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  • How to stay warm during the cold season

    How to stay warm during the cold season

    With the darker nights slowly creeping back and the weather getting chillier, we thought we’d share our top tips on how to stay warm during the colder nights.

    1. Grab a coat! Mums don’t nag for a reason and they are always right in the end! Make sure you put on a thick warm coat to keep you warm.

    gif of maggie from the Simpsons, wearing a orange coat shaped as a star

    2. Most of your heat escapes from your head, so make sure you always have a hat on and keep that warmth in. Your ears will appreciate it too!

    snowman outside with a hat, scarf, and gloves on- gif

    3. Don’t forget about your feet. Thick socks are a must when it’s cold! We have a great collection of cosy boots, snuggle socks and cosy toes that will be perfect for inside the house to keep your feet snuggly and toasty.

    heart printed fluffy slippers and pink tarten slippers

    4. Save money on your energy bill and pick up one of our hot water bottles that will give you instant heat without breaking the bank!

    picture of a pink piggy bank with gold coins being put in

    5. Warm drinks are always a good way to keep you snug and grab one of our flasks and you can keep warm on the go.

    picture of four different patterned flasks

    6. As well as warm drinks, hot food is a great way to keep toasty as well! Stock up on porridge, stews and soup.

    picture of four different types of baxters soup

    7. Layer up! Put on as many layers as you can to keep all the warmth wrapped in. Winter is the season where comfort wins over style!

    gif of joey from friends, wearing ;loads of layers of clothing

    Share your tips with us on how you keep warm during the chilly season by tweeting us @Poundstretcher1. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and keep up to date with our daily posts on Instagram. Visit our website to see our big brands at big discounts now!

  • Dogs Vs Cats: Which Would You Choose?

    Dogs Vs Cats: Which Would You Choose?

    Which do you prefer: cats or dogs?

    We've all had that question about whether we're a 'dog person' or a 'cat person'.

    And every time we're asked, we can never find the right answer!

    So we thought we'd post the ultimate 'Dogs Vs Cats' showdown to figure out who is the cat's pyjamas and which will be the top dog!

    A colourful infograph called Dogs vs Cats with interesting facts and colourful pictures

    So who wins in our Dogs vs Cats face off?! Keep a look out for part 2 on our Facebook page soon!

    Why not tag us on Twitter and let us know whether you prefer cats or dogs? Or maybe you want to share a cute cat or delightful dog story with us? Tag us on Instagram with your funny pet stories and we'll share the best!

  • Tips For Feeding Your Garden Birds

    Tips For Feeding Your Garden Birds

    Autumn is here!

    The leaves are falling, the skies are getting darker earlier, and Britain’s wildlife is preparing for Winter.

    The colder months are difficult for most animals but none more so than the birds in our gardens.

    So why is it important to look after Britain’s garden birds?

    They may be small but those garden birds sure are mighty.

    On average one of our feathered friends can gobble up to a third of their body weight or more!

    Since their metabolism is so fast, their diet needs to be very high in healthy fats.

    Sadly food shortages during the colder seasons can cause these little fellas to get hit by the weather quite harshly so it’s important to keep their tummies full!

    A good way to start easing your garden birds in to the chillier seasons is to fill a bird feeder with Hi-Energy Nuts (500g) specifically for wild birds. Nuts are filled with the good fats that will keep your garden birds’ weight up, maintain their energy, and of course will give them a tasty treat!

    Wood Pecker bird eating ball of nuts


    It’s important to leave water for your garden birds.

    You may have heard of people leaving food out for the birds but it’s just as vital to keep some water nearby for these little beauties.

    Birds lose water quickly and need to replace what they’ve lost through food as well as drinking. This is especially necessary during the colder months when natural sources of water like ponds and streams are frozen over.

    Leaving a small bird bath or a little saucer of water in your garden will not only give the birds a drink but will also provide you with entertainment. Garden birds love sprucing up their feathers by bathing in water and having a splash about in it.

    Not only do they need to stay hydrated, they also need to keep clean. Amazingly your garden birds will preen their feathers by loosening the dirt from their wings to spread oil around their bodies and trap a layer of warm air to stay toasty when it’s cold! So a little bird bath with some water in will help them keep their feathers in tip top condition as well as maintain their body temperature.


