Fresher's Cleaning Tips!

Fresher's Cleaning Tips!

During fresher’s week, cleaning is definitely going to be in the back of your mind. However, you’ll soon learn who the messy housemates are so we’re here to provide you with some useful tips on keeping your accommodation clean and tidy and to help you keep on top of it without breaking the bank!

Keep your room in check

Your room is where you will be spending most of your time and it’s the one place where you will be able to escape and relax. Maintain a calm and clean environment by making sure you put things back in place and not creating the clothes pile on a chair you see in most uni rooms!

messy bedroom with random items everywhere like laptop, pillow, paper ect. Bed is unmessy and mirrors on the wall are not straight

Keep your room organized with our 3 desk storage tower that will be great for when you move your stuff in and need extra space to put everything! Uni rooms can be small so you will need all the storage space you can get!

Clean at least once a week. Dust builds up very fast and it takes less than 5 minutes to give everything a wipe down with some polish or grab some of our clean term surface wipes that will wipe away all the nasty germs effortlessly. You don’t want to make yourself ill from the environment around you!

Communal Areas

This is where the mess and the arguments generally evolve from! If you are living in shared accommodation, you will have a communal kitchen, bathroom and if you’re lucky living room facilities! Students are expected to look after the communal areas and to make sure mess does not build up. After all, you want your deposit back at the end of the year!

As much as you think you have escaped from your parents, you’ll get constant nagging from your housemates if communal areas are kept unclean. To avoid this lots of students tend to make a rota to make sure everyone does their bit. Nobody wants to be known as the slobby housemate!


Nobody wants to clean the bathroom and it isn’t the most pleasant of jobs but it has to be done!

  • Always make sure the toilet is flushed
  • The seat has been wiped
  • Loo rolls have been emptied and replaced
  • Rinse the shower and spray our shower spray to spruce it up a bit - especially if you’re shaving!
  • Girls- make sure you pick up your long hairs so you don’t block the drain

giph of two men looking disgusted

Stock up on our bleach and air fresheners to make sure the bathroom is kept smelling fresh!


In shared accommodation, dishes pile up pretty quick and you may end up with people refusing to do them (we speak from experience). You might want to try washing as you go or split the chores between drying and washing so it’s faster! Whichever way works for you in the end but make sure you have all the essentials to tackle those dirty dishes!

We personally love our Fairy Liquid Sensitive which makes sure our hands don’t dry up as well!

pile of dirty dishes in the sink

The fridge is another problem area in shared accommodation! Make sure you are constantly throwing out old food and cleaning your shelves so it doesn’t become smelly and a place for mould to grow!

Make sure you keep all your meals and leftovers for the next day in food containers so it’s still fresh the next day and saves you money from buying lunch!

Last but not least, make sure you hoover or at least sweep up! Hoovers and brushes are normally provided in university halls but if you live in private accommodation, pick up our Dustpan and brush!

You don’t want to let any pesky mice, rats or insects invade your halls, we don’t think your housemates would appreciate it!

gif of task list

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