on all the Red Bull. There is going to be endless nights where you’ve left assignments to the last minute. Plus there’s nothing like a little kick of energy in the morning before an early lecture.

man waving his arms in the air

2. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep! Even though there’s plenty of energy in a can of Red Bull, you must ensure they get at least 8 hours asleep to keep healthy and make sure you always energised. Grab one of our Boston Duvets to get that perfect night’s sleep!

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3.  SAVE! As soon as you get your student loan, the temptation to spend it all is real! Keep saving money on essentials and food by shopping at our store, we’re here for a reason!

group of rapper throwing money- making it rain

4. Fresher’s fair! This is where all the bargains are, stock up on as much as you can and grab those freebie coupons! You never know when they will come in handy.

man counting his money with Bargaining flashed over the image

5. Learn a recipe! Living off pot noodles for the entire three years isn’t going to do you good and you’ll soon get sick of it! Stock up on our kitchen utensils to become the pro chef you’re destined to be.

cartoon character cooking holding a wooden spoon

6. Fresher’s flu is real! If you’re lucky you might get it twice but make sure you take your medicine and vitamins to keep your body healthy!

cartoon character lying in bed ill with red eyes and blue nose

7. Toilet Roll! You don’t want to be that one who is the one left with no toilet roll! We have many offers on our toilet roll to make sure you’re never without.

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8. Stick together! On a night out make sure you stay with all your friends and stay in the loop with each other through your group chats!

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9. Have a cleaning rota! You don’t want to be that student house that is a mess at the start of fresher's week! You don’t want to wake up and go to the kitchen with warning post it notes everywhere!

Sponge Bob Square Pants cleaning with multiple arms trying to do everything at once

10. Have fun! You’re going to uni and living in a new place! Go explore and make new friends and make sure you get that hard earned degree at the end!

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Check out our previous blog post on getting all the essentials for fresher’s here! Find your local Poundstretcher here and check our amazing value back to uni range!

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