    Believe it or not, your common garden birds eat meat.

    That doesn’t mean you can go and leave your chicken nuggets outside for them though!

    It’s a common misconception that birds are vegetarians. For instance, sparrows have been known to eat anything from worms to even toads! Suet blocks and fat balls containing dried insects like mealworms, meat suet, and lard are a fantastic nourishing high protein treat for birds. It’ll keep them snug without messing up their feathers and will help them to gain the fat they’ve lost from all that flying about!

    Small robin bird on a tree branch

    So why not check out Poundstretcher and The Pet Hut’s fab range of products to keep your garden birds happy through Autumn and Winter?

    Visit our website to find your local store and have a fly through our selection of bird feeders, wild bird seed, and more!

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  • Five Ways To Use White Chocolate

    Five Ways To Use White Chocolate

    To celebrate White Chocolate Day that happened this week, we thought we’d compile a list of all the ways you can use the chocolatey treat  and share our favourite recipes with you! All products mentioned are Poundstretcher worthy and you won’t need to break the bank to buy our stuff!


    1. The obvious way is too of course is EAT it! If you fancy a pick me, we have plenty of chocolate waiting to be eaten in our stores at great prices!

    broken up bits of white chocolate

    2) Drink it- We suggest making White Hot chocolate for that creamier finish for those cold nights! You don’t need to stop just there. You can also use it to make the most delish milkshake!

    All you need to make the perfect white chocolate milkshake is:

    85ml of semi skimmed milk

    170ml of vanilla ice cream

    50g of white chocolate chips

    A bar of white chocolate for garnish

    1. Blend milk with the chocolate chips and keep blending until it is smooth
    2. Slowly add scoops of ice cream and blend until it resembles a slightly melted appearance
    3. Grate the block of white chocolate and use to garnish on top of the milkshake and serve!


    vanilla milkshake with whipped cream at the top

    3) Make ice cubes- If you want to add a bit of flavour to your drink, these flavoured ice cubes will do just the trick! They are perfect to accompany with milkshakes.

    You will need:

    200ml milk

    50ml water

    1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa

    1 teaspoon of sugar

    70g of white chocolate

    Ice Cube Tray

    1. Cut the chocolate into fine pieces and set aside in a heat proof bowl
    2. Add all the ingredients together into a large saucepan and allow everything to come to a boil over medium heat
    3. Pour the mixture over the chocolate and then allow the chocolate to melt for five minutes.
    4. Pour the mixture in one of our ice cube trays and distribute evenly to get enough chocolatey goodness in each hole
    5. Freeze the ice cubes


    assorted range of ice cube trays in purple, yellow and red

    4) Dip it- Create a white chocolate sauce by melting the chocolate that can be used as a dip or even as a sauce that can be drizzled on to other treats such as cakes, brownies or other goodies that tickle your fancy!

    image of splashing white milk

    5) Mould it- Why not get creative and use it to create some fancy shapes or use our Silicone Heart Baking Pan and share some chocolate loving!

    1. Melt some white chocolate.
    2. Grab your mould of choice and slowly pour the melted chocolate into the mould
    3. Once filled, tap your mould on to your surface to release any trapped air bubbles
    4. Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes and voila your chocolate mould is ready!

    red heart mould

    With our tips on how to use white chocolate, we hope this gives you an inspiration on what to do with your white chocolate this week!

    Tweet us with how you used your white chocolate today or tag us in your Instagram pictures! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook 

  • Help Poorly Pets With PDSA Vet Your Clothes!

    Help Poorly Pets With PDSA Vet Your Clothes!

    Ready for a between-the-seasons closet clear out?

    So are we!

    Which is why we’re excited to announce that we’re the exclusive partners for pet charity PDSA’s Vet Your Clothes campaign!!

    We’re so proud to be supporters of the PDSA, as a nation of animal lovers every year we spend more and more on helping our beloved pets live happy and healthy lives.

    What makes PDSA so special is that they’ve been caring for sick for almost 100 years.

    Every year they’ve helped a staggering 470,000 poorly pets in the UK with their 51 pet hospitals and 380 pet practises.

    Little girls with her pet chihuahua dog amongst folded clothes

    It’s easy to see why we’re barking over PDSA, especially when it’s so simple to do your bit to help them out.

    The Vet Your Clothes campaign is one of the many ways you can help PDSA - it’s the perfect excuse to prep your wardrobe to make some extra space for next season’s bargains.

    Cat looking angry in wardrobe with folded up clothes

    Simply head down to your local Poundstretcher and Pet Hut with your old clothes in a bag, head over to the till, and let one of our fabulous team members know that you’d like to donate.

    Team Poundstretcher will take it from there while you get to continue enjoying the bargain hunt!

    So what are you waiting for? Join the celebs like Alesha Dixon, Ricky Gervais, Brian Blessed, Martina Navratilova, and more by donating to PDSA’s Vet Your Clothes campaign!

    The vets at the PDSA meeting a huge St Bernard and a tiny mongrel dog

    Clearing your closet and donating to Vet Your Clothes? Snap your trip to your nearest Poundstretcher and Pet Hut with #vetyourclothes and we can share it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

    Need to find your nearest store? Visit our website here!

    Clearing your closet and donating to Vet Your Clothes? Snap your trip to your nearest Pet Hut with #vetyourclothes and we can share it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – make sure you tag PDSA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too!

    Need to find your nearest store donation drop off point? Visit our website here!

  • Halloween Sneak Peak!

    Halloween Sneak Peak!

    Halloween is almost upon us and it’s fair to say our range of fang-tastic treats have got us really excited for the spooky season to arrive!

    We have put together a spook-tacular guide on how you can use our decorations during the haunted month!

    First up we have our Trick or Treat sign  (£1.00) that will be great to place on the front door to invite all the trick or treaters to your home on the eve of Halloween!

    hanging trick or treat sign

    To create some spooky vibes in your house, we have a selection of mini battery operated ghost and skull lights (£1.00) that will lighten up your haunted house and will add the final touches to the Halloween décor.

    variety of sparkley halloween figures in ghost and skull shape 281673-mini ghost skull light_ghost_1000x1000 281673-mini ghost skull light_skull2_1000x1000 281673-mini ghost skull light_skull3_1000x1000

    Our personal favourites to use around the house this year are our Glitter Pumpkin Lights (£2.49) that will be perfect to place on the food table to jazz up the food bowls!  If you want to add more gothic glam to your haunted house, you can also grab our Glitter Skull Lights (£2.49)!

    pumpkin and skull glitter lights 281675-pumpkin skull light_1000x1000

    To create that extra scare factor, we suggest placing our hanging Pirate Foam Skulls (1.49) around your house that will leave your guests feeling spooked out. The hanging decorations makes a great touch to your haunted house or even hang it at the front to give those trick or treaters a fright!

    pirate skull face with multi coured bandanas 281665-pirate foam skull_3_1000x1000 281665-pirate foam skull_4_1000x1000 281665-pirate foam skull_1000x1000

    Take it that one step further and decorate your house of terror with our 1m Hanging Skeleton (1.49) that is sure to be the highlight of your guest’s spooky night!  The freaky statues are available in orange and green, so you can that little bit of variety!

    1m hanging skeleton with orange and green cob web draped over 281661-hanging skeleton_1000x1000


    For those who are going out to trick or treat on the eerie night, we recommend using our Hanging Pumpkin LED Light (£1.00) to carry around with you as we all know how dark the nights become in October! Stay safe and spooky all at the same time!


    mini pumpkin and bat led lights 281642-pumpkinbat LED light deco_pumpkin_1000x1000

    Trick or treating isn’t complete if you don’t have anywhere to stash the treats? We particularly love our Pumpkin Sweet Bucket (79p) that look great and will fit in all the goods the kids will collect on the night!purple and orange trick or treat pumpkin bucketsWe hope that this guide gives you a great insight on how to use each decoration to get you prepared for Halloween this year. We have a huge range available on our website.

    Visit your local store to stock up on our bargain value Halloween products. Tweet us your with your favourite decoration or tag us in your Instagram pictures! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!  

  • 5 Tea Light Candle Tricks You Need In Your Life

    5 Tea Light Candle Tricks You Need In Your Life

    From kids and teens to students and parents, everyone loves a good tea light candle.

    They’re affordable, cute, and you can do all kinds of neat craft projects with them for around the house to get in to seasonal holidays!

    So if you’re looking to decorate your university student digs, a new home, or you’re in need of some tips for celebrating Halloween at home on the cheap, these hacks will help you!

    Here’s 5 tea light candle tricks you need in your life:

    1. Shell Candles 

    Shell Tea Light Candle

    Ever wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Well you can be one step (or should that be fin?) closer to achieving your dream with this tea light candle hack! Creating your nautical and nice shell candle is super simple! Gather your sea shells together - ideally you’re looking for a scallop shell pictured above – and pick up your bumper pack of 25 Tea Light Candles to follow these simple steps:

    1. Remove the silver tea light candle metal holder and the wick. Make sure the little disc attached to the wick stays on – this protector will keep it anchored in the next steps.
    2. Get another tea light candle and light it until the wax has melted to liquid.
    3. Pour the melted wax in to the shell. Mind your fingers because the tea light candle’s holder will be hot!
    4. Use some tweezers to carefully place the removed wick from your other candle inside the melted wax. Make sure the protector is flat against the bottom.
    5. Leave overnight in the fridge and voila, your candle is ready to light!!
    1. Coffee Tea Light Candle Air Freshener 

    orange tea lights on coffee beans

    Coffee addicts will adore this simple tea light candle air freshener hack! All you need is a glass bowl, some fresh whole coffee beans, and a one of our tea lights! Fill the bowl with your coffee beans, put one tea light candle holder or as many as you can fit on top then light their wicks. The heat coming from the tea light candles will trigger a splendid coffee aroma to waft through the room. Perfect for cosy nights in next season!

    1. Candle Apple 

    tea light candle in apple with a knife

    With Halloween just around the corner, forget about traditional candy apples and instead make yourself a tea light candle apple! Grab some red and/or green apples, a sharp knife (adults only for this hack), and a black dish bowl filled with water so we can begin:

    1. Use the metal tea light candle holder as a guide to draw a circle around the top of the apple.
    2. Measure the height of your tea light candle to work out how deep to cut then trace round the circle with your knife.
    3. Draw multiple x’s in your circle with the knife to create small pieces of apple so you can scoop them out easily with a spoon.
    4. Put your tea light in the apples and place the apples in the bowl of water so they will (hopefully) float.
    5. Light your candles and admire your Halloween handy work - just make sure nobody bobs for these apples!
    1. Jack O’Lantern Jar

    Jack o'lantern pumpkin with mason jar lanterns

    Carving pumpkins can be a bit tricky for the little ones on Halloween so this is a brilliant alternative! All you need is some felt tips pens, a pack of Mason jars, and some of our fab LED Flickering Tea Light Candles! Our LED Tea Light Candles are perfect if you don’t want to worry about a naked flame – plus they flicker like real candles!

    All you need to do it:

    1. Get a Mason jar and draw the shape of your Jack – O’ – Lantern’s eyes, mouth and nose with an orange felt tip pen and colour in around these shapes to give them their orange face.
    2. Fill in the nose, eyes, and mouth with a black marker pen.
    3. Switch on your LED tea light candle.
    4. Put it inside the jar for a cute ‘n’ creepy pumpkin pal!

    The beauty of this hack is that it doesn’t have to be Halloween themed. You can make it for someone’s birthday with your loved one’s age in bubble writing on the jar or even create your own Christmas themed lantern!

    1. Friendly Milk Jug Ghosts 

    a pumpkin jack'o lantern with milk jug ghosts

    Upcycle your milk carton to make yourself a friendly ghost this Halloween! Make sure you’ve picked a big family size milk carton so your ghost has a lot of body. After all we want for this little guy is to be creepy as well as chubby and cute! So get your mitts on an LED tea light candle, an empty milk carton, and a marker pen so we can get started. To make your friendly goes you need to:

    1. Wash out your carton and peel off the label.
    2. Keep the lid though! Do not throw it away!!
    3. Draw your ghost’s face so that the back, you want people to still see their face when you pick it up.
    4. Get creative and bring out their character!
    5. To make your ghoul friend glow we need to cut a hole in the back so first you need to find the side handle of your milk carton and give the plastic in the area a bit of a pinch.
    6. Just below the handle use a marker pen to draw a template to cut around. It needs to be big enough to hold your tea light candle and small enough to keep the light inside the jug.
    7. Cut round your template.
    8. Put the LED tea light candle inside and watch your glowing ghost come to life!!

    Want more money saving hacks for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep a look out for our blogs!

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  • Fresher's Cleaning Tips!

    Fresher's Cleaning Tips!

    During fresher’s week, cleaning is definitely going to be in the back of your mind. However, you’ll soon learn who the messy housemates are so we’re here to provide you with some useful tips on keeping your accommodation clean and tidy and to help you keep on top of it without breaking the bank!

    Keep your room in check

    Your room is where you will be spending most of your time and it’s the one place where you will be able to escape and relax. Maintain a calm and clean environment by making sure you put things back in place and not creating the clothes pile on a chair you see in most uni rooms!

    messy bedroom with random items everywhere like laptop, pillow, paper ect. Bed is unmessy and mirrors on the wall are not straight

    Keep your room organized with our 3 desk storage tower that will be great for when you move your stuff in and need extra space to put everything! Uni rooms can be small so you will need all the storage space you can get!

    Clean at least once a week. Dust builds up very fast and it takes less than 5 minutes to give everything a wipe down with some polish or grab some of our clean term surface wipes that will wipe away all the nasty germs effortlessly. You don’t want to make yourself ill from the environment around you!

    Communal Areas

    This is where the mess and the arguments generally evolve from! If you are living in shared accommodation, you will have a communal kitchen, bathroom and if you’re lucky living room facilities! Students are expected to look after the communal areas and to make sure mess does not build up. After all, you want your deposit back at the end of the year!

    As much as you think you have escaped from your parents, you’ll get constant nagging from your housemates if communal areas are kept unclean. To avoid this lots of students tend to make a rota to make sure everyone does their bit. Nobody wants to be known as the slobby housemate!


    Nobody wants to clean the bathroom and it isn’t the most pleasant of jobs but it has to be done!

    • Always make sure the toilet is flushed
    • The seat has been wiped
    • Loo rolls have been emptied and replaced
    • Rinse the shower and spray our shower spray to spruce it up a bit - especially if you’re shaving!
    • Girls- make sure you pick up your long hairs so you don’t block the drain

    giph of two men looking disgusted

    Stock up on our bleach and air fresheners to make sure the bathroom is kept smelling fresh!


    In shared accommodation, dishes pile up pretty quick and you may end up with people refusing to do them (we speak from experience). You might want to try washing as you go or split the chores between drying and washing so it’s faster! Whichever way works for you in the end but make sure you have all the essentials to tackle those dirty dishes!

    We personally love our Fairy Liquid Sensitive which makes sure our hands don’t dry up as well!

    pile of dirty dishes in the sink

    The fridge is another problem area in shared accommodation! Make sure you are constantly throwing out old food and cleaning your shelves so it doesn’t become smelly and a place for mould to grow!

    Make sure you keep all your meals and leftovers for the next day in food containers so it’s still fresh the next day and saves you money from buying lunch!

    Last but not least, make sure you hoover or at least sweep up! Hoovers and brushes are normally provided in university halls but if you live in private accommodation, pick up our Dustpan and brush!

    You don’t want to let any pesky mice, rats or insects invade your halls, we don’t think your housemates would appreciate it!

    gif of task list

    We would love for you guys to share your tales of student living and give us your top tips! Tweet us @Poundstretcher1 or like us on Facebook and #Poundstretcher on Instagram. For more bargain value products, check out our website here to find your nearest Poundstretcher store.

  • Sneak Peek: Booties, Socks, and Bedding!

    Sneak Peek: Booties, Socks, and Bedding!

    September is here which means it’ll soon be time for pumpkin spiced lattes, wool hats, and scarves!

    Okay, we know it’s still roasting here but it’s never too early to start shopping for some Autumn/Winter bargains!

    So here’s some of our up and coming faves you’re sure to love when they arrive in store soon:

    1. Diaries

    Four Poundstretcher diaries featuring various designs

    Now that the new academic term has begun, you might want to top up your stationery,  start organising study groups and important dates with a diary. After all, trying to juggle work deadlines and your social life can be tricky! We have some cute designs that both students and teachers will love for their new term at university. From pretty in pink butterflies to cute adorable dogs, there’s a diary design for everyone’s tastes! Not only are they stylish, they’re super cheap too with prices starting from 79p!

       2. Snuggle Socks

    Poundstretcher red festive Christmas socks and Winter snuggly snowmen socks

    Perfect for a duvet day when it’s cold and rainy outside, these snuggle socks are set to fly off the shelves this Christmas! Irresistibly snuggly and soft, these fluffy feet warming socks will have you feeling all cosy and Christmassy in no time at all. They make a great stocking filler for loved ones and are brilliant if you’re trying to save on heating bills, so not only are they cheap but they keep you saving at home too!

    1. Bootie Slippers

    Following on from our fantastic range of socks, these are perfect for when it’s chilly outside and you’re completing your household chores. Our fabulous range of affordable bootie slippers will keep your feet warm while you potter about. From festive jolly red and Scottish tartan to classic understated grey, you can match these to your PJs and even your snuggle socks!

    1. Vinegar/Oil Drizzlers

    Oil and vinegar drizzlers

    Calling all wannabe chefs! Perfect your dishes with the finishing touches with these Oil and Vinegar Drizzlers! A classy piece of tablewear that will make your dinner party worthy enough to star in ‘Come Dine With Me’, they’ll give you a generous helping to add a little flavour to your meal. And from just £1 each, they’re a bargain that is not to be missed!!

    1. Vintage Bed Spread

    Poundstretcher floral retro duvets on two double beds

    If you’re heading off to uni or simply just wanting to spruce up your bedroom, we’ve got some fantastic vintage bed spreads for you! From retro pink and patchwork to duck egg blue with fabulous floral prints, you’ll definitely find the right style for your boudoir. Available in double and king size, starting from £7.99!

    Want to join the bargain hunt? Visit our website to find your nearest store now!

    Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date with exclusive cheap offers and sneak peeks!

  • Fresher's Week Tips And Necessities To Survive!

    Fresher's Week Tips And Necessities To Survive!

    With fresher’s week around the corner, there’s a lot of buzz and excitement students off to uni and many tears from their parents! But fear not mums and dads, we have put together a list of tips and necessities to ensure your young one stays safe.

    So students, here’s how to survive fresher’s!

    1. Stock up on all the Red Bull. There is going to be endless nights where you’ve left assignments to the last minute. Plus there’s nothing like a little kick of energy in the morning before an early lecture.

    man waving his arms in the air

    2. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep! Even though there’s plenty of energy in a can of Red Bull, you must ensure they get at least 8 hours asleep to keep healthy and make sure you always energised. Grab one of our Boston Duvets to get that perfect night’s sleep!

    pooh bear cuddling up in to bed

    3.  SAVE! As soon as you get your student loan, the temptation to spend it all is real! Keep saving money on essentials and food by shopping at our store, we’re here for a reason!

    group of rapper throwing money- making it rain

    4. Fresher’s fair! This is where all the bargains are, stock up on as much as you can and grab those freebie coupons! You never know when they will come in handy.

    man counting his money with Bargaining flashed over the image

    5. Learn a recipe! Living off pot noodles for the entire three years isn’t going to do you good and you’ll soon get sick of it! Stock up on our kitchen utensils to become the pro chef you’re destined to be.

    cartoon character cooking holding a wooden spoon

    6. Fresher’s flu is real! If you’re lucky you might get it twice but make sure you take your medicine and vitamins to keep your body healthy!

    cartoon character lying in bed ill with red eyes and blue nose

    7. Toilet Roll! You don’t want to be that one who is the one left with no toilet roll! We have many offers on our toilet roll to make sure you’re never without.

    animated image of Emma Stone making funny faces

    8. Stick together! On a night out make sure you stay with all your friends and stay in the loop with each other through your group chats!

    Group of penguins jumping around in a field

    9. Have a cleaning rota! You don’t want to be that student house that is a mess at the start of fresher's week! You don’t want to wake up and go to the kitchen with warning post it notes everywhere!

    Sponge Bob Square Pants cleaning with multiple arms trying to do everything at once

    10. Have fun! You’re going to uni and living in a new place! Go explore and make new friends and make sure you get that hard earned degree at the end!

    Mouse and bird in looped arms dancing in circles

    Check out our previous blog post on getting all the essentials for fresher’s here! Find your local Poundstretcher here and check our amazing value back to uni range!

